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  • What does DNA do?

    Book Cover

    In ‘Making Sense of Life: Exploring the Relationship between DNA and Telepathy’

    Richard Alabone

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    Making Sense Of Life: Exploring The Relationship Between DNA and Telepathy

    The scientific theory of life ignores evidence that doesn’t fit the current theory, due to the politics of science ignoring any evidence it cannot explain.”
    — Richard Alabone
    ESSEX, UNITED KINGDOM, September 30, 2022 / -- Challenging the theory of how life develops. A bold, thought-provoking and some might say controversial, a book that unravels the mysteries of genes and telepathy with a revolutionary solution to the problems of biology and the enigma of life has been published.

    Author Richard Alabone draws on his life-long interest in the paranormal and science, and suggests that psychic experiences are inextricably linked to the fundamentals of life and biology. Each chapter in Making Sense of Life: Explaining the Relationship between DNA & Telepathy reveals new and plausible ideas, ingeniously merging the fields of science with the paranormal. Embracing new strands of thought, the book puzzles out everything from evolution and human growth to telepathy, spiritualism, ghosts, and reincarnation. Biologists are faced with the awkward conundrum that DNA is not a book of instructions but a personal identity code enabling direct copying from parents to children. Comparing DNA to a phone number, Making Sense of Life suggests life is merely a perpetual copying machine, replicating the parents by copying personality, internal organs, the brain’s operating system, and instinctive behavior. Alabone explains: “Science has not explained how information flows within the body, let alone between bodies. The answer is microtubules that are in every living cell, which transmit and receive information by quantum biology. DNA is only an identification code which is the key to copying the previous generations. This then shows us how heredity works, which has been the problem with the theory of evolution.” The book makes sense of the mysteries surrounding our biology and the inexplicable world of the paranormal. It diligently deciphers the integration of the philosophy of biology, genes, DNA, telepathy, inheritance, and evolution by proposing a new core theory of biology. It is a revolution for scientific thinkers and philosophers which will alter theories of consciousness and evolution forever.

    Richard Alabone has been studying psychic experiences for more than 60 years. A member of the Society for Psychical Research, the Scientific and Medical Network, and the Royal Society of Biology, he is retired from a career as a research and development engineer on radar, film & television equipment. He has several patents to his name and also spent nine years as a Civil Service technical manager. In a series of podcasts called Paranormal is Normal, Richard explored the world of the Paranormal and its powerful effect on our lives. Making Sense of Life is his second book. Richard's first book, Sublimity, was published in 2009, focusing on trance. He also reveals an explanation as to how and why we occasionally experience telepathy and the way it is related to biology. You can visit his website to know more about Richard.

    Alabone’s book, Making Sense of Life: Explaining the Relationship between DNA & Telepathy, investigates the origins of life. He combines accepted scientific ideas with paranormal and psychic theories in a new core theory which, he is convinced, provides answers to many hitherto unanswered questions. In the process, he has written a thought-provoking book.

    Alabone has an engaging style of writing that helps make some very challenging topics slightly more digestible. I also liked the fact that he is fearless in tackling some of the giants of the science world: he writes that Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Erwin Schrödinger, ‘was unqualified to talk about genes.’ He asserts this view without any sense of irony, even though he is proposing a paradigm change in scientific thinking while being an engineer by training. It is, perhaps, this very lack of a formal scientific background that allows him to think creatively and unconventionally about these issues; he can approach the paranormal and psychic phenomena with a completely open mind. While it is a suitable read for anyone with an inquisitive nature and open mind, the book covers topics (spiritualism and mediumship, for example) that those with a strong religious faith might balk at. I have no hesitation in recommending it to people with an interest in science who enjoy a challenging read.

    Richard Alabone
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  • Medical Researcher, Author and Mom Addresses White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health

    Meenal Lele Author Photo

    Meenal Lele, author of THE BABY AND THE BIOME

    The Baby and Biome Book Jacket

    THE BABY AND THE BIOME: How the Tiny World Inside Your Child Holds the Secret to Their Health (Avery, an imprint of Penguin/Random House; September 6, 2022; $27 Hardcover; ISBN: 9780593421024)

    The Baby And The Biome: How the Tiny World Inside Your Child Holds The Secret to Their Health, New Book by Meenal Lele

    Immune disease needs a revolution in thinking—and an accessible way for parents to understand it.”
    — Meenal Lele

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 / -- Meenal Lele tells you what you need to know now to protect your baby from developing food allergies, asthma and a host of chronic diseases in her new book, The Baby And The Biome: How the Tiny World Inside Your Child Holds the Secret to Their Health.

    Proper nutrition can protect the baby's biome to prevent many immune disorders like diabetes, asthma, Crohn's disease; psychological disorders like Bipolar disease and life threatening allergies. The White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health released a national strategy that outlines the federal government’s solutions to overcome the ongoing US hunger, nutrition and health crisis.

    In accessible language and a reassuring tone, the book combines medical insights with practical advice pertaining to:
    - Why nutrition in the first 1,000 days of a baby's life is vital.
    - What your pediatrician may not be telling you about nutrition and how to prevent a lifetime of chronic conditions.
    - Food Pyramid and Head Start program nutrition and how it needs to change.
    - How parents can easily edit their grocery shopping list using a cost-effective manner to improve nutrition.
    - How to eliminate processed foods from your grocery cart.

    Most expectant moms eat well, exercise, take vitamins, abstain from caffeine, and do everything possible to ensure the optimal health of their baby. Yet, children born today are sicker than in any past generation. Food allergies, asthma, and other chronic health conditions affect up to 30 percent of kids across the country.

    In The Baby And The Biome: How the Tiny World Inside Your Child Holds the Secret to Their Health (Avery, an imprint of Penguin/Random House; September 6, 2022; $27 Hardcover; ISBN: 9780593421024), author Meenal Lele reveals the answer—and it’s not bad genes or bad parenting. Informed by extensive medical research and her firsthand experience, Lele sheds light on the key role of nutrition in the development of your baby's microbiome in preventing diseases of the immune system, which includes not only food allergies and asthma but also eczema, ADHD, IBS, type 2 diabetes and Crohn’s disease.

    “Immune disease needs a revolution in thinking—and an accessible way for parents to understand it,” Lele asserts. Interweaving the story of her firstborn son Leo’s life-threatening struggles with food allergies and asthma with significant, potentially life-saving scientific findings, Lele aims to lead that revolution by educating parents about how to prioritize and strengthen their baby’s microbiome by protecting its delicate skin, gut, and lung barriers.

    Throughout, The Baby And The Biome: assures moms (and dads too) that raising a healthy child is really possible even in our toxin-filled world.

    About the Author
    Meenal Lele is a mom to two boys, a medical researcher, and a chemical engineer with a degree from the Wharton School. She is the founder of CEO of Lil Mixins, a company devoted to educating parents about how to prevent their children from developing allergic diseases. She lives in Philadelphia, PA, with her family.

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  • 7 Germs At The Gym Waiting To Ruin Your Workout Warns Dr. John Jaquish

    There's a better way to have the body you want

    Weightlifting is a Waste of Time - So is Cardio

    Dr. John Jaquish details seven germs lurking at fitness centers, posing the question, "Should you work out at the gym?"

    Shared gym equipment, lockers, towels, showers, hot tubs, and pools are breeding grounds for infections.”
    — Dr. John Jaquish, PhD.
    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 / -- As the weather cools down, more people are heading into the gym. Dr. John Jaquish, scientist, and best-selling author, cautions fitness enthusiasts about the tiny pathogens lingering on gym equipment, hot tubs, and surfaces ready to ruin their workout.

    Studies and tests conducted at gyms over the years and long before Covid found hundreds of bacteria, funguses, viruses, etc. "To give some perspective on the germs found in gyms, FitRated did a pre-pandemic study, swabbing 27 pieces of equipment at three different gyms to determine how many bacteria are lingering during your workout. Just one of the tests found that typical free weights have 362 times more germs than a toilet seat. It makes one think about going to a gym to get healthy," said Dr. Jaquish.

    Shared gym equipment, lockers, towels, showers, hot tubs, and pools are breeding grounds for infections. Here are some of the germs and infections found per the National Library of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Medicine Health Library:

    • Staph Infection (Staphylococcus) is among the most common bacteria hiding out in gyms. Staph bacteria cause problems when one has a scratch or cut on the skin, even a tiny nick from shaving. Noticeable symptoms are red boils that appear swollen or painful. Other symptoms include drainage and a warm-to-the-touch feeling at the injection site.

    • Impetigo is a type of skin infection found anywhere on the body that typically results in sores that can ooze, burst, and form a yellow, crusty scab.

    • Ringworm (Fungi Dermatophyte) often thrives in warm, dark, moist places like sweaty sneakers or gym locker rooms. Two types found at gyms are athlete's foot and jock itch. Athletes' foot causes white scale and itchy blisters on the feet, while jock itch causes red, painful, and itchy, red-shaped blotches in the groin area. But all types of ringworm can bring red, scaly circles anywhere on the body—including the midsection, arms, and legs.

    • Common Colds, Covid, and Flu germs are respiratory infections that spread easily in close quarters. Usually, these germs enter the body through droplets from someone else's coughs and sneezes and can even pass from surface to person.

    • Plantar Warts (Human Papillomavirus -HPV) are fleshy overgrowths of skin, typically found on the soles of your feet.

    • Herpes (Herpes Simplex virus) can cause either cold sores or genital herpes and enters the body through close personal touch as well as through shared items like gym equipment and towels.

    • Hot Tub Rash (Pseudomonas Aeruginosa) can be contacted in the pool or hot tub, producing an itchy, red rash and can also cause a swimmer's ear.
    As a result of the prolonged pandemic, Americans' awareness of infections has increased, resulting in an increased awareness of the need to keep fit and healthy. This has translated into a huge demand for residential gym equipment.

    Allied Market Research reports that the global at-home fitness equipment market was valued at $5,545 million in 2019 and is projected to reach $11,459 million by 2027, registering a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 7.8% from 2021 to 2027.

    Dr. Jaquish is the creator of the X3 workout system, a modern variable resistance portable gym that fits in a drawer at home or a travel bag and can be used anywhere. Additionally, the system ensures a hygienic workout environment.

    Dr. Jaquish details his exercise protocols with supporting science in his controversial Wall Street Journal bestselling book Weightlifting is a Waste of Time, So is Cardio.

    For more information about Dr. Jaquish and to order the book Weightlifting is a Waste of Time - So is Cardio, visit

    About John Jaquish, PhD

    Scientist, Inventor, and author John Jaquish, PhD. has spent years researching and developing improved approaches to health. He speaks at scientific conferences worldwide and is a research professor at Rushmore University. He is the Inventor of the bone density-building medical technology OsteoStrong and the creator of the variable resistance X3 exercise system for accelerated muscle development. Dr. Jaquish's methods are used in training the world's most elite athletes, including the Miami Heat, various NFL and NBA players, MMA champions, and members of the US Olympic team. His book, Weightlifting is a Waste of Time – So is Cardio, explains his non-conventional approach to human physiology and is a WSJ Bestseller.

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  • New Book Helps People Discover Their Brain Type, Why They Do What They Do, and How to Do It Better



    Connell Cowan

    Connell Cowan (photo credit Susan Sullivan)

    David Kipper

    David Kipper (photo credit Mitchell Haddad)

    OVERRIDE by Dr. David Kipper and Dr. Connell Cowan

    Your brain is constantly seeking comfort. How you handle yourself boils down to how you’re hardwired, embedded in your inherited neurochemistry.”
    — Connell Cowan and David Kipper
    LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2022 / -- Based on today’s breakthrough science into neurotransmitters, a new book, OVERRIDE by Dr. David Kipper and Dr. Connell Cowan, reveals a clear path to overcoming bad habits that sabotage our success in career, love, and healthy living.

    People's brains are constantly seeking comfort. Whether it’s recovering from a stressful event that gets their adrenaline pumping or the slow drip-drip of low-lying stress, how people handle themselves boils down to how they’re hardwired, embedded in their inherited neurochemistry.

    People's neurochemistry puts them into one of two tribes: Swords are coded to be particularly sensitive to stimulation, novelty, reward, and external expression, while the Shields of the world are coded to be more sensitive to avoiding harm and danger, internalizing emotions. Each coping style possesses strengths as well as an array of behavioral shortcomings. The coping styles reverted to under stress have evolved to help people survive, but they are also the root cause of the most destructive and stubborn behaviors.

    OVERRIDE: Discover Your Brain Type, Why You Do What You Do, and How to Do It Better delivers a fascinating theory: Understanding people's chemical tendencies explains how they set their stress relief in motion, and by understanding their tendencies they’ll be able to make healthy life decisions for the better. In exhilarating, illuminating, and frequently funny style, readers will go from identifying their personal neurotypes - through an easy and accurate test - to understanding their vulnerabilities, and break out of self-defeating patterns to make meaningful change with a science-based approach.

    OVERRIDE details the struggles of people, both Dopamine- and Seratonin-Types, and show how together with them the authors found a path to change that can start this minute and last a lifetime. Complete with easy-to-use strategies and exercises, here are engaging micro and macro insights into iconic human problems, backed up by the latest scientific research into why we are the way we are.

    Combining groundbreaking research with inspiring and revelatory real-life stories of struggle and transformation, OVERRIDE will reveal the blueprint of one's DNA, giving a practical, easy-to-grasp, yet revolutionary framework for achieving the life you really want.

    OVERRIDE is available on Amazon and other popular retail outlets where books are sold.


    Dr. Connell Cowan (Los Angeles, CA) is a clinical psychologist. He co-wrote Smart Women/Foolish Choices, a runaway bestseller that spawned an entire genre of books dealing with male/female dilemmas. The book spent nearly a year on the New York Times bestseller list, sold millions of copies, has been published in 23 different languages, and was made into a hit musical. His second book, Women Men Love/Women Men Leave, also became a NYT bestseller. Husbands & Wives completed the relationship trio. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows and his writings have been published in a number of journals, magazines, and newspapers internationally. Dr. Cowan also established the Human Sciences Center in Los Angeles––a non-profit center for research and treatment funded in part by a grant from the Eli Lilly Foundation. The innovative work he developed at the Center was featured on CBS’s “60 Minutes.” He has taught at the California School of Professional Psychology and in UCLA’s School of Public Health. Along with his writings and clinical practice, Dr. Cowan has created and produced a number of television and video projects for syndication and cable blending both psychological information and drama.

    Dr. David Kipper has practiced internal medicine in Los Angeles for over three decades. He has appeared as an expert commentator on all major networks, has produced numerous programs on health and health care, appeared on the Today Show, and contributes to the Huffington Post. Dr. Kipper is currently a co-host for ABC Radio’s The Medical Show, a weekly national call-in show addressing all areas of medicine. After 12 years on the air, The Medical Show will be syndicated to a wide national audience with podcasts and a web presence that advocates for patients seeking personalized solutions to complicated health problems. Dr. Kipper co-founded the Medical Group of Beverly Hills, the largest multidisciplinary healthcare provider in Los Angeles. He also co-founded the California Institute for Behavioral Medicine, a mind-body approach to managing stress, incorporating conventional and homeopathic therapies that Time Magazine described as “groundbreaking.” Dr. Kipper’s 2010 book The Addiction Solution (Rodale Press, 2010) helped create a paradigm shift in the treatment of this disease from a behavioral malady to a chronic medical illness, determined by our unique brain chemistry and triggered by stress.

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  • International Coercive Control Conference Seeks to Address Root Causes of Violence Against Women Across the Globe

    Experts gather to share knowledge, resources, and strategies to make Coercive Control visible and understood

    NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2022 / -- For the second year, experts, advocates and activists will gather to address the global crisis facing women in its most invisible and unrecognizable form– coercive control. This year’s theme, Coercive Control: Oppression in Our Public and Private Spheres, seeks to connect the dots between the root cause of coercive control male entitlement to have power over in a gender unequal world, and the countless ways in which this entitlement shows up in our most intimate and personal relationships and spaces, and when it manifests in our public spaces.

    The landmark Supreme Court decision that came out earlier this summer, Dobbs v. Jackson, held that women don’t have a constitutional right to an abortion. Right now in Iran, women are tearing off their hijabs and cutting their hair, protesting the murder of Mahsa Amini for wearing her headscarf too loosely, by so-called “morality police”. Security forces are currently killing an unknown number of protestors in the streets across Iran. In China, “Rice bunny” is the homophonic translation of the words “me” and “too” in Mandarin, a euphemism that feminists fighting sexual harrassment in China adopted in order to avoid government detection and censorship.

    These examples, while varying in scale, severity, and impact, are manifestations of coercive control and the myriad ways in which it is exercised, whether privately, publicly , overtly or covertly, or through government or religious sanction. In short, these are ways in which male entitlement to have power over, is rooted in, reinforced by and maintained - by gender inequality. ICCC sessions on “Reproductive Rights: Coercive Control of Her Body,” “Violence Against Women As a Hate Crime,” and “Coercive Control in a #metoo Context” are just a few of the conversations at this year’s ICCC about how we might better identify coercive control, confront it, and end it.

    For a complete list of speakers and sessions and to register for the conference, visit:

    About The International Coercive Control Conference
    The conference is a first step towards bringing together those working on the front lines advocating for change, modernizing legislation, conducting cutting-edge research, and changing the narrative to make visible the patriarchal nature of abuse and coercive control.

    About the Engendered Collective
    The Engendered Collective is a community of survivors, advocates, and feminists that engage in knowledge-building, collective care, healing, and advocacy to increase accountability for sex-based abuse, exploitation, and violence.

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  • Hotel Guest App is recognised as one of the best Hotel Guest service app in the world

    guest service app for hotel

    hotel guest app

    Hotel Guest App is recognised as one of the best Hotel Guest service app in the world by International Travel Awards 2022

    DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, September 25, 2022 / -- Hotel Guest App is recognised as one of the best Hotel Guest service app in the world.

    The whole world is changing towards mobile & touch less technology. Hospitality industry is not the exception. Yes. Most of the hotels are the world started implementing the touch less guest service mobile app to offer a world calling experience for their clients and entice them to the next level. Hotel Guest App is a leading QR Code mobile app for hotels around the globe.

    Hotel Guest Service App won the title of "Best Mobile app for hotel" at International Travel Awards 2022, The most prestigious travel and tourism industry awards which recognises the best performing hotels and tourism companies in 6 regions such as Asia, Europe, Middle East, Americas, Oceania and Africa.

    Hotel app facilitates the hotel guests to check the hotel through their mobile, view the restaurant menu & order food, Book a Spa, Raise a request or raise a complaint, post reviews, chat with the hotel manager on WhatsApp and lot more convenience for the guests to offer a great stay experience.

    At the same time, the Hotel Guest app helps the hotel to increase the revenue by offering a great live promotion to their guests and get real time feedback to improve their services. It has 3 modules, Console, Guest App and Staff App. The hotel owner or manager can control the mobile app functionalities such as enabling or disabling the services, customizing the colours, mobile app home page display options, Manage the restaurants and it's menu, Manage the spa menu, Generate QR Codes and lot more. The Guest app is a user-friendly interface for the hotel guest where the guest can access all the facilities of the hotel. The stunning part is the staff app, the staff can login and assign the guests requests or complaints to themselves.

    Not just that, the Hotel Guest app offers a comprehensive reporting system which offers great insights about the service requests, complaints from each department, history of all activities and lot more. This app is designed and developed by KS Aadhavan enterprises LLP, who has already launched MR Resto - the leading Restaurant QR menu app.

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  • Dr. Gibbs Williams' New Book, "Smack in the Middle", is About His Earlier Career, Predated Trumpism by Five Decades

                  Smack in the Middle

    In the late Sixties, he was an eager 30-year-old psychotherapist treating heroin addicts at an innovative therapeutic community called Odyssey House.

    Little did I realize that my job treating heroin addicts back in the late Sixties predated Trumpism by fifty-two years.”
    — Dr. Gibbs WIlliams, Author
    PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2022 / -- Dr. Gibbs Williams narrates:

    My professional and psychological roller-coaster experience at Odyssey House in lower Manhattan mirrored the future of Trump's presidency and much of the political climate that followed. There are lessons to be learned. We have a number of serious problems in America today. For one thing, why does Trumpism have such a magnetic allure for so many people (even after it’s been shown that the emperor has no clothes)? For another, what motivates otherwise intelligent Republican politicians and voters to continue to support the man himself, despite his obvious moral failings and criminal behaviors?

    Some answers are vividly identified and explored in my book, SMACK IN THE MIDDLE: My Turbulent Time Treating Heroin Addicts at Odyssey House, published in 2019. It should be required reading for all people interested in the 21st-century American experience.


    In 1967 I was an eager 30-year-old psychotherapist treating heroin addicts at an innovative therapeutic community called Odyssey House. What followed over the next year and a half represented one of the most harrowing and illuminating journeys any young professional could ever experience at the beginning of a career. This was due in large part to Odyssey’s 36-year-old brilliant, pioneering, inscrutable, and mercurial founder and director. In the book, I document my personal and professional cult-like experience at Odyssey House. In many respects, it is a mirror to the modern-day paradox known as the Trump presidency.

    If you would like a free PDF copy of SMACK IN THE MIDDLE, send me your email address. You can reach me through Book Vine Press, the marketing company that is assisting me with exposing SMACK IN THE MIDDLE to a wider audience.

    About Book Vine Press:

    Book Vine Press (BVP) is an Illinois-based hybrid publishing company. We are a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Book Vine Press was created by an author for authors with a combined 18 years of publishing and marketing experience. We provide authors with the most affordable and competitive book publishing-related services with 100% continuous support.

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  • Author Christian Howard’s New site Provides a New Set of Tools to Help a New Generation Towards Love and Spirituality


    Love comes in all shapes and sizes


    The Great Mind


    God is love

    The site was designed for parents to counteract destructive conditioning, help protect kids from hate and install a positive foundation for their lives.

    Do you believe in miracles? Well you should. In fact, life itself is a big miracle, there are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.””
    — Albert Einstein
    NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, September 21, 2022 / -- Author Christian Howard is pleased to announce the launch of his new website,

    As a hypnotherapist and leading researcher and coach in human-spiritual relations for more than 30 years, Howard is well-qualified to analyze the problems and guide site visitors to happier and healthier lives.

    “Today it’s like America is suffering a serious heat wave of political and social antagonism, and the AC system is broken,” he explained. “I designed the site to be like a repair and restoration business for the problem as I see it – it’s all in our heads, the program in our brains, there’s a big short-circuit between us humans and our souls. But even if the AC program is OK, it still won’t function without freon, and for a human life-system and everything to work properly, the freon is love. Right now, things are messed up in our country for two reasons – there’s a malfunction in the program, and there’s not enough love.”

    Through his website, Howard hopes to inspire parents to get their kids involved in taking a deep dive into learning about the miracle of being human and the potentials that lie ahead.

    IS GOD DEAD? Howard attests that as more and more churches are boarded up and many religions die, he is ready to fill the void with a new approach to spirituality and description of God designed for this new generation that stands the test of logic and quantum physics.

    “For thousands of years, we have been shown that love is the essence of life”, he said. “In 400BC, Sophocles said, ‘one word frees us of all the weight and pain in life, that word is Love”. Two thousand years ago, Jesus taught that ‘God is love.’ And in our time, Einstein told us, ‘Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness…Love is Light…Love is God, and God is Love.’”

    As for the human brain, Howard reminds readers that the idea of needing a good operating system is nothing new and points to what Buddha said 2500 years ago - “What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind.”

    Through his new website, Howard hopes visitors will gain access to the best tools available to help them open up to a whole lot more love so they can create and enjoy great lives and lead more people toward love and spirituality in a new way.

    His book titled Is Eternity Already Here, available on Amazon is the autobiography of how he got from there to here.


    About Christian Howard

    In my life, I have always felt as if I f were preprogrammed to explore the relationship of the normal to the paranormal, physical to spiritual. I wanted answers to my questions - who are we, where did we come from, why are we here, what’s the best way to live, and where do we go from here? Are we just one of many species that evolved on our planet, or are we something more than just human animals? But this journey is not about me. I think of myself as just one part of a Universal team. I’m doing my share to help us remember the power of love waiting for our invitation to uplift our lives and flow through us to others and help heal our world.

    For media inquiries, please contact:
    Christian Howard

    Christian Howarrd
    The Author
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  • New Picture Book Uses Stunning Collage Art and Simple Repetition to Teach Elementary Kids about the Food Chain

    Cover art for This Is the Sun

    This Is the Sun will be released October 4, 2022

    Cover art for Este es el Sol

    The Spanish edition, Este es el Sol, will be available at the same time

    This is the Sun - fox

    Beautiful collage art illustrations introduce the concept of the food chain

    DC Publisher releases English and Spanish editions of a life science children’s book about energy, the circle of life, and the Sun at the center of it all

    With vibrant illustrations, This is the Sun is a wonderful and whimsical introduction to the power of the sun as it feeds all life on earth.”
    — Alexandra Roosenburg, Founder/Director, Capitol Learning Academy
    WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, September 21, 2022 / -- This is the Sun that makes the world go round! Science Naturally is excited to introduce This Is the Sun, Elizabeth Everett’s debut children’s book. It will be released simultaneously with the Spanish-language edition, Este es el Sol.

    From the tiniest animal to the tallest tree, everything on Earth is connected through the circle of life. This beautiful picture book, which can be read-aloud with preschool-aged children, or used as an individual reading activity with elementary students, uses rhythmic repetition to introduce young children to the bright star that provides energy for all life on Earth.

    In this charming story, readers follow along as a young tree uses light from the Sun to make its own food, then passes its energy along the food chain… until it circles all the way back to a brand new sprout growing toward the Sun! Have fun reading as each living thing in the food web provides energy to the next, over and over again.

    “With vibrant illustrations, This is the Sun is a wonderful and whimsical introduction to the power of the sun as it feeds all life on earth,” says Alexandra Roosenburg, Founder and Director of the Capitol Learning Academy in Washington, DC. “This book expands the curious minds of young readers, animal lovers, and budding scientists alike. As an educator, I know children will be excited to ‘read’ the pictures while listening to the story.”

    This Is the Sun is illustrated by Indonesian artist, Evelline Andrya, whose one-of-a-kind vibrant collage art grows along with the increasingly multilevel story. Through her illustrations, readers will be able to look for the bug, spider, lizard, fox, and more as they move through each of the pages and grow to build a full ecosystem.

    This book gives readers a glimpse into how all the living things are connected through the circle of life—and the role the Sun plays in making it all possible. More than just a fun picture book that engages kids to get caught up in the repetitive pattern, This Is the Sun encourages curiosity about the plants and animals we see all around us.

    The Spanish edition, Este es el Sol, will also be published in October along with the English edition. Science Naturally is committed to creating reading materials that are accessible and available to all readers. This title, like all world language editions Science Naturally publishes, aims to keep non-native English speakers, as well as Spanish language learners, excited about nature topics and inspired to learn more.

    An extensive Teacher’s Guide will be available in English and can be downloaded at no charge from the publisher’s website. This Guide provides discussion questions, hands-on activities, and experiments to expand the content of the book and provide opportunities for parents, educators, and librarians to engage kids.

    Author Elizabeth Everett spent 16 years as a classroom teacher before venturing into writing. She lives in Colorado with her husband and son where they spend lots of time outdoors in the Western sun. This is her first book; her next books, Twinkle, Twinkle, Daytime Star and Spheres All Year, will be released in 2023. She can be reached at

    Artist Evelline Andrya was born in Sumatra, Indonesia. She grew up with both Chinese and Javanese cultures. Her passion in illustration started at a very young age. She was influenced by vintage greeting cards that she found in her grandma’s drawer, comic books, antique picture books, and animated movies. Her illustration style is a mix of traditional medium and digital collage. She lives in Jakarta with her husband and three children. Find her on Instagram @evellineandrya.

    Science Naturally is a small independent press in Washington, D.C. Our books are distributed to the trade by the National Book Network [ (domestic) and (international)]. For more information about our publications, to arrange author interviews, for direct or bulk purchase pricing, or to request a review copy, please contact us. Cover images and sample content are available at

    This Is the Sun
    Written by Elizabeth Everett • Illustrated by Evelline Andrya
    English • Ages 4-7 • 10 x 8” • 32 Pages
    Hardback ($14.95) ISBN: 978-938492-81-5
    Paperback ($12.95) ISBN: 978-1-938492-82-2
    eBook ($11.99) ISBN: 978-1-938492-83-9

    Este es el Sol
    Written by Elizabeth Everett • Illustrated by Evelline Andrya
    Spanish • Ages 4-7 • 10 x 8” • 32 Pages
    Paperback ($12.95) ISBN: 978-1-938492-84-6
    eBook ($11.99) ISBN: 978-1-938492-85-3

    Caitlin Burnham
    Science, Naturally!
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  • Un nuevo libro ilustrado utiliza el arte y la repetición para educar a los niños de primaria sobre la cadena alimenticia

    Cover art for Este es el Sol

    Este es el Sol estará disponible el 4 de octubre de 2022

    Cover art for This Is the Sun

    Este libro estará disponible en inglés como This Is the Sun al mismo tiempo

    Sample page from Este es el Sol

    Maravillosas ilustraciones de collage presentan la cadena alimenticia

    Una editorial de D.C. publica, en inglés y español, un libro de ciencias biológicas sobre la energía, el ciclo de la vida y el Sol en el centro de todo

    Con sus vívidas ilustraciones, Este es el Sol ofrece una maravillosa y divertida introducción a la energía del sol, que alimenta a todos los seres que habitan la Tierra.”
    — Alexandra Roosenburg, fundadora/directora, Capitol Learning Academy
    WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, September 21, 2022 / -- ¡Este es el Sol que hace girar el mundo! Science Naturally tiene el agrado de presentar Este es el Sol, el primer libro infantil de Elizabeth Everett. Se lanzará en simultáneo con la edición en inglés: This Is the Sun.

    Desde el animal más pequeño hasta el árbol más alto, todo en la Tierra está relacionado con el ciclo de la vida. Este bonito libro ilustrado, que se puede leer en voz alta con niños de edad preescolar o utilizar como actividad de lectura individual con estudiantes de primaria, utiliza la repetición rítmica para presentar a los más pequeños la brillante estrella que suministra energía a todos los seres que habitan la Tierra.

    Los lectores siguen la cautivadora historia en la que un joven árbol utiliza la luz del Sol para producir su propio alimento, y luego pasa su energía al resto de la cadena alimenticia… ¡hasta que da toda la vuelta a un nuevo brote que crece hacia el Sol! Diviértase leyendo cómo cada ser vivo de la cadena alimenticia aporta energía al que le sigue, una y otra vez.

    “Con sus vívidas ilustraciones, Este es el Sol ofrece una maravillosa y divertida introducción a la energía del sol, que alimenta a todos los seres que habitan la Tierra”, señala Alexandra Roosenburg, fundadora y directora de la Capitol Learning Academy de Washington, D.C. “Este libro abre las mentes curiosas de los jóvenes lectores, los amantes de animales y los científicos en ciernes por igual. Como educadora, sé que a los niños les entusiasmará “leer” los dibujos mientras escuchan la historia”.

    Este es el Sol fue ilustrada por la artista indonesia Evelline Andrya, cuyo singular y vibrante arte en forma de collage va creciendo junto con la historia, que cada vez se desarrolla en más niveles. En sus ilustraciones, los lectores podrán buscar al bicho, a la araña, al lagarto, al zorro y a otros animales a medida que avanzan por cada una de las páginas y construyen un ecosistema completo.

    Este libro ofrece a los lectores una visión de cómo todos los seres vivos están conectados entre sí en el ciclo de la vida, y del papel que desempeña el Sol para hacerlo posible. Más que un libro ilustrado divertido que invita a los niños a engancharse con el patrón repetitivo, Este es el Sol estimula la curiosidad por las plantas y los animales que vemos a nuestro alrededor.

    La edición en inglés, This Is the Sun, también será publicada en octubre junto con la edición en español. Science Naturally mantiene su compromiso de crear materiales de lectura accesibles y disponibles para todos los lectores. Este libro, al igual que todas las ediciones en otros idiomas que publica Science Naturally, busca que tanto los hablantes no nativos de inglés como los estudiantes de español se sientan entusiasmados con los temas relacionados con la naturaleza y se sientan motivados a seguir aprendiendo.

    También se publicará una Guía para el Maestro en inglés, que podrá ser descargado gratuitamente del sitio web de la editorial. Esta Guía ofrece preguntas para debatir, actividades prácticas y experimentos para ampliar los contenidos del libre y crear oportunidades para que los padres, educadores y bibliotecarios puedan hacer participar a los niños.

    La autora, Elizabeth Everett, dedicó 16 años a la docencia antes de emprender su camino como escritora. Vive en Colorado con su marido y su hijo, donde pasan mucho tiempo al aire libre bajo el sol del Oeste. Este es su primer libro; sus próximos libros, Twinkle, Twinkle, Daytime Star y Spheres All Year, serán publicados en 2023. Para contactarse con ella, envíe un correo electrónico a:

    La artista, Evelline Andrya, nació en Sumatra, Indonesia. Fue criada con las culturas china y javanesa. Su pasión por la ilustración surgió a una edad muy temprana. Su estilo de ilustración fue influenciado por las tarjetas de felicitación vintage que encontró en el cajón de su abuela, los cómics, los libros ilustrados antiguos y las películas de animación. Se trata de una combinación de medios tradicionales y collage digital. Vive en Yakarta con su marido y sus tres hijos. Puede encontrarla en Instagram: @evellineandrya.

    Science Naturally es una pequeña imprenta independiente de Washington, D.C. Nuestros libros son distribuidos al mercado por la National Book Network [ (nacional) y (internacional)]. Comuníquese con nosotros si desea recibir más información sobre nuestras publicaciones, coordinar entrevistas con los autores, solicitar precios de compra directa o al por mayor, o solicitar un ejemplar para reseña. Las imágenes de portada y las muestras de contenido se encuentran disponibles en

    This Is the Sun
    Escrito por Elizabeth Everett • Ilustrado por Evelline Andrya
    Inglés • Edad 4-7 • 10 x 8” • 32 páginas
    Tapa dura ($14.95) ISBN: 978-938492-81-5
    Tapa blanda ($12.95) ISBN: 978-1-938492-82-2
    Libro digital ($11.99) ISBN: 978-1-938492-83-9

    Este es el Sol
    Escrito por Elizabeth Everett • Ilustrado por Evelline Andrya
    Español • Edad 4-7 • 10 x 8” • 32 páginas
    Tapa blanda ($12.95) ISBN: 978-1-938492-84-6
    Libro digital ($11.99) ISBN: 978-1-938492-85-3

    Caitlin Burnham
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  • Nikkei BP releases The Directory of Biotech Startups in Japan 2021-2022





    Nikkei BPs new The Directory of Biotech Startups in Japan 2021-2022 was published to help bring together Japanese biotech startups and global investors.

    TOKYO, JAPAN, September 21, 2022 / -- In August 2022, Nikkei Business Publications published an English edition of The Directory of Biotech Startups in Japan 2021-2022. This directory was originally released in Japanese in June 2021, and it was compiled by the editorial team of Nikkei Biotechnology & Business. The aim of the work is to encourage active collaboration between Japan’s biotech startups and global investors. The text was translated from Japanese to English using the Machine Translation Assistance System, developed by Nikkei, Inc. This new edition runs 1046 pages and is available in PDF format; it is priced at USD9,950 per copy, not including tax.

    Nikkei Biotechnology & Business is a specialized biotechnology publication with over 40 years of history in Japan. In cooperation with major universities and prominent venture capitalists throughout Japan, it regularly surveys startups in the biotechnology field. From among them, it has selected 395 with outstanding technologies and business models, which are highlighted in The Directory of Biotech Startups in Japan 2021-2022.

    Despite their technological prowess, Japan’s biotech startups face challenges when it comes to disseminating information overseas. This is because many do not have their own websites, and they tend to disclose less information than larger, listed companies. To address this issue, the editors of Nikkei Biotechnology & Business contacted all of the startups in the directory to research their technologies, patents, collaborators, and shareholders, as well as to gather other types of information.

    Additionally, the editors conducted interviews with 207 companies of particular note to analyze their technological features and management strategies. The resulting detailed company reports are available in a unified format for easier comparison by pharmaceutical giants and venture funds around the world looking for new business partners. Industry maps produced based on modality are included in order to facilitate screening procedures. Products developed by the startups are categorized into 11 tables focused on the following modalities: “Small molecules,” “Peptides,” “Antibodies (including antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)),” “Proteins,” “Nucleic Acids,” “Gene Therapy,” “Cell Medicine,” “Regenerative Medicine,” “Vaccines (including Adjuvants),” “Other modalities” and “Digital (Digital Health and Digital Therapeutics).” For each modality, products are plotted on a matrix (see figures), with disease areas presented vertically and relevant development stages horizontally. Using this type of visualization, startups of interest can be easily identified based on modality, disease area, and development stage.



    The Directory of Biotech Startups in Japan 2021-2022 is sold by Research and Markets, the world’s largest-class market research store, and though other means. Research and Markets makes reports available for over 800 industries, from the automotive business to telecommunications and zoology, and it has more than 450 companies on the Fortune 500 list as clients.

    For further details, please contact:
    Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
    ( )

    Creating Work: My Resume (Revised and Updated Edition)
    Exploring the Future Five Years from Now
    Top Five Keywords for Foreseeing the Healthcare Industry in 2022

    Public Relations Office
    Nikkei Inc.
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  • Dentist Commemorates The Life Of Her Late Brother By Publishing His Book About Life Reflections

    Life Interrupted: Dr. Dua’s Survival Guide

    LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2022 / -- Long Island, New York based dentist, Dr. Parul Dua Makkar has published a book co-authored by her late brother Dr. Manu Dua (also a dentist). Manu was diagnosed with oral cancer in July 2019 and passed away at age 34 on March 14, 2021. His book " Life Interrupted: Dr. Dua’s Survival Guide" is meant to encourage readers to live life to the fullest, doing the things that bring you joy.

    "This book is a collection of deep introspective essays on everything from how to manage your fears, transcend failure, to the true meaning of pursuing your dreams." said Dr. Parul Dua Makkar. "My brother believed that even the worst of times and under the worst of circumstances, the human mind, body and soul had a remarkable capacity to heal."

    Life Interrupted: Dr. Dua’s Survival Guide Paperback

    Some excerpts from Life Interrupted include:

    On the Ability to Endure

    That ability to endure can be broken down into what we perceive as to be the reason for our suffering and our sense of hope in a tangible better future. Even when we are faced with the most trying of circumstances, what we are willing to endure and overcome is directly correlated with what we perceive to be the ultimate outcome of that suffering. That ultimate outcome is related to our sense of hope. As I have mentioned before, that level of hope does not in any way have to be realistic, but it has to be tangible enough in our minds that we may utilize it as a tool to endure the current circumstances.

    On Fear

    From a societal standpoint we have evolved significantly as a civilization whereby most of our fears are less driven by a fight or flight ability to survive, and more of an emotional evolution where we create environments that both induce our fear and allow it to irrationally perpetuate without any real consequences other than the ones, we have convinced ourselves that theoretically may happen.

    On Failure

    One must also note that although it is imperative to overcome the fear of failure, like most things in life moderation is key. We cannot confuse our repeated failures without actionable changes in our patterns as being constructive. In the words of Albert Einstein, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.

    On Finding Eternal Peace

    We often try socially to impart our importance on to others, yet the irony of the fact is that it was a fruitless effort, evidenced most when you sit there helpless, temporarily displaced from your world in a form of time warp. Nothing matters at this moment, none of your trivial daily tasks matter, as you are stripped of all ego and left in a meditative state. Often, we find this meditative state hard to reach during our busy lives, and it requires great practice and patience to reach such a state.

    Dr. Dua's Survival Guide' is already a winner of CIPA EVVY Award for Motivational/Inspirational books.

    About Dr. Parul D. Makkar

    Dr. Parul D. Makkar is the founder of P.D.M Family Dental on Long Island, New York. She completed her Bachelor of Science from University of Central Oklahoma, Magna Cum Laude and then DDS from University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, in 2003. After relocating to New York from Canada, she then completed GPR training from Staten Island University Hospital. Dr. Makkar is the recipient of the Denobi Awards 2022 as well as LI Excellence in Healthcare 2022.   Since losing her younger sibling (and fellow dentist) Dr. Manu Dua to oral cancer, Dr. Makkar devotes her time educating doctors and patients alike about risk factors, prevention and advocating for early diagnosis

    Mark L. Goldman
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