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Everyone who purchases a copy of the book during the crowdfunding campaign will have their name appear in the back of the book. For anyone who buys two or more books they'll be able to have the book printed with a Childs name and personal message from Elissa.

Elissa the Curious Snail experiences Christmas for the first time with Francine and her adoptive family and learns about the meaning of Christmas from Jesus' birth to the gift of giving to those you love.


The Story

Elissa wakes to see Francine and her family decorating a tree. She learns that this is called a Christmas tree. Francine tells her about it but then tells her about the story of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. She also explains that Christmas is about family and giving gifts to the ones you care about. When the family opens gifts, Elissa finds that there is one for her, but she also learns that family is the greatest gift of all.

About the Author

Jeff is a writer with a passion for God that comes through in everything he writes. A local First Baptist member and full-time freelance writer, he loves to create works that glorify God. In addition to his freelance work, Jeff has written a series of books called the Elissa the Curious Snail series which helps parents introduce basic faith concepts like prayer, even in the face of adversity, into their teachings in a fun and entertaining way. No faithful home with children or grandchildren should be without a copy.