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A New Way to Wealth is a master work on work in a world of change. Piasecki has done it again--33 years after being one of the first to write about climate change and the needs for corporate reform”
— CEO Globe Scan Chris Coulter
BALLSTON SPA, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- January 6 as an Assault on Society and Capitalism

"Piasecki's work empowers you during these times of challenging social change. He is a master of revealing the new vitality between Business and Society, dramatizing the arts of competitive frugality ”
— Bill Novelli, former CEO of AARP, founder of Porter Novelli, author Good Business (John Hopkins Press)

Bruce Piasecki's new book, "A New Way to Wealth: The Power of Doing More with Less" builds from his career as the founder of a global management consulting firm, and world traveler from his books World Inc (2007) and Doing More with Less (Doing More With Less became a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller in 2013 and parts of 2014.)

A New Way to Wealth is his global framing and analyical description of a new form of capitalism--social response capitalism--that Piasecki and others see as operative today. This is a form of capitalism that changes corporate strategy, brands, and talent recruitment at the best firms committed to bold climate goals and net zero greenhouse gas emissions goals.

Within this book expect to find management and social marketing insights into:

1. how best to well managed global and mid-size corporations now respond to climate and capital constraints.

2. using exemplar lives from Ben Franklin to Bob Dylan, this new book reveals how competing on scarcity offers creativity and innovation.

3. using the principles in this book, small to large global firms can compete on what Piasecki calls the "arts of competitive frugality", doing more with less law suits, less waste in advertising. Piasecki does this in explaining the shifts from print marketing to internet marketing now booming thru social media that reaches the new interests in Business and Society. The old messaging of business against society is over, according to this new book.

Piasecki's firm, the AHC Group Inc, has served as change management teams to enhance the competitiveness of firms as large and complex as Merck, bp, Walgreens Alliance Boots thru world trend advisory councils, often across three to five year assignments reaching the top 50 of a firm. Lately, the new book has him being magnified thru immersive learning by the companies, like bp and others, that have him reach 10,000s in a exchange on these principles before corporate staff. He has begun building learning academies within some of these firms, after leaving tenure at both RPI and Clarkson, engineering firms, where he had built innovative education masters mixing science, management and legal training.

Dr. Michael Shippee, writing in the introduction to "A New Way to Wealth" notes "Dr. Piasecki's popular work is built on the historical shoulders of Ben Franklin and Abe Lincoln, amplified by those that write introductions to his books like the CEO of Globe Scan Chris Coulter, megatrend bestsellers like Patricia Aburdene, or the governance heads of global valuation firms like Standard and Poors." View the endorsements of this new book to see why bp and Walgreens Alliance Boots has global executives noted the value of this new form of capitalism.

What is most significant for today is to understand the current threats to social response capitalism, both in the United States, England and elsewhere where his work has been translated, and where he has met CFOs, corporate strategists as well as government officials on these topics for decades.

Piasecki's new book sets the context to understand the Trump inspired assault on our Capitol as an assault against the new form of reliable rule-based social capitalism noted in World Inc and "A New Way to Wealth."

His new talks in London, Greece, and his new editions of the argument in Greek, Korean, Japanese magnify his understanding of this new more swift and severe form of capitalism. For Piasecki, open global capitalism, a capitalism that responds to the social needs of the elderly, the disadvantaged, and the weak, is the opposite of the storming of the Capitol by an angry mob. His books provide examples of those that compete well for capital, talent, quality, innovation and social needs like Unilever and others.

Watch how Mia Funk on her top ranked podcast series, Creative Process, engages Bruce Piasecki in a few recent podcasts, offering him a ten part series based on Business and Society. His Amazon page contains his Medium.com blog and hundreds of other user comments. You Tube select talks at Universities throughout the world.

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