The 2022 Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books presents Tripping With Your Guide Vinnie: Adventures on Big Island

Author Highlighting A Remarkable Charming Tale in Hawaii

Vinnie decided to drive closer to investigate the hole in the tree thinking who doesn’t like treasure. After he got off the bike, he neared the hollow located about five feet up the tree.”
— Excerpt from Tripping With Your Guide Vinnie

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 6, 2022 / -- Author Ann Stockton has published her book title Tripping With Your Guide Vinnie: Adventures of Big Island. It is an adventure story of our fearless guide Vinne and his traveling companions, Sparky the curious, happy-go-lucky purple dog, and the slightly neurotic but brave and courageous Froggy Long Legs. This trio has lived in Hawaii all their lives and needs an extraordinary adventure. Let’s travel along with them as they escape through dangerous lava tubes, narrowly avoiding hot molten magma, then plunging into the ocean to meet a family of sea turtles.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The research and imagination are incredible. I’m sure those who live on Big Island would have an even greater appreciation than me for the descriptive writing. Fun characters to go on an adventure with all while learning about Big Island, volcanoes, sea life, and the native animals. The ‘find it on the map’ feature was fantastic. I found myself looking up their route and following along. I chuckled out loud during many of their escapades. I recommend this fun read. I believe children will wholeheartedly enjoy it.”
— Amazon Customer Review.

Ann Stockton is a U.S. Navy veteran who was stationed for many years in Hawaii and now resides in California with her husband of twenty years has completed her new book “Tripping With Your Guide Vinnie: Adventures on Big Island”: an engaging story for young independent readers.

Tripping With Your Guide Vinnie: Adventures of Big Island
Written by: Ann Stockton
Paperback |

Book copies are available at Amazon and other online book retailers.

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