Book Fulfillment Services

Printing and Fulfillment Under One Roof!

Isabella Media provides powerful book print and fulfillment services. Our comprehensive suite of book fulfillment and distribution services helps businesses deliver their books directly to consumers (B2C) or to retail and other marketplaces like Amazon (B2B) etc. The way most traditional publishing companies work is they take ownership of your books and offer you limited royalties. Print fulfillment companies work differently. With Isabella Media, if you have an established customer base and wish to have full control over your sales and simply need a partner for  Book Fulfillment Serviceswe are the perfect fit for you. Isabella Media’s print fulfillment services guarantee is that no matter what your print needs are - from marketing and promotional materials to retail packaging - we’ve got you covered.

Send us your Books

You submit the books you’d like to store with us for approval. After we’ve approved them, you can send the shipment to us or we can arrange to print them.

We stock them

We receive your shipment and stock your books in our warehouse. You can sync them with your store and start selling.

We ship them

When someone orders your book, we take it from our warehouse and ship it to your customer.

Product fulfillment fee (per order containing a product from the warehouse) US $2.00 EU €1.75 UK £1.60 Canada C$ 2.80
Product picking fee (per product from the warehouse) $0.95 €0.80 £0.75 C$ 1.30
Pack-in fulfillment fee (per order with pack-ins) Free Free Free Free
Pack-in picking fee (per pack-in added to order) $0.50 €0.45 £0.45 C$ 0.70
Custom packaging fulfillment fee (per order with packing) Free Free Free Free
Custom packaging picking fee (per packaging used for order) $0.50 €0.45 £0.45 C$ 0.00
Receiving, processing, etc. Free Free Free Free
Packaging materials (if used to pack mixed orders, t-shirts) Fee varies Fee varies Fee varies Fee varies

Storage Fees

1–200 units  $1.65per cu. ft. €1.40per cu. ft. £1.30per cu. ft. C$ 2.30per cu. ft.
201–1,000 units  $1.30per cu. ft. €1.10per cu. ft. £1.05per cu. ft. C$ 1.80per cu. ft.
1,001–10,000 units  $1.00per cu. ft. €0.85per cu. ft. £0.80per cu. ft. C$ 1.40per cu. ft.
10,000+ units  $0.75per cu. ft. €0.65per cu. ft. £0.60per cu. ft. C$ 1.05per cu. ft.


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