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Why is a platinum standard for independent book publishing companies. We are a publisher committed to a more democratic model in the book industry. We use crowdfunding to develop our new editorial projects, and establish a more fair and transparent relationship with our authors and collaborators. We believe great ideas shouldn’t fall between the cracks because they don’t fit the mold. Every author receives these key benefits. 
  1. Easy, care-free publishing and management by
  2. We create your custom campaign page for you.
  3. Softcover and e-book included and hardcover optional
  4. Custom formatting and design of your book and cover.
  5. ISBNs for print and e-book are included
  6. Print and digital full distribution through Ingram to 39,000 bookstores and online retailers
  7. Up to 50% author royalties on print and digital sales, 50% on foreign rights sales.
  8. Automatic Inclusion in Ingram’s catalogs
  9. Our Marketing program includes title tip sheet, media releases, book Web page, cover polls, and promoting the book to booksellers, Ingram, and other distributors. We also provide access to social media and other marketing experts through the life cycle of the book.
  10. 10 copies of your printed book
  11. The author may purchase additional books below wholesale
  12. The author will be provided access to book marketing experts to assist with the marketing and/or design of websites, trailers, and more.
This is why we’ve created a platform and publishing model that shifts the balance of power, allowing people and their communities to champion the voices which deserve to be heard. We’re changing publishing – and putting the crowd in control. We ensure quality editing, cover design, marketing strategy, and distribution at no cost to the author, thanks to the crowdfunding model, which helps you learn from the promotional side. Crowdfunding: a financial model to make your book a reality Crowdfunding is a collective financial system in which a group of people financially supports a book project on its road to becoming a reality. In Isabella Media’s case, we only work with book projects. Based on the financial support each reader gives, they can elect to receive as a reward, a paperback copy with their name mentioned on the acknowledgment page and different services the author offers, always related to the book currently being published. This helps to evangelize the reader to your cause and turn them into a "Super Fan". Be sure to also read our book submission guidelines.

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About Us is a Glastonbury, CT-based, book publisher with a mission to discover unknown authors. We combine unknown authors’ undiscovered potential with Isabella Media ’s unique approach to publishing and provide them with the highest quality books and the most inclusive benefits package available. Isabella Media was formed to serve you, the author, as a main-line publishing company to provide a platform for unknown authors. We listen to your feedback and create a collaborative atmosphere with our authors in the belief that you’ll come back to us with your next book.