Five Books That Teach Children About Life on a Farm

What child has not dreamt of living on a farm? We have seen it from television to the silver screen. Maybe even some of you reading this live on one now? We get excited at the diversity of our readership. But for many of us, books are our only way of escaping the city or suburban life, and digging into the soil, and hearing the sounds of animal life. In celebration of National Farm Day, we’ve gone through a couple of stacks of children’s books and found a few favorites we recommend on a rainy afternoon for you and your little reader.

Charlotte’s Web – E.B White

Many children growing up know this more from the movie than the book, but there was a book written about that, ‘Some Pig.’ No, his name was not, Charlotte but Wilbur. In this book, we learn much about life on a ranch. On the Zuckerman farm, children are introduced to sheep, cows, a horse, a goose, and a wolf… oh, I mean, a cocker spaniel. Then, we meet Fern. She was the farmer’s daughter who helped her dad care for Wilber and the other animals. Throughout the story, the animals, along with Charlotte, the barn spider, become Wilber’s friend and help him through a scary time in his life.

On the Farm – David Elliot

This children’s book is an adventure through a bustling farm. Children discover what each farm animal loves to do during their day. Author David Elliot teaches children with a semi-rhyming style introducing each farm member, from a milk-making cow to the buzzing honey bees. Children learn about the sounds and habits of animals and have fun while reading.

A Precious Day at The Farm – Linda Sue Swoboda

Linda Sue Swoboda also takes us on a farming adventure. When you can’t have pets at home, what do you do? You visit family in the country that lives on a farm. This is a great story, especially for National Farm Day. Just as Ariella gets to visit her cousin Wayne’s farm and see cows, pigs, and even ducks to learn what farming life is like, your child can also get a glimpse of it. If you live in an apartment or a small home, this will be a fun story for them.

The Becket List – Adele Griffin

Rebecca, or rather now Becket, was born and raised in the city. When the country and her grandmother’s farm become her new home, she is determined to make the most of it. But the indigenous life, namely, some frisky chickens, are not making it easy for her. Nor are her efforts to upgrade her city pet, Mr. Fancy Pants, or an unfortunate experience with sour lemonade. Find out how Becket overcomes her obstacles and the life on the farm.

A Home in the Barn – Margaret Wise Brown

You may recognize this name. She is the well-known author of Goodnight Moon. Now we get to open the door and head into the big warm barn. From the mice scurrying up into the loft to swallows nesting amongst the rafters; pigs, cows, and horses get nestled into place. The farmer even welcomes a new addition to the farm family. It is all brought to you in the rhythmic pace Brown spoke in her farewell to our celestial friend.  Of course, these aren’t the only children’s books that teach our children about cackling chickens and feeding the cows. But it will get you started. We hope it fed your need for escape and trust you will pick up a copy of a book above to fulfill your little reader’s hunger for reading and the great outdoors.

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