Book Marketing Training

Through our partnership with amazing book marketing strategists we are happy to offer the following classes to make your career as an author more sustainable. Take the first step in learning what you need to know to carry your books forward and maximize your royalty earning potential.

Master Class

Marketing your book is as easy as finding ideal reader. During the Master Class, you'll be taught how to identify your ideal reader, and how to sort out all the conflicting information about marketing your book.

Author Platform Class

Do you have a website? As an author whether you realize it or not you're running a business and a business needs a website platform in order to attract readers and promote your books.

Mastering the Algorithm Class

It's all about the algorithm! Large and complex websites like Amazon use computer programs called "algorithms" to display product to buyers. Over the years the algorithms have learned what will and will not sell. But, what if YOU knew what the algorithms knew? You'd be able to position your book to maximize the number of people who saw and purchased it.

Book Launch Class

Do you know how to successfully launch your book? You don't need to hire paid PR specialist and spend thousands of dollars. You just need to learn the secrets to a successful book launch.

Author Marketing Materials

Have you ever noticed how some authors just seem to be "in the know" and have all the marketing materials they need right up front? No, there's no magical marketing material fairy. Those authors simply invested a few bucks in getting the best templates on the market.