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  • Colby Rebel, Award-Winning International Psychic Medium and Best-Selling Author, Launches First Tour Post-Pandemic

    LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 18, 2022 / -- Colby Rebel is a Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning International Psychic Medium, and Certified Master Spiritual Teacher launching her first tour post-Pandemic.

    Colby has appeared on various television and radio shows, demonstrating her talent to audiences all over the world. She is well-known for providing advice and discretion to Hollywood's elite and celebrities.

    Colby Rebel will be heading to cities across the United States to deliver powerful and impactful messages from beyond.

    “I’m absolutely thrilled to launch this tour in 2022! It’s been a long 2 years due to the pandemic. There is magnificent energy that fills the room when connecting to loved ones on the others side and delivering their heartfelt messages to the attendees. I have a feeling that tickets will sell out quickly as people are ready to gather in person and reunite with their lost loved ones who have passed.” says Rebel.

    Her tour begins on November 4th and 5th in Dallas, Texas at the Entelechea Center. She then heads to Adelphia’s in Deptford, NJ for Dinner with Spirit, an incredible evening that includes a full course meal followed by an evening of Spirit messages. The final leg of the tour will be in Manchester, New Hampshire on October 26th and 27th where she will teach a beginner’s workshop on understanding signs and symbols from loved ones in Spirit and an evening of connecting beyond with International Medium Lauren Rainbow.

    “I love helping others communicate with their deceased loved ones and educate them on how they can also recognize that their loved ones in Spirit are with them. The pandemic brought much loneliness, loss, and uncertainty to the world, and these events will absolutely shift that energy and focus to hope and bring those in attendance a sense of peace.” concludes Rebel.

    Colby Rebel

    Colby Rebel Psychic Medium is an International Psychic and Medium, best-selling author, certified master spiritual teacher, motivational speaker, and podcast radio host.

    The Colby Rebel Show is a weekly podcast that brings reality to spirituality with on-air readings and interviews with dynamic guests. Rebel has been featured on various television and radio shows where she shares her mediumship gifts to audiences around the globe.

    Her articles have appeared in OM Times magazine and Finerminds. She is a regular guest on Calling Out with First Lady of Love, Susan Pinsky, wife of Dr. Drew Pinsky. Currently, Colby is featured on True Terror on the Travel channel starring Robert Englund.

    Rebel’s psychic business, Colby Rebel Spirit Center, is in Westwood, CA where she currently resides.

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  • Tony Caterina Releases “Autobiography of a Schizophrenic” Based on Personal Experiences of Self Discovery

    Book describes author’s journey through an alarming history of schizophrenia and drug-induced mental breakdown

    If the temptation is too great, I would warn them of abuse.”
    — Tony Caterina
    OLD BRIDGE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2022 / -- Writer Tony Caterina, whose pen name is Vincent Macraven, today announced the release of his latest work, “Autobiography of a Schizophrenic” on The author, who has a diagnosis of schizophrenia and has struggled with drug addiction and overdose, wanted to tell his story to help and inspire others. He believes his experiences will be relatable to those who have dealt with mental illness in themselves or with a loved one.

    Caterina said, “After having experienced a mental breakdown due to drug addiction, I made some substantial, positive changes to my life. It was time to stop depending on self-prescribed chemicals and finally acknowledge that I was in need of professional medical care to treat my schizophrenia. The decision was inevitable, as I had spent enough time in hospital psychiatric wards, actually three times, before I was willing to admit that I have a physical and mental illness. Doctors describe my illness as paranoid schizophrenia and I have now finally admitted that, for me, it is best to be treated by psychiatric experts.”

    In the book, Caterina wrote, “If the temptation is too great, I would warn of abuse.” And, he said, "The only time you hear about the mentally ill is when they are crossing a line, sometimes with a gun.” The author believes that the public needs to gain a more nuanced and accurate view of mental illness. Ignorance and stereotypes are harmful to everyone and impede effective treatment and recovery.

    He explained that he wrote the book, in part, to “clear the ghosts inside of my mind.” He added, “When I began to recover from my last mental crisis, I made a decision to increase my level of education and fluency by reading everything, including classics and the occult. The most important written works, their styles and cadences, have inspired me to write.” I studied literary classics and books on religion, philosophy and horror.” Caterina added, “I had been studying the masters for at least 30 years and have gleaned inspiration from those who can write.”

    Kirkus Reviews has given its critical nod to Caterina, calling him a relevant and talented author who is influenced by the classics. The site adds, “Macraven fell in love with the written word, finding inspiration from Poe, Rand, Sartre, Fowles, Hugo and many others. With all his works, he hopes the reader will be entertained and come away with a different perspective, invoking independent thought.”

    And Kirkus had positive things to say about Caterina’s previous books. “A Diverse Gathering” was called “a standout, frequently profound story collection,” while “Unsettling” was described as “fresh, original horror in three bone-chilling novellas.”

    Caterina is a writer, painter and musician and has written more than 50 short stories. He has 12 unpublished books of novels and short stories and is now working on a book of novellas. He designed and painted the cover art of two of his books.

    For more information, visit Kirkus Reviews or

    Tony Caterina
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  • Patzi Gil Welcomes Poet Jim Lamb as a Guest on Her Nationally Syndicated Radio Show

    A bowl of fruit photographed with dim lighting inspired "Dark Fruit."

    "Dark Fruit" is a book of poetry. The title is a euphemism for depression.

    Journalist Jim Lamb

    Jim Lamb is the author of "Dark Fruit."

    Jim Lamb launched his poetry book "Dark Fruit" on Patzi Gil’s show “Joy on Paper”; the interview is at

    It was a joy to talk to Jim Lamb about 'Dark Fruit,' his eclectic collection of poems.”
    — Patzi Gil
    TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, August 17, 2022 / -- Jim Lamb, author of the newly published book of poetry “Dark Fruit,” recently appeared as a guest on Patzi Gil’s nationally syndicated radio show “Joy on Paper.” The interview can be heard in its entirety at

    “Joy on Paper” is based in Clearwater, Florida, on the “Tan Talk Radio Network” and broadcast Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m., as well as online, at

    “It was a joy to talk to Jim Lamb about ‘Dark Fruit,’ his eclectic collection of poems,” said America’s Book Lover Patzi Gil, host of “Joy on Paper,” which she launched seven years ago.

    Lamb was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a steel town; grew up in nearby Windber, a coal town; and went away to school in Shippensburg, a college town. He says that "Dark Fruit" answers the question: "What kind of poetry would a ditch-digger write if a ditch-digger could write poetry." Why that question? Because Lamb worked construction in west central Pennsylvania before joining the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam era. After he was discharged, he eventually attended college at the University of South Florida on the G.I. Bill.

    In addition to "Dark Fruit," Lamb is the author of “Orange Socks & Other Colorful Tales,” a collection of short and lively stories about his time in the Navy, including several brief tours in Vietnam. "Orange Socks" is available on Amazon as a digital book.

    Lamb read several poems during the “Joy on Paper” broadcast, including:

    “Goodbye Ogden”
    by j.s.lamb

    Ogden Nash died from slaw,
    Not correctly made at all.
    Funny poet, I hear say,
    Made ’em laugh, “Back in the day.”

    Composing with agility,
    Using his ability,
    He mashed words like fresh-grown squash,
    Made it taste like ap-ple-sauce.

    Loved a team in Baltimore,
    Though it don’t play there no more.
    Colts, you see, moved out of state,
    Drivin’ big-rigs much too late.

    Ogden wrote with playful twists,
    Using nouns & verby lists;
    Letters formed with impish love,
    Writing them with boxing gloves.

    Rarely sad, but often funny,
    Nash so good that he made money.
    Makin’ words jump lips & loops,
    Teedle-dums & chicken coops.

    Oh that I could write that well,
    Penning quips that still could sell.
    Snagging fame like Oggie Nash,
    Filling pockets up with cash.

    Ogden died from eating slaw,
    Not correctly made at all.
    Wish he’d had dessert instead—
    Or mebbe just a piece of bread.

    “Dark Fruit” (ASIN: ‎B0B4GPD3VM) is currently available at Amazon in digital form; a paperback version will be launched later in the year in time for Christmas. To learn more, visit

    ABOUT: Jim Lamb is a retired journalist. He graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa with a double-major in Mass Communication and Political Science. Later he worked as a copy desk editor at The Tampa Tribune and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. His website is

    Jim Lamb
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  • One Stop Books' "Beware of Companies" Spills All of the Unseen Corruption Running Rampant in the Business

    CLAIM INSANITY OR BE FIRED! Pascale Batieufaye gives us a glimpse of the exploitation and corruption that can happen in the workplace.

    The best part is not just a story of woes detailed by a person who was wronged by his own employer, but rather a cautionary tale for anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation.”
    — Pascale Batieufaye
    NY , NY, UNITED STATES, August 17, 2022 / -- Beware of Companies that Rip Off Their Employees: How I Recovered from Injurious Employment Practices--So Can You! Is An Eye-Opener to the Challenges of Being in the Corporate World—And How to Overcome It.

    Beware of Companies is the life of Pascale Batieufaye from 1996 to 2004. It sequentially took place over two decades ago when he used to work as a guest service representative at a corporate gambling den.

    He reveals the intimidation he suffered as an employee for one of the largest gambling corporations in the United States. "I have centered "Beware of Companies" on the emotional suffering I faced while working for my previous employer," shares Batieufaye. He worked for eight years as a Guest Services Representative for Knossos Inc. During his time there, he developed and submitted a design for expanding the gaming industry.

    Although he was faced with significant pressures from his employer, he was able to combat anxiety using healthy alternatives to medication. In Beware of Companies, economic readers and business minded individuals will be able to have maximal triumph over bantered letdowns, with a better handle on organizational behavior through minimal steps.

    "The book outlines guiding ethics for those who have experienced maltreatment and anxiety in their own workplace." "Beware of Companies “gives readers an inside look at what large corporations attempt to hide from the public in addition to providing useful principles on rebounding from professional setbacks.
    Readers will discover the crookedness that occurs right under the noses of the patrons, and unearth the oppression that the employees had to deal with on a daily basis."

    . A company is a place where every person’s suggestion is welcome and each employee’s skills and talents are celebrated. However, what if the workplace is actually not what we thought it to be?
    . What if you found out that your employer was hiding secrets from the public? A job is supposed to secure one's finances, but what if it was actually the cause of your financial troubles?
    . · How his own ideas were stolen from right under Batieufaye's feet.
    . Ideas flow freely through the work environment, and the good ones are scooped up and put into action. But what happens when your ideas are suddenly being claimed by someone else?
    . All of these questions are addressed in Pascale Batieufaye's tell-all memoir.
    · Corruption's role in the mental health of himself and other employees at the company
    · Gambles employees took when attempting to contribute, knowing all too well they may not receive proper credit for those ideas.
    · The emotional suffering that workers had to deal with on a daily basis
    . Advice for others who were taken advantage of by their employers.
    · And so much more!

    Go here to see the author's blog!

    Pascale Batieufaye
    One Stop Books
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    The Strength of the Nation

    YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2022 / -- What makes a nation great is a question that many people ask but never quite get to the bottom of the answer.

    From Luisa Plancher’s perspective described in her book, "The Strength of the Nation," there is one answer that is oftentimes not mentioned or considered in the conversation. And that answer is “GOD”.

    "The Strength of the Nation," published in 2017, started as only a paragraph in Luisa Plancher’s unpublished book entitled The Angel of the Lord, written in the ’80s. Then, when President Donald Trump appeared on the political scene in 2016, indicating that he wanted to “Make America Great and Strong Again”, Luisa realized that she had written about this subject in her unpublished book, The Angel of the Lord. Therefore, she decided to expand her views and make a new book with the same title: “The Strength of the Nation”.

    Aaron, a reader, left a review of the book on Amazon saying, “I like how well-balanced each topic is covered, and how dedicated the author was in her research. Plancher is well-informed in both American and world history. This is displayed by how conversant she is with topical issues and how she discusses in-depth pertinent matters.”

    Luisa Plancher is an Italian School Teacher who moved to the United States after marrying an American citizen.
    Her American career consists of a degree in Political Science and a hefty amount of years in social work.

    "The Strength of the Nation" is her testimony of how far America, as a country, has developed since 1776, and how the history of this great country should be upheld, especially in schools. It is a reminder that strengthening a nation is possible when we prioritize our motivations and objectives.

    Read more about Luisa Plancher’s “The Strength Of The Nation” by purchasing her book on Amazon and looking at her page on YouTube.

    About Inks & Bindings:

    Launching brilliant stars into the spotlight! Inks & Bindings are set to broaden horizons, revamp to perfection, and produce a masterpiece through the power of books.

    Inks and Bindings is a premier self-publishing company located at the heart of the Golden State. Aptly based where fashion, entertainment, and culture thrive, the team goes all out in bringing independent authors into the sweet California spotlight.

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  • Anthology raising funds for non profit supporting cancer survivors and caregivers and raising awareness about cancer

    Fired Up! 2 book cover, stories of inspiring changemakers

    Fired Up! 2 - inspiring stories

    Fount of Grace Creatives FoGC logo

    Fount of Grace Creatives logo

    Fired Up! 2 multi-author book collaboration features inspiring stories of cancer warriors and other trailblazers who also share their step-by-step roadmaps

    APPLE VALLEY, MINNESOTA, USA, August 16, 2022 / -- After the success of #1 Amazon international bestseller Fired Up! Fount of Grace Creatives announces the paperback release of Fired Up! 2, another #1 Amazon international bestseller.

    Fired Up! 2 is a transformational anthology written by global women changemakers who share their inspiring stories of changing their test into a testimony. They survived storms, overcame health challenges, thrived despite difficult times and built businesses and roadmaps along the way. They share empowering and motivating stories of how God has used their pain and turned it into their purpose!

    As these torchbearers overcame the various storms in their lives, they realized something amazing. They had developed insights into the storms they had each gone through and learnt valuable lessons. They desired to share these lessons with other women who were experiencing similar storms and to give them the keys to fighting and overcoming their storms. Each of the authors also shares their 5-step actionable roadmaps to help you live a more fired up life..

    They are on a mission with a single goal: Change the world, one woman at a time!

    Find out how:
    - Heather beat a terminal cancer diagnosis and is now cancer-free
    - Vanessa valiantly battled cancer for 5 years with a never-give-up spirit but unfortunately, early in August, she succumbed to ovarian cancer
    - Shelby beat cancer and got her doctorate in her 50s while taking care of her elderly parents and teenage daughter
    - Laura recovered completely from an almost complete paralysis and is back to her airline job
    - Donna survived childhood storms and became VP of a tech giant and now has her own thriving business
    - Saira got out of a narcissistic relationship and built a successful, award-winning spiritual business
    - Rebecca refused induction of labour after her first premature twin delivery and death of her firstborn son and God's perfect protection

    Some reviews:
    "Fired Up 2 is a book I found hard to put down with powerful stories shared by some incredibly women who navigated adversity with all the strength they could muster and won. Every woman’s story touched my heart. Their outlook on life and the roadmaps they shared were practical and inspiring. Congratulations to all involved!" - Anne Ryan, Business Mentor & Money Coach

    "Absolutely loved this amazing book!!!!
    The stories of these women are so real and raw. Loved it so much"

    "The stories of strength and resilience are so amazing in this book. Plus the bonus of the roadmaps to help you on your path and journey are so helpful! One of the authors, Vanessa, passed away the week after the book was released, which is amazing she was able to share her story with the world!! "

    "This book is very uplifting and inspiring as you read through each woman's story. It is humbling and offers hope."

    "This is a book that will inspire people who are going through difficult times that "This too would pass away" and there is something better on the other side."

    All proceeds from the sales of the book would go to a non profit supporting cancer survivors and caregivers, and raising awareness about cancer, Beyond the Ribbon! You can help support the charity and also get inspired and fired up by reading the inspiring stories and actionable roadmaps.

    The e-book is available on Amazon:
    The paperback is available on Amazon:

    Rebecca Grace Vijay
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  • Appreciation Floods in for Marilyn M. Carr’s The Miraculous Power of Prayer

    The book is all about aligning daily actions with Christ’s teachings after understanding the Gospel of Grace in prayer. People can’t have enough of it.

    LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 15, 2022 / -- ‘The Miraculous Power of Prayer’ is written by Marilyn M. Carr. It explores profound questions such as: How did this happen to me? Why are my prayers not being answered? The book has proved to be a lot of people’s companion on a spiritual journey of God’s answers to prayer.

    “Commonly, believers believe God is not answering their prayers. However, you will discover that God has already answered them through this book,” read one of the reviews.

    Readers cannot help but urge others to read The Miraculous Power of Prayer. According to the reviews, readers have been actively pouring in feedback about the relationship you will develop with God in a way you have never known.

    “You will learn to find peace and contentment even during the toughest times and have an understanding that everything and everyone has a purpose, including YOU!” one of the readers provided us with the feedback,

    Everyone, every day, experiences troubles, trials, temptations, and extraordinary situations. And Marilyn M. Carr desires to teach everyone how to pray with assurance, boldness, confidence, and patience. She urges everyone to read her book and take action.

    The book holds great scriptures and explanations for them, such as, “For if, by the trespass of the one man [Adam], death reigned through that one man, how much more will those who receive God's abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ.” [Romans 5:17]

    Praise God for the beautiful gift of righteousness that He has given us! Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to atone for our sins so that they would not be held against us. Our sins make us "unrighteous" in God's eyes, but Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sins, making us righteous in God's sight. The "GIFT" of righteousness has been given to you by Jesus Christ, my friend.” [An extract from Marilyn M. Carr’s Book]

    “People need to know that they have the Gift of Grace if they have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This gift is given through faith, not of yourselves. The Bible says, “For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God. This is what allows me to come first boldly to the throne of grace.” – Marilyn M. Carr.

    About the Author:

    Dr. Marilyn M. Carr is the founder and chairperson of Marilyn M. Carr Ministries and Marilyn M. Carr and Associates, LLC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a prolific speaker, a private and public school teacher and administrator, and an ordained minister of the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana.

    Buy the book:

    Marilyn M. Carr

  • Author and Retired Police Lieutenant Patricia Blake to be Featured on Close Up Radio


    PatriciaBlake2 Book

    PatriciaBlake3 Cops and Robbers

    PatriciaBlake4 Horse

    PatriciaBlake5 Officers

    YERINGTON, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2022 / -- In the Bible, “God says Fear not, for I am with you.” But in these recent unprecedented times, with war, a global pandemic, and violence surging everywhere many of us are filled with dread, despair, and a sense of helplessness. So how can we find solace in such troubling times? The promising news is that there is still good around us leading us to a place of joy, peace, and comfort in order for us to absolutely live our best lives.

    Patricia L. Blake is a retired police lieutenant and the author of Touched by the Hand of God in the City of Angels – Sent Me!

    Patricia’s story began in her early childhood growing up in Oregon. As the firstborn of four children each born one year apart, she was expected by her parents to watch over her brother and two sisters. They would play cops and robbers and “Catch the Bad Guys” and Patricia fondly carried these childhood memories with her as endearing photos of their times together, embedded in her heart. Then in 1972, when she was 19, Patricia experienced a devastating traumatic event when her husband of four months, returning from serving two tours in the Vietnam War, tragically took his own life with a rifle. In the midst of her grief and pain, Patricia experienced a powerful miracle when she felt the hand of God or one of his Angels on her right shoulder. Instantly, her pain and grief was replaced by an incredibly loving presence and power of peace, love, and comfort.

    She stated over forty years later, “It was an incredibly surreal, not of this earth feeling of the existence, eternal love and protection of a higher presence and then I instantly realized without any doubt that a higher power exists for all of us in our times of despair, sheer terror and desperate need.”

    From that day forward Patricia was absolutely confident God is watching over us with his Angels steadfastly by our side. Filled with new profound sense of awareness of God and his Angels watching over us guided her path into the field of law enforcement as First Responders and warriors for God’s Will, as she endearingly words it, “To be the devoted protectors of our most innocent and vulnerable.”

    In 1983, Patricia was one of the first female police officers working the streets in Los Angeles. It was a true Calling to make a difference and to Protect and to Serve in order to make a difference, and that is precisely what she did for over 40 years.

    Today, retired but still active as a Reserve with the LAPD in the local community, her mission reminds us of the transformative power of our own humanity, that even in these overwhelming difficult times of struggle, God surrounds us and protects us and shields us with his eternal love, forgiveness and power. Her book “Touched by the Hand of God in the City of Angels – Send me,” will be released soon during the beginning of August through Amazon and Barnes and Nobel on Kindle, hard cover and paperback. Patricia makes the assertion within her writing of numerous intense true personal accounts while working in the field in Los Angeles that Good versus Evil does exist and “There are No Coincidences.”

    Patricia believes that God also called her to complete this writing forty years later, stating “I realized my story could make a difference with people who find themselves in times of sheer terror, grief or desperation.” It is important for them to know that there is a higher power that cares, protects and is watching over us to give us hope, faith and inspiration and to make a difference in their lives. Our Almighty Lords sends Angels to protect and shield our first responders when they are in danger, but also sends our brave first responders in the form as Angels to protect and shield those in desperate times of need.”

    Patricia deeply honors and respects all domestic and military first responders, including our nation’s police officers and military, fire fighters, EMT’s, and paramedics. Patricia references the prophet Isaiah in the Old Testament bible, 6:8 where the Lord asks Isaiah, “Whom shall I send” to give horrible bad news to his people, and Isaiah without hesitation responded “Send Me!” - Just as our courageous first responder heroes put on their Kevlar vests on a daily basis, risk their lives, and without hesitation responds, “Send Me” whenever God Calls upon them to protect and serve.

    Patricia states, “I am deeply honored to have worn my police badge as a representation of protecting and serving my community and the innocent and the vulnerable, and I was so blessed to have worked with some of the most incredible brave warriors and domestic first responders - the truest partners imaginable.”

    “I have stood face to face and looked into the eyes of pure evil. There is a higher power who wants to bring comfort, peace and love to our weary souls to live happy and abundant lives for all eternity. Always stand up and fight courageously for justice and truth against the monsters in the darkness and evil that exist. How awesome would it be to make a difference in the life of just one person in need!”

    Don’t miss Patricia’s two-part series where she will discuss her empowering work as a police officer and her incredibly enlightening book. Your hearts will be filled with hope and optimism and your soul soothed and comforted. Patricia will open our eyes to the universal truth that there is something more beyond this life than what we see, feel and touch on earth.

    Close Up Radio will feature Patricia Blake two interviews with Doug Llewelyn on Friday August 12th at 1pm Eastern and Friday August 19th at 1pm Eastern

    Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

    If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

    Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

    Lou Ceparano
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    The Strength of the Nation

    Author Luisa Plancher expresses her support for making America great again in her book "The Strength of the Nation"

    YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2022 / -- In making a nation great, it is important to improve its strength, which, for some countries, is nothing difficult.

    And for Luisa Plancher, this is true for the United States, but many of our citizens are not willing to recognize it yet.

    She writes her sentiments regarding this in her book "The Strength of the Nation," which was published in October 2017.

    "The Strength of the Nation" is a religious and political take on America’s approach to international conflicts.

    There is no diminishing of a problem in the book, but there are some hard truths that not many are willing to swallow.

    Ashley, an Amazon customer who has read the book, says, “I think Plancher’s writing is suitable for anyone except the extremely nonreligious

    "The Strength of the Nation" is unbiased. And it is an insightful treat in which Luisa explains how God is important in a political conversation, especially in the US.

    After marrying an American citizen, Luisa Plancher moved to the United States and earned her degree in Political Science.

    She then started working as a social worker and made a career out of it.

    As a published author now, her book, "The Strength of the Nation," is available on Amazon and YouTube.

    About Inks & Bindings:

    Launching brilliant stars into the spotlight! Inks & Bindings is set to broaden horizons, revamp to perfection, and produce a masterpiece through the power of books.

    Inks and Bindings is a premier self-publishing company located at the heart of the Golden State. Aptly based where fashion, entertainment, and culture thrive, the team goes all out in bringing independent authors into the sweet California spotlight.

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  • Religious book details crisis of faith, resolution, unexpected paths in author's spiritual journey

    Eternal Miscalculation

    Sidney Yee Shares Chronicle of God’s "Eternal Miscalculation"

    CANADA, August 9, 2022 / -- Sidney Yee shares his spiritual journey, experiences with God and Jesus, as well as how an unexpected crisis of faith took him to a new direction. This is God’s "Eternal Miscalculation" filled with life lessons, spiritual realizations and enlightening contemplations.

    Yee recounts his Christian life spent serving Jesus since 1977, dedicating his days to serving with humility and commitment to God. Yet despite all this, Yee was plunged into a time of tribulation, experiencing much disruption and hardship that, in his words, reduced his existence into a joke.

    Yee gave everything for his faith and did not stray from the path of Salvation in heart, God controlled Sid to come across hypocritical to make him look bad. He wound up facing an overwhelming trial like what Nebuchadnezzar went through but not for just 7 years but till now. Sid Yee is controlled against his will by God now and in the afterlife. Daniel 4:1-35, 5:17-30. So that the readers may contemplate on Sid's life to help him like he helped the universe and saved everyone unconditionally. Yee never made a mistake because God controlled him and he is completely innocent from day one. As a result of this crucible, Yee came to a realization that would upend his previous world view: namely, that God ruined his life and continues to lie and deceive the world.

    In his work, Yee expresses to readers how he was betrayed by God and how he believes God was the reason why his life was ruined. With this he provides readers with a cautionary tale, showing the grave difficulties he endured and how he arrived to the conclusions. This guide book, that Yee provides is to forearm and forewarn all Christians to God 's manipulations in their Christian walk due to an eternal miscalculation by God.

    "Eternal miscalculation" shows how one can reevaluate one's spiritual journey and in the end, to fight for Sid when they see the signs come to pass on earth and in heaven one by one.

    About the Author
    Sidney Yee became a Christian in 1977 and embarked on a voyage to win souls for Christ. He taught believers how to discern human, Satanic, Godly and angelic spiritual influences in order to protect themselves from frauds and fakes so that they will not be led astray in their Christian journeys. However, currently he is no longer a Christian. Yee knows that he was betrayed by God and believes that God ruined his life. His main message is to show How God continues to lie and deceive the world.

    Agarwood Publishing
    Agarwood Publishing
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    "The Early Years"

    Rachel G. Carrington takes a walk down memory lane in her memoir The Early Years

    YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 8, 2022 / -- Reminiscing what has been is either the most heartbreaking thing or the greatest. For Rachel G. Carrington, it is the latter. Her book, "The Early Years" teaches readers that life is worth it with the heavenly Father’s guidance and the risk called love.

    The Early Years is the first book in a series. It is a bittersweet take on the author’s early years when things were just unfolding for her. Every page is filled with the journey she and her husband for over sixty years had been through, with the heavenly Father’s love and guidance all along.

    Rachel G. Carrington grew up in a small town in Southern Kentucky. She is the first-born of eleven children of low-income but dedicated parents. Because of this, her transition to college was not the smoothest, but her desire and enthusiasm to learn got her an offer of a scholarship to a prestigious school, which she later declined for personal reasons.

    Carrington met the love of her life and, up until his death in 2009, with God’s grace, had more than six decades of marriage to him. Her first book tells their love story and how they remained firm throughout.

    According to Pacific Books’ review, the book is “a story of faith and devotion to family” and “whether readers desire a knowledge of history or inspiration of everyday life, they will be sure to enjoy” it.

    The Early Years is a perfect insightful read, one that is available in different formats , and is offered in both English and French. Whether you are looking for materials for your own reading pleasure or as a gift for others, The Early Years will not disappoint. Carrington’s book is in stock at Amazon and available at other online bookstores.

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    Inks and Bindings is a premier self-publishing company located at the heart of the Golden State. Aptly based where fashion, entertainment, and culture thrive, the team goes all out in bringing independent authors into the sweet California spotlight.

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  • New Book by Carol McLeod " MEANWHILE: Meeting God in the Wait " Available Now

    MEANWHILE: Meeting God in the Wait

    Carol is a best-selling author of 15 books

    New Bible Study Examines the Life of Joseph, and What We Can Learn About Staying On Course While We Wait

    I hope people are inspired when they look to the life of Joseph. That they will be reminded that God is intentionally, powerfully moving in the meanwhiles of our lives.”
    — Carol McLeod
    BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2022 / -- Beloved author, podcast host, and speaker Carol McLeod is preparing to launch her fifteenth book, MEANWHILE: Meeting God in the Wait. This Bible study examines the life of Joseph in the Old Testament, and shares how we can thrive in our God-given callings and purpose, even in the challenging, unsettling seasons of our lives. Published by Iron Stream Media, MEANWHILE is available now.

    “Everyone finds themselves in the ‘meanwhile’ in their lives,” shares Carol. “During these times, God is at work behind-the-scenes to cause all things to work together for good. But for us, it may feel more like an incredibly ‘mean while’ When we look in the book of Genesis and we experience the story of Joseph, we can be reminded that our past doesn’t define us. Our present doesn’t define us. But who we choose to trust in does determine our future.”

    Like many of us, Joseph was a victim: of circumstances, of family dysfunction, of slavery, of unfair accusations, of sexual harassment. However, he still walked in his destiny. She continues, “Joseph’s story parallels many of our stories. The choices of others created hardships that were out of his control. Yet Joseph grew into his God-ordained destiny. Through every painful ‘meanwhile,’ Joseph was able to wholeheartedly know and rest on God’s promise of better things to come.”

    Carol McLeod is a sought-after speaker, best-selling author of 15 books and the host of two successful podcasts, including “Jolt of Joy”, a podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network which is ranked in the top 5% of podcasts internationally, and “Significant Women,” which is ranked in the top 10% of podcasts worldwide. Her weekly blog “Joy for the Journey” has been named to the Top 50 Faith Blogs for Women, and her YouVersion devotionals have been enjoyed by nearly 4 million people around the world. In September, she is prepping to launch a weekly TV show, called “The Joy Life.” Known for her great joy and enthusiasm, Carol encourages and empowers women with passionate and practical Bible-focused messages, interspersed with her own special brand of hope and humor.

    “I hope people are inspired when they look to the life of Joseph. That they will be reminded that God is intentionally, powerfully moving in the meanwhiles of our lives.”

    "MEANWHILE: Meeting God In the Wait" is published by Iron Stream Media and is available at all major book retailers and online now.

    About Carol McLeod:
    Carol is a best-selling author of 15 books. She hosts two podcasts; her weekly blog, Joy for the Journey, has been named to the Top 50 Faith Blogs for Women. She writes a weekly column for Ministry Today. Her YouVersion Devotionals have reached 4 million people worldwide.

    About Iron Stream Media:
    Making disciples as we go. Iron Stream media derives its name from Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” This sharpening describes the process of discipleship, to one another. Iron Stream Media provides a variety of solutions for churches, missionaries, and nonprofits that include in-depth bible study curriculum, Christian book publishing, and consultative series. Iron Stream Media is the home of Iron Stream Books, Brookstone Creative Group, Iron Stream Kids, Iron Stream Harambee Press, and Iron Stream Fiction. Through the popular Life Bible Study imprint, they also provide web-based year and short -term Bible study teaching plans as well as printed devotionals, Bibles, and discipleship curriculum.
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