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  • A Chance Meeting at a Suicide Prevention Fundraiser Resulted in a Children's Book

    Nice Shoes Book Cover

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    Children's Book Tells The Tale About How A kind Word Can Go A Long Way, Even Save A Life

    GREENVILLE, SC, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2022 / -- In April of 2018, Dennis Gillan, the executive director of the Half a Sorrow Foundation, was hired to speak at the University of Delaware. His co-author, Stephen Pihl, also spoke at that event and told a story that eventually became the children's book, Nice Shoes!

    "Stephen told this tale about how a kind word changed his outlook on life and I could not get the story out of my head," said Gillan. "Three years later, I called him up and said we have to do something with this story and suggested a children's book. He thankfully agreed".

    Growing up today is not easy and in the book, Nice Shoes! The main character, Derek, is having a really bad day. Nothing is going right at home or at school, and nobody is noticing his awesome new shoes. His day is turning out so rough that he just wants this day—and all his days—to end. Then a random compliment from a popular kid changes everything.

    This positive and inspirational story was based on Pihl’s own experience at school. "In writing this book for kids, I want to show how easy it is to help others and how important doing so can be in someone’s life."

    The perfect book to help parents, grandparents, educators, teachers, and caregivers open a dialog with children about having a bad day and dark thoughts, and about how they can brighten the day of someone else who might really need it.

    Nice Shoes! is available for purchase online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

    About the Authors

    Dennis Gillan is a national thought leader and accomplished speaker on the topic of suicide prevention and has dedicated his life to mental health advocacy. Dennis did a TEDx talk on loneliness and is the executive director of the Half A Sorrow Foundation, whose mission is to improve mental health for individuals and organizations by promoting real conversations. Dennis resides in Greenville, SC, with his lovely wife. 

    Stephen Pihl is a graduate of the University of Delaware with degrees in biology and neuroscience. This story is about the lessons Stephen learned when he was younger and struggling with his mental health. Stephen plans to pursue a career in mental health research.


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  • Women’s Rights Advocate Maya Hennessey to be Featured on Close Up Radio

    SUN CITY, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2022 / -- The Sixties was a turbulent time of upheaval and great transition for women fighting for equal pay, safety, and equality. It has been a long arduous battle and today women are still not equally represented. We have so much more work to do. Nonetheless, we honor the struggles of women who came before us to change the course of history for the better.

    Maya Hennessey is a consultant, trainer, and author who specializes in treatment and recovery of pregnant and parenting addicted women, interagency collaboration and cross training systems, to help families ravaged by poverty, trauma, malnutrition, and the stigma of addictions. Maya is also the author of If Only I’d Had This Caregiving Book.

    “As a strong and outspoken advocate of women’s rights, everything I accomplished were the results of being inspired by remarkable women I met on my journey. In the sixties and seventies, in Illinois, where I’m from, we struggled to pass laws against domestic violence and sexual harassment. Looking back, I am proud and humbled to see that we made a difference. Currently, I am writing my legacy stories to pass along the lessons I learned, mistakes I made, and the powerful and unforgettable women I met. I hope my stories inspire women to continue the fight. May the upcoming advocates for women’s rights, help us achieve what we all deserve as proud, nurturing, intelligent, trailblazing women.”

    As a child, Maya was exposed to a toxic life environment of abuse and a painful broken upbringing. At only 11 years old, Maya began running away from home, by 15, she was gone for good. Her youth was marred with the sting of teen pregnancy, sexual assault, and domestic violence. In the 1960s women who sought help from public aid, were turned away without assistance for married women. The patriarchal system back then offered no protection and no services for women. Yet, Maya’s indomitable spirit kept her going.

    “A pivotal seed was planted the day I attended my first march for women’s rights. I experienced a surge of hope, spurred on by hundreds of women. We walked along Lake Michigan, holding signs and swapping stories of injustices we’d endured, gathering ideas about ways to speak out. I felt less alone with my heartache, and came away with greater determination and confidence to fight for women’s rights.”

    In 1970s and 80s, as an alcoholism counselor, Maya pushed relentlessly for gender sensitivity in alcoholism treatment programs.

    “I went up the ranks in the addictions field to supervisor, program director and Executive director of substance abuse treatment agencies, grateful for like-minded mentors and colleagues.”

    Maya become a powerful sought-after speaker on women’s issues. In 1992 she was hired as the first women’s specialist for the Illinois Department of Alcholism and Substance Abuse (IDASA). Requests came from other state agencies for Maya’s help as a consultant, trainer and conducted compliance reviews and action plans to improve outcomes for women.

    “My legacy stories will pass along my struggles, mistakes, epiphanies and triumphs, while striving for change so we can all live with harmony, comfort, safety and joy.”

    Another significant endeavor is Maya’s book If Only I’d Had This Caregiving Book a must read for all of us who are struggling as caregivers, including single moms caring for children and aging parents, ill or disabled loved ones.

    In the early 90s, Maya’s husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. With help from friends and neighbors, she did her best to care for him. But the stress of long hours at work during the day, and nights caring for him, took its toll. Maya collapsed two months before he tragically passed away. While bedridden, Maya journaled about the relentless demands of caregiving. She found research showing that the immune system of caregivers deteriorates along with the patient. Maya created a model to help family caregivers, as one day we all face the inevitable reality of caregiving.

    “My book is filled with exercises to help caregivers develop a network of support to sustain families through the advances and setbacks of caring for ill, disabled, or aging loved ones.

    Maya says that women's rights woefully deteriorated in recent years. In the 1980s, with law makers and hundreds of volunteers in Illinois, the laws changed and services added for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Yet, today, there are states that won’t fund rape kit analysis, including Arizona, where Maya now lives and is pushing for change.

    “The reversal of Roe Vs. Wade felt like a terrible setback, until I heard that voters in Kansas maintained the right to an abortion in their state's constitution. Thank you Kansas for being a great role model. May other states follow suit! Maya encourages women to run for political office and/or empower and support lawmakers, governors and mayors to change laws for a woman’s right to choose and protect a woman’s right to safety and privacy.

    “Women working together across this great nation are unstoppable. Four years ago, to save the Affordable Care Act, we marched, protested, visited the offices of lawmakers, made calls, sent emails, letters and distributed handouts. We successfully saved the Affordable Care Act. So, let’s keep walking and talking until all women in every state can live in safety, dignity, respect, and love.”

    Close Up Radio will feature Maya Hennessey in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on August 18th at 11 a.m. EST

    Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

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    Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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  • Sima Azadegan Makes Red Carpet Appearance to Celebrate Law of Attraction Book Launch

    Fashion Designer to the Stars Sima Azadegan on the Red Carpet for Natasha Graziano's Book Premiere

    Fashion Designer to the Stars Sima Azadegan on the Red Carpet for Natasha Graziano's Book Premiere

    Fashion Designer to the Stars Sima Azadegan

    Fashion Designer and CEO Sima Azadegan

    Beverly Hills philanthropist / Sima Collezione founder Sima Azadegan made a special red carpet appearance for Natasha Graziano’s "Be It Until You Become It."

    Sima Collezione is a clothing line of heart and soul. I hope that my truth and my story can trickle down and help other ladies and other people who are going through this journey.”
    — Sima Azadegan
    MALIBU, CA, US, August 12, 2022 / -- Sima Collezione makes custom, six-figure evening dresses for an elite handful of clients. Mrs. Azadegan sketched out her “All Bright” collection while stuck at home, at the start of Covid in 2020. By September of 2021, she had embarked on an international whirlwind of runway shows, starting in Soho, New York. Then in February of 2022, she did shows at Palazzo Visconte, Milan, and Galerie La Bourbon, Paris. In March, she was on to the Forbes 30/50 Women International Summit, Abu Dhabi. Sima Collezione received positive coverage in Vogue, Bazar, Elle, Forbes, and Marie Claire among many more. The designer says that with her dresses, “ladies can tap in to understanding the deeper meaning of life. It’s not just about looking good and trying to make a statement. It’s about really being in touch with your authentic self and your inner light.”

    Mrs. Graziano’s book launch was a great place for the philanthropist-turned designer to meet and mingle with other high-powered guests dedicated to personal transformation and the light of consciousness. Mrs. Graziano’s book describes the author’s MBS personal growth system, which pairs breathwork and meditation with purpose to achieve what her fans call life-changing results. "Be It Until You Become It" contains quotes from some early “New Thought” leaders, who strongly influenced today’s Law of Attraction coaches, motivational speakers, and authors.

    Mrs. Graziano tells how in the space of about a year she went from rock bottom, hiding a drug addiction and living in her mom’s basement, to sharing a stage with some of today’s highest paid speakers. She has 10 million Instagram followers, who she calls her community. “I realized that every single day, no matter what you’re going through, you will always see a glimmer of light like a candle. And if you focus on that light, you can follow it out of the darkness. This is the light that can guide you to long-lasting happiness,” says Natasha.

    Sima Azadegan’s “journey of inner consciousness” took “15 or 16” years of her life. Both women in telling their stories talk not only of abundance, but of being service-oriented, and using wealth as a tool to help others. Sima’s giving activity has included charitable board work and fundraising millions for Hadassah Hospital Neuromuscular Disease Foundation, Children’s Hospital, Children’s International, Beyond Vision and more. Natasha Graziano works with a charity to help the homeless which Sima also supported this night. Mrs. Graziano aims to one day open an orphanage in Africa.

    Sima says, “There is a reason that I’m here. It’s to have my story heard. To allow this fashion project to stand for truthfulness. To stand for authenticity… This is not an ordinary clothing line. And I don’t see it as an ordinary clothing line. It's a clothing line of heart and soul… I hope that my truth and my story can trickle down and help other ladies or other people who are going through this journey. So they know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can make it. It is possible to manifest your dreams and live the life you want to live.”

    Some of the many notable guests at the event included Natasha’s husband, Michael Graziano, motivational speaker and friend of Oprah, Tim Storey, high stakes performance coach Thomas McCarthy, actor Michael-Leon Wooley (voice of Louis the Alligator in Disney's Oscar-nominated animated feature film, The Princess and the Frog), and Caroline D'Amore, of the D’Amore pizza family.

    Hollywood Sentinel, who was also in attendance stated that "It was really an outstanding event. Numerous guests walked up to fashion designer Sima Azadegan and commended her on what they said was her beautiful and perfectly tailored attire. One young woman, an aspiring fashion designer, was eager to get advice from the A-list designer. Sima was as kind and gracious as ever, even offering to give free coaching to the young artist." Sima will be sharing more of her fashion advice with the public at the end of this month of August on a podcast which will be found at Hollywood Sentinel dot com. Both influencers will also appear in the online magazine later this summer.

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  • 4C LAB brings the art of healing and expression to LA youth who are black, indigenous and people of color

    Art in motion

    Students heal through art

    Marissa Herrera

    Co-Founder 4C-LAB

    Moooooove through it

    This is what joy looks like

    Organization actively seeking donors and partners to support the rising need in underserved communities

    4C LAB's roster of teaching artists reflects the diverse spectrum of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.”
    — Darci-Manzo Piron, Co-Founder
    LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 10, 2022 / -- 4C LAB, a 501(c)3 community youth organization, is posturing for growth to bring art and healing to at-risk black, indigenous and people of color in the Los Angeles community. Their mission is to inspire positive social impact in underserved communities, by creating safe spaces for young people to share their stories through artistic expression.

    Founded in 2016 by Marissa Herrera and Darci-Manzo Piron, two Latina/Native American women and "artivists" born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, each with careers in the arts spanning over two decades, 4C LAB provides arts immersion programming, led by professional teaching artists and centered around the four C’s: CREATE, COMMUNICATE, COLLABORATE, and COMMUNITY.

    In Herrera's experience working with high school and early college-aged youth, she observed that many students were starting to find their voice through the arts in high school or early college, just as many of them were aging out of no-cost public arts programming. During these years, the founders worked in systematically racist and oppressive organizations under the leadership of those who did not identify as or could not relate to the needs of Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC) and did not share power. As a result, the two Los Angeles natives envisioned an arts organization where BIPOC youth, ages 15-20, could train in the arts and for careers in the creative economy while having equity at the center of its programs, structures, community relationships, and operations.

    Herrera said, "The work of 4C Lab isn't just "art for art's sake." We strive to give our young creative visionaries and emerging community leaders the safe space to share their stories through the arts. We provide tools for self-care, mental health, mentorship, and support to thrive in their emerging creative careers. Ultimately, creating a sense of "family" is at the heart and soul of everything we do."

    Piron said, "4C LAB's roster of teaching artists reflects the diverse spectrum of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. It is a team that can relate to the life experiences of the communities we serve, which allows for trust-building, deeper understanding, and a connection to the youth engaged in our programs. This creates a dynamic which yields authentic storytelling and uplifts our communities in the most profound and impactful way."

    To prepare the youth participants for success, the organization enlists a power house creative advisory board, which includes artistic advisors such as five-time Emmy Award winner, Wayne Brady, who is widely known for his work on the improvisational comedy television series Whose Line Is It Anyway? He was the host of the daytime talk show The Wayne Brady Show; Broadway actor Christopher Jackson known for performances in the original Disney's The Lion King, After Midnight, Bronx Bombers, Holler If Ya Hear Me, and the smash Broadway hit Hamilton; Dominic Colón, an award-winning actor, writer, and director who has starred in over 60 movies and television shows, including guest appearances on Power, The Blacklist, and Orange is the New Black; OG Arabian Prince also known as Professor X, an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and DJ, best known as a founding member of N.W.A.

    The board of directors includes Mario Davila, Director of After School Programs, L.A.’s Best Afterschool Enrichment Program, which serves more than 25,000 elementary school students from under-resourced neighborhoods; Kim Belcher Morris, Director of Individual Giving, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, which mobilizes resources to fight hunger in our communities and other highly respected community leaders who bring access to the organization and the community it serves.

    The 4C LAB structure includes creative partnerships, professional development, performance ensembles and creative residencies.

    Creative Partnerships
    4C LAB partners with organizations working at the forefront of creative practice, community healing, and empowering education for all. Through collaborations with K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, we support teaching artistry, keynote speaking, facilitation, and community-building. We develop arts education programming, present live arts and education assemblies, and facilitate staff retreats, curriculum, and professional development. Our custom-designed community programming is uniquely tailored for each partnership at the intersection of creativity and community.

    Professional Development
    4C LAB facilitators and professional development workshops are at the forefront of effective and responsive pedagogical practices supporting positive and sustainable social change. Our inclusive team creates safe, brave spaces for dialogue, disruption, and dismantling old paradigms, providing tools for schools, community, cultural and arts organizations to shift to more conscientious and culturally responsive practices that best serve our next generation of leaders. 4C LAB utilizes trauma-informed, healing-centered creative practices that lead to Transformative Social-Emotional Learning in the classroom.

    Performance Ensembles
    Youth (ages 16-23) create original work across various art forms to create an artistic community working together to affect positive social impact. Through multi-disciplinary workshops, guest artists, and mentorships, the young creative visionaries of 4C LAB partake in story circles, personal narrative writing, dance technique, visual and multimedia art activities, which culminate in an annual live performance for families and community members, and various public events in order to spread their message of social justice awareness and advocacy through creativity and artistic storytelling.

    Creative Residencies
    Our professional teaching artists lead these multi-week immersive arts programs within a school, community, or arts organization. Using trauma-informed and healing-centered programming, we build an artistic ensemble through dance, poetry, and multimedia art activities, exploring themes of social justice, inclusivity, and culturally relevant storytelling. These various art forms are integrated into a final culminating performance to share with an audience. Creative Residencies support leadership development, improved mental health, and a safe space to process individual and community experiences through creativity.

    Through these 4C LAB programs, the organization cultivates critical thinking skills for the youth participants to address structural and systemic injustices, and provide a platform for young people to develop leadership skills to cope, address and change these issues now and in the future.

    The organization is seeking funding to expand its outreach. To learn more, donate or align with 4C LAB, please visit

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  • THE YOUNG TERRORIST Illuminates the Journey from Arab Militant to Proud American

    The Young Terrorist cover showing a teenager with a gun and an "X" covering him

    The Young Terrorist cover

    The Armin Lear Press logo is a stylized crown.

    Armin Lear Press logo

    Nabil Khouri Takes Readers Deep Inside Emotional Conflict between Culture and Moral Choice

    BOULDER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2022 / -- The release today of Nabil Khouri’s memoir THE YOUNG TERRORIST is a personal reminder of why many people in democratic nations applaud the elimination of someone like al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. According to Khouri, “The threat from terrorists such as al-Zawahiri to civilian populations is real and imminent. We have a moral duty to stop them.”

    The book is a gripping memoir: Nabil Khouri’s journey from Arab militant to proud American.

    As a young boy growing up in Jordan in the 1960s, there were only two things he believed in--the power of his automatic rifle and the certainty that Western culture was evil. THE YOUNG TERRORIST recounts his transformation from a proud member of a Palestinian militia group to an even prouder American citizen.

    Nabil spent much of his youth in Jordan. He experienced the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, as well as civil wars in Jordan (a conflict known as Black September) and Lebanon in the 1970s. At the age of eleven, he joined the Arabic Liberation Front (ALF) not out of any great allegiance to the Palestinian cause but for a child’s reason: It would convince the Jordanian Muslim boys to stop bullying him for being a Lebanese Christian.

    This memoir describes what followed: his experiences confronting death and violence as a preteen terror group member, the first tastes of Western culture as a teen in Spain, an unexpected return to the Middle East during Lebanon’s civil war, and his escape to America. Becoming immersed in the group’s radical militia ideology warped Nabil’s sense of identity and tore at the fabric of his family. However, he ultimately appreciated the opportunities and freedoms of life and education in the United States, unlocking his own “American dream.”

    About the Author
    Nabil Khouri built a successful career in engineering after emigrating to the United States at the age of 19. After marrying his American-born wife, Mary, they settled in the Southern United States. Nabil Khouri does a variety of volunteer work within his community that includes advancing interest in, and knowledge of, Middle Eastern culture. He loves traveling internationally with his wife.

    About Armin Lear Press
    Armin Lear was founded with the purpose of publishing books connecting people with ideas that make our lives richer, more fulfilling, and happier. Its founders have 29 years of publishing experience. The company headquarters is near Boulder, CO with a production office in Arlington, VA and a design team near Boston, MA. Armin Lear is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and distributes its books worldwide in English through Ingram.

    TITLE The Young Terrorist
    SUBTITLE Journey from Arab Militant to Proud American
    AUTHOR Nabil Khouri
    ISBN 9781956450293 (PB)
    9781956450309 (eBook)
    PRICE $21.95 (PB); $9.99 (eBook)
    PUB DATE August 4, 2022

    Judith A Bailey
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  • Doubting the New Somerton Man Findings: Do 0.01% Error Chances Actually Matter in Science?

    The Somerton Man Autopsy Photo

    The Somerton Man Autopsy Photo

    The Somerton Man Code on a Copy of Edward FitzGerald's 1st Edition of Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat

    The Somerton Man Code on a Copy of Edward FitzGerald's 1st Edition of Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat

    'Tamám Shud' Cut-Out Piece Found in the Watch (fob) Pocket of The Somerton Man

    'Tamám Shud' Cut-Out Piece Found in the Watch (fob) Pocket of The Somerton Man

    Front Cover -- Tamám Shud: How the Somerton Man’s Last Dance for a Lasting Life Was Decoded -- Omar Khayyam Center Research Report

    Front Cover -- Tamám Shud: How the Somerton Man’s Last Dance for a Lasting Life Was Decoded -- Omar Khayyam Center Research Report

    Omar Khayyam Statue, Laleh Park, Tehran, Iran

    Omar Khayyam Statue, Laleh Park, Tehran, Iran

    The best scientific explanation is always one that verifiably incorporates and synthesizes all the relevant existing data gathered so far, past, and present.

    0.01% error chances count in science, often proving to be more helpful than drawing 99.99% conclusions. In fact, major errors in science are often learned initially by way of 0.01% chances of error.”
    — Mohammad H. Tamdgidi, Ph.D., Sociologist and Report Author
    GREATER BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2022 / -- Those who have been interested in the Somerton Man (TSM) case may find an article newly posted at OKCIR (also readable below in the scrollable section of this press release) by sociologist Mohammad H. Tamdgidi, Ph.D., helpful in further investigating the case. Tamdgidi is the author of OKCIR’s recently published "Tamám Shud: How the Somerton Man's Last Dance for a Lasting Life Was Decoded — Omar Khayyam Center Research Report" (Okcir Press, 2021). The report is freely readable online.

    According to Tamdgidi, "the new findings about TSM, identifying him as Carl ‘Charles’ Webb with 99.99% certitude, certainly raise new hopes and further venues for exploration, but at the same time add new questions about and challenges for interpreting previously collected data, ones that are still relevant and must also be explained."

    0.01% error chances actually count in science, often proving to be more helpful than drawing 99.99% conclusions. In fact, major errors in science are often learned initially by way of unexpected 0.01% chances of error. Something minor is found not to quite fit a story initially; what seems logical at first proves not to be so upon further reflection. It is for this reason that those offering new scientific propositions usually share all the details of their new findings in advance and refrain from drawing final conclusions, to make it possible for others to also judge for themselves the soundness of any ideas that have been offered as solutions to longstanding puzzles.

    Although science aspires to be value neutral, Tamdgidi write, it can never be so without allowing for open and self-reflective acknowledgment of biases in investigators’ work. DNA study results and their interpretations are not purely physical facts or findings but result from human conducted studies and are always explored amid personal and institutional settings that are influenced by human values, interests, biases, and errors.

    It is of course always wonderful to make breakthroughs in solving puzzles such as the Somerton Man case, Tamdgidi writes. However, seventy plus years of waiting would be better served by a more cautious and less rushed drawing of conclusions. Ultimately, this case is privately about a person, his relatives and friends, and their characters and lives, and publicly about Australia and how it handles its longstanding unsolved cases. Human beings are much more complicated than what may appear in a newspaper ad or divorce filing. Those who have wished to put to rest the story of the Somerton Man's death must obviously care about returning him back to dust with dignity to the extent his life had and deserved.

    There is a choice here, for example, of reburying TSM as a gambler or as a thoughtful poet who was depressed about having lost many loved ones suddenly to old age or a world war, reflecting on the meaning of life amid a marriage gone sour while facing a terminal illness. The best scientific explanation, in the author's view, is always one that verifiably incorporates and synthesizes all the relevant existing data gathered so far, past, and present, and refrains from arbitrarily picking and choosing some clues or coincidences at the cost of others simply because new conclusions help gloss over past interpretive failures.

    Tamdgidi's posted article offers some points to consider while investigating and interpreting the information being newly reported and analyzed. It first considers the possibility that Carl 'Charles' Webb may not be the Somerton Man. It then considers the second possibility that the two may be the same person.

    In Tamdgidi's previously published 2021 report, the Somerton Man's code was deciphered to be a suicide note, written in the poetic form of a quatrain composed as a transliteration from Arabic, in the style of "Tamám Shud." The torn-out piece found in his fob pocket basically served as a key to the transliterated nature of the code found on the back of the book from which it had been torn. The Somerton Man was thus revealed to be poetically inclined, creatively orchestrating his tragic suicide facing a terminal illness as a way of leaving a lasting trace in public memory, having been inspired by the enduring example of Omar Khayyam's poetry.

    Tamdgidi specializes in exploring and advancing the sociological imagination in comparative cultural and global/world-historical frameworks. The sociological imagination, a term coined by the noted American sociologist C. Wright Mills in 1959, is a mode of inquiry in sociology centering on the idea that human life can be best understood by way of exploring how personal and private troubles of individuals and the public issues of their times relate to one another. The Somerton Man case provides a tragic, yet fascinating, window for the cultivation of our sociological imaginations.


    Mohammad H. (Behrooz) Tamdgidi is the founding director and editor of OKCIR: Omar Khayyam Center for Integrative Research in Utopia, Mysticism, and Science (Utopystics) ( and its scholarly journal "Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge," which have served since 2002 to frame his independent research, teaching, and publishing initiatives. A former associate professor of sociology specializing in social theory at UMass Boston, he holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in sociology and a graduate certificate in Middle Eastern studies from Binghamton University (SUNY) and received his B.A. in architecture from U.C. Berkeley. Besides his work in progress on the 12-volume series "Omar Khayyam’s Secret: Hermeneutics of the Robaiyat in Quantum Sociological Imagination," his previous publications include "Liberating Sociology: From Newtonian Toward Quantum Imaginations: Volume 1: Unriddling the Quantum Enigma" (Okcir Press, 2020), "Gurdjieff and Hypnosis: A Hermeneutic Study" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009) and "Advancing Utopistics: The Three Component Parts and Errors of Marxism" (Routledge/Paradigm, 2007). Due to research commitments and preference for written communication, the author can only be reached via email.

    Mohammad Tamdgidi
    OKCIR: Omar Khayyam Center for Integrative Research

  • Chattel Slavery and 403 years of intergenerational pain are being laid to rest on August 20, 2022

    It's time to lay all of the effects of chattel slavey to rest, so we can heal.

    Over the ages, let us count, honor and release those we have lost

    It's time to cut the ties with one of the worst and longest crimes in our country's history.

    As a country and as one world community, we recreate our world as a place of justice, where every citizen is empowered and thriving.”
    — Sonia Bailey
    DANIA BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, August 1, 2022 / -- Hope is building around a memorial service marking the official end of the intergenerational pain of chattel slavery, some 400 years after it began. Although all of the effects of this atrocity won’t magically disappear on August 20, Requiem for Slavery is a 'period at the end of our sentence' of being prisoners of the chattel slavery war. The sentiment surrounding the date marks a new direction for people of African descent and for people of all races and ethnicities who reject skin color bias and structural racism.

    It is a point in time when we formally embrace a new dawn, a new beginning, to establish personal and collective wholeness.

    The event on August 20, 2022, at 10:00 am, takes place at Von D. Mizell/Eula Johnson State Park in Dania Beach, 6503 N. Ocean Drive, Dania Beach, FL, 33004 at the Pelican Pavilion. The date marks 403 years since that identified by the 1619 Project’s acknowledgment of the first enslaved person’s arrival on U.S. soil that year. Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Recreation and Parks, has waived entry fees for Requiem participants on the day of the event.

    Mayor Tamara James of Dania Beach will lend remarks regarding the historic event. Mayor James is a proven leader and community advocate. Born and raised in Dania Beach, FL, Mayor James is a University of Miami alumna, a retired WNBA athlete, world traveler, and mother, and is in her second term as the mayor of the City of Dania Beach. Mayor James is the youngest mayor in the history of Dania Beach. Mayor James has a fervent passion for providing Dania Beach residents with transparent leadership, safe practices, and viable community programs to create a thriving, unified environment for all citizens.

    Kisha King, Associate Professor of History and Associate Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Broward college, who has been teaching African American History for more than 25 years, will provide perspective through her remarks. She will also lend concepts on which participants may continue to build a foundation of healing.

    Shango Ra, a leader, and honored elder who upholds and preserves Afrocentric values in the local community, and a long-term resident of South Florida, will reflect on his ‘lived experience’ of racial injustice in the area. He operates the House of Kuumba in Dania. He also hosts a drumming circle every Sunday at 3 PM to teach the art and history of the African drum to modern-day blacks of any age and to pass the tradition to young people and others who value its healing properties and its place as a tool of leadership.

    Original songs reflecting healing will be offered by Ms. Jazmin Lightbourn.

    So, what is Requiem For Slavery, exactly? How can you embrace wholeness?

    “Working together, African descendants can heal ourselves from the intergenerational trauma of slavery. As a country and as one world community, we recreate our world as a place of justice, where every citizen is empowered and thriving,” says Sonia Bailey of Fire Forged Recovery. The organization offers this guidance:
    • Mark August 20, 2022, as the turning point to a new beginning. Attend the Requiem for Slavery as you would attend any other landmark life event.
    • Acknowledge the Requiem for Slavery in your home and community on August 20 to mark this turning point to our new beginning.
    • Examine your mind, body, soul, and spirit to find the places that need healing from internalized bias. Join us in finding ways to heal this bias for good.
    • Help yourself and others to heal by growing the Cultural Wellness Movement in your community.

    Find out more about the Cultural Wellness Movement at There, you can become an Ambassador for the movement in your town, sign up to attend an upcoming workshop, take the 30-day wellness challenge, or take another action step.

    Get your ticket to attend the Requiem For Slavery at, or RSVP at Call or text (754) 777-0806 for more information.

    Sonia Bailey
    Fire Forged Recovery
    +1 754-777-0806
    Visit us on social media:

  • Ho-Chunk Nation Releases Milestone Indigenous Language Digital Dictionary

    Ho-Chunk Nation is excited to announce the release of their Hoocąk Wazijaci (Ho-Chunk language) online and mobile dictionary.

    MADISON, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2022 / -- On July 30, 2022, Ho-Chunk Nation is proudly releasing their dictionary at the General Council in Madison, Wisconsin. The event is open to enrolled tribal members and face masks are encouraged.

    Ho-Chunk Nation has anticipated the release of this digital dictionary for years. Its development began in July 2019, when Elders and speakers gathered for two weeks to build an initial language database. A team of linguists gave fluent speakers prompts and documented the answers, sorted words into categories, and recorded audio files of Elders and speakers. Ho-Chunk Nation held an additional three gatherings after that first word collection to verify and review recordings. The Language Conservancy (TLC), a nonprofit organization that supports language revitalization efforts, aided Ho-Chunk Nation throughout the word collection and dictionary development process by providing grant writing assistance and technical support. In 2021, the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) awarded the dictionary project grant funding that lead to its completion.

    The new Hoocąk Wazijaci dictionary is freely available online and via mobile download. It includes nearly 12,000 entries and over 9,000 example sentences. Accessibility to a resource this robust will aid generations of future learners, which is the ultimate goal of Ho-Chunk Nation’s language revitalization efforts. Creating new, dynamic ways for individuals to learn the language allows them to connect further with their heritage.

    The digital dictionary’s release is just the beginning. Over the next two years, Ho-Chunk Nation is focused on developing an eLearning platform.

    Tara Tadlock
    The Language Conservancy
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  • 2-Day Women’s Retreat, 3E Event, Transforms Minds, Hearts, Business, and Life

    Women from around the world are invited to 3E Event 2-Day Women's Retreat Sept 29-30 in Rancho Mirage, Calif to learn and get inspired to leave a big impact in the world

    3E Event is where women expand their hearts minds and empowerment to make their mark on the world.

    Women interested in becoming more, having more, receiving more, and who want to leave their impact in this world come to 3E Event to Evoke, Embrace, and Evolve.

    Liza Boubari is a clinical hypnotherapist and founder of the 3E method, host of 3E Event for women, and CEO of HealWithin where women come to evolve into the person they were meant to be to make their big impact in the world.

    3E Event Title Sponsor Beyond Publishing invites women around the world to make a big impact, tell their story, and change the world.

    Michael D. Butler, Founder of Beyond Publishing, sponsors 3E Event for women to make their indelible impact on the world. Butler is an international women' s book publisher helping women tell stories that change the world.

    8th Annual 3E Event Evokes, Embraces, Evolves women toward a life of greater joy and impact

    Women around the world are invited to 3E Event to capitalize on their feminine strengths and make an indelible impact on the world by expanding our hearts, minds, skills, and empowerment.”
    — Liza Boubari, Founder, Creator, Host, 3E Event
    GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 26, 2022 / -- “Women around the world are invited to 3E Event to capitalize on their feminine strengths and make an indelible impact on the world.”
    — Liza Boubari, Founder and Host, 3E Event.

    The 8th Annual 3E Event motivates, inspires, and empowers women through a guided 2-day journey to Evoke what was, Embrace what is, and Evolve to what will be. Early bird pricing is available until Aug 15. Guests registering for two get an even greater discount.

    “We are more effective when we gather as a tribe to inspire and elevate one another,” says Boubari. “The 3E method elevates women by opening hearts, expanding minds, transforming lives, and being part of a legacy for internal change and external wellness.”

    Taking place Sept. 29-30, 2022, at The Westin Rancho Mirage Golf Resort & Spa in Rancho Mirage, Calif. and hosted by Liza Boubari, clinical hypnotherapist and founder of HealWithin, a mind-body healing center for women, 3E Event is proud to announce its powerful line-up of healers, business executives, and empowerment gurus who will guide guests along the 3E journey:

    ● Liza Boubari
    ‒ Clinical Hypnotherapist and Founder of HealWithin
    ‒ Liza is a healer of mind, body, and soul and the creator or the 3E methodology. After healing herself 20 years ago, she has dedicated her life to the healing and empowerment of women around the world.

    ● Michael D. Butler
    ‒ Women’s Storyteller and Book Publisher
    ‒ Michael turns women’s stories into books and passions into careers that empower others toward greatness.

    ● Lisa MacCarley
    ‒ Probate & Conservatorship Attorney
    ‒ An advocate for women’s rights, Lisa led the Britney Spears’ #FreeBritney campaign when her constitutional rights were violated and became internationally recognized as a leader of the probate court reform movement.

    ● Patrina Wisdom
    ‒ Wealth Mentor
    ‒ Through her Badass Bodacious Life Movement, Patrina inspires women to approach life unapologetically to become the CEO of every part of their lives.

    ● Mel Mason
    ‒ The Clutter Expert
    ‒ Mel guides women to free their minds and lives from clutter to experience greater happiness and abundance in every area of their lives.

    ● Natalie Shaghzoiam
    ‒ Holistic Healer
    ‒ Natalie guides women to transform anger and anxiety into physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

    ● Baydsar Thomasian
    ‒ Political Consultant
    ‒ Baydsar inspires women to aim high, solve problems, and make a difference in society.

    ● Conni Ponturo
    ‒ Pilates instructor, Pain-Free Living in Body & Mind
    ‒ Conni is a leading authority in pain-free living at every age through a harmonious connection of mind, emotions, and body.

    ● Jasmine Montoya
    ‒ Intuitive Guide and Healing Facilitator
    ‒ Jasmine guides women on their path to self-actualization, love, and peace, as they define the life they want and set a path to create the reality.

    ● Jennifer L. Horspool, Mistress of Ceremonies
    ‒ Founder of Engagement PR & Marketing
    ‒ An international speaker and global brand strategist, Jennifer makes business owners and executives seen, known, and revered for their expertise.

    This transformational 2-day retreat will provide:
    ‒ The secret code to unleashing your impact on your life and others
    ‒ Tools to harness your inner power to make an indelible impact
    ‒ Insights to capitalize on your feminine strengths
    ‒ The guide to mastering your personal perceptions and attitudes
    ‒ Techniques to live in joy and connection
    ‒ Influence over your life trajectory
    ‒ Guidance to define and live your legacy, as defined by you

    3E Event is sponsored by Michael D. Butler, CEO of Beyond Publishing, along with Liana Grigoryan Photography, SoCal HHA & Hospice Care, and Business Life Magazine. A quarter of the proceeds will support Heal Within International – a 501(c)(3) charity supporting motherless children.

    Earlybird pricing ends Aug. 15; additional discounts available for groups of two. Additional spots are available for vendors and sponsors. If you are ready to transform your life, expand your mind, and elevate your success, come to 3E Event.

    # # #
    Media Contact
    Jennifer L Horspool

    Liza Boubari
    +1 818-551-1501
    email us here
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  • Academy of Greatness & Excellence Acquires Former Neumann Prep High School Property

    AGE School 2014-2015

    AGE School 2014-2015

    AGE School 2017-2018

    AGE School 2017-2018

    AGE School 2018/2019

    AGE School 2018/2019

    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2022 / -- The Academy of Greatness and Excellence (AGE) is pleased to announce that the School Board has completed the purchase of the largest real estate property to be owned by an Islamic educational organization in New Jersey. In less than one year after being approved for its potential campus in the Temple Emanuel- Paterson NJ, AGE has purchased the former Neumann Prep High School building in Wayne, NJ. The property is about 25 acres, with a 56,000 sq.ft. high school building, chapel, rectory, and athletic field.

    The purchased property has been owned by the Diocese of Paterson since 1965. The rectory and athletic field are leased to TSF Academy until July 2023, with no renewal option. The high school building was leased to the Islamic Education Foundation (IEF) for the last 9 years with no option to renew.

    The School Board of AGE was informed that the Diocese of Paterson was actively trying to sell the property and was no longer interested in any long-term leases. A few developers were interested in buying the property to turn it into an apartment building or a senior citizens facility. The AGE Board members believed that they were morally obligated to secure the building and maintain it as a school for future generations. The lack of proper educational facilities is the most challenging part of attracting parents and students to Islamic education. The scarcity of the real estate inventory and the difficult, costly, and long process of transforming a commercial building into a school due to the building codes and zoning ordinances represent an overwhelming and sometimes an impossible process.

    “At this point, our main concern is to secure this beautiful building for educating our children in such an adequate facility regardless of which organization is running the operation. We are grateful to Allah (SWT) for being able to complete this large financial transaction without asking the community for help or resorting to fundraisers, which is something AGE has never done during its existence,” said Wahid Melook, the Chief Financial Officer of AGE and one of its founders.

    “For the last few years, AGE has a cooperative and productive relationship with the IEF, which is a pillar of Islamic education in New Jersey. Unfortunately, due to the confidentiality agreement that was imposed on all parties involved in this transaction, we did not get the opportunity to discuss any future plans with the IEF. However, during the purchase process, we have worked diligently with the Diocese to secure the renewal of the IEF’s lease until the end of the 2022/2023 school year. Unless the IEF decides to move Al-Ghazaly High School back to its original building in Teaneck, which will be available for 2023/2024 school year, we anticipate that the IEF will continue leasing the Neumann Prep High School building, and hence AGE will ensure that the IEF’s lease is uninterrupted. If that will no longer be the case, AGE will expand its operation and utilize the purchased building as an additional AGE school campus. In all cases, and pending the Wayne Township approval, AGE plans to redevelop the rest of the property for recreational and community purposes,” Wahid Melook continued.

    Dr. Hammad Choudhry, the Vice-Chairman of AGE stated, “Although this step seems reactionary, it is in line with the AGE vision, and it is necessary to avoid a situation that may negatively impact future generations of Muslim students. AGE’s vision is to provide affordable high quality Islamic education that combines the “Greatness of Character and Excellence of Knowledge” motto that the school holds so dearly. This vision was never limited to a certain city, county, state, or even a country.”

    AGE is currently serving about 500 students, and for the last five years the enrollment closed within days of opening the process, with about 150 students on the waitlist. “It is very important to take advantage of any opportunity that comes our way to increase the ability of accommodating students who seek Islamic education, while strengthening the academic, character building, and athletic programs in Islamic Schools,” said Dr. Abdeslem El Idrissi, AGE Board member.

    The Chairman of the AGE Board, Dr. Rashed Rashed, also added, “The unity of the AGE community, the support of the parents, and the dedication of the administration and staff are the major factors of the continuous success of AGE. Securing such a property to educate future Muslim generations is a dream come true. I have been involved with Islamic education for the last 35 years, my four children were all educated in Islamic schools. Having an adequate and proper school building was never attainable due to the limited resources and the financial burden. It is really phenomenal that AGE was able to acquire this property without overwhelming the parents and the community with fundraisers and donation requests despite being a not-for-profit organization.”

    “Within a very short period, AGE has witnessed an exponential growth in student enrollment and facility expansion; nevertheless, what’s most remarkable is that within this time, we have gained the respect and trust of the AGE parents, students and staff as well as the surrounding community, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. At our Ridgefield Park campus, we’ve had a great relationship with St. Francis of Assisi (Archdiocese of Newark), and we anticipate having an equally wonderful experience with the Diocese of Paterson at our new location in Wayne. We look forward to building strong bonds with the local community and reaching out to all Neumann Prep alumni to build up much needed bridges in our society,” said Iman ElDessouky, the Principal of the Academy of Greatness & Excellence.

    Academy of Greatness & Excellence has become the fastest growing and one of the most successful Islamic Schools in New Jersey during the last ten years. AGE will continue to honor its commitment to providing quality and affordable Islamic Education for current and future generations regardless of the time and place.

    AGE News Admin
    Academy Of Greatness & Excellence

  • Holocaust Survivor Joe Rubinstein Passes Away at 101

    Joe Rubinstein on his 101st birthday, September 16, 2021. Photo by John Pregulman:

    Joe Rubinstein holding a copy of the book about his life: Auschwitz #34207 The Joe Rubinstein Story (photo by Crystal Merrill 2019)

    Joe Rubinstein holding a copy of the book about his life: Auschwitz #34207 The Joe Rubinstein Story (photo by Crystal Merrill 2019)

    Holocaust survivor Joe Rubinstein holding photo of his beloved mother  that he had not seen since he was taken from the Radom, Poland, Ghetto in 1941

    Holocaust survivor Joe Rubinstein holding photo of his beloved mother who perished in the Holocaust

    "Love Life. Love God. Love each other. That’s all there is.”— Joe Rubinstein

    I cannot imagine a world without Joe, but thankfully his life, legacy, and lessons will live on through the example he set for us all. Joe gave us an inspirational map on how to deal with adversity.”
    — Author Nancy Sprowell Geise
    CASTLE ROCK, CO, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2022 / -- Holocaust survivor Joe Rubinstein passed away peacefully in Loveland, Colorado, on July 18, 2022. Joe was the believed to be the oldest known Holocaust survivor in Colorado.

    Icek Jakub Rubinsztejn ”Joe Rubinstein” was born on September 16, 1920 in Radom, Poland. After Germany invaded Poland, Joe and his family were sent to the Radom Ghetto in 1941.

    Two weeks later, Joe was taken from the ghetto and sent to several concentration camps. Joe never saw his family again. His widowed mother, Reska, his older brother, Dawid, Joe’s identical twin, Chaim, his younger brother, Abram, and younger sister, Laja, were all believed murdered at the Treblinka Death camp following the “liquidation” of the Radom Ghetto in 1942.

    “It is my deepest prayer,” said Nancy Sprowell Geise, author of the award-winning book about his life, Auschwitz #34207 - The Joe Rubinstein Story, “that at this moment Joe is in the loving embrace of his beloved family. Although he survived decades without them, they never were far from his thoughts and heart. Even at the age of 101, Joe could not speak of them without weeping.”

    Throughout his life, Joe defied the odds. He went on, not only to survive several of the most notorious Nazi concentration camps, including over two years at Auschwitz/Birkenau, but to live a long, productive, and joy-filled life. Joe and his bride, Irene, moved to the United States in 1949. Joe would become one of New York City’s leading shoe designers, working for such iconic companies as Korkease Shoes, Herbert Levine Shoes, Nina Shoes, Gelbrow Shoes, and later in California for Sbicca of California and Cherokee of California.

    Joe’s philosophy of living so long: “Eat right, exercise every day and help each other. That’s what I did.”

    Geise said, “For nearly 70 years Joe never told anyone about his story because he did not think anything good could come of it. After the book about his life was published, Joe was deeply touched by the many letters and feedback he got from people around the world telling him that if he found a way to live a joy-filled life after losing all he did, then they knew they could find a way to face their troubles."

    Geise is grateful that Joe finally decided to tell his story so that his family of origin will never be forgotten. "He became a voice for many who perished in the Holocaust and did not live to share their stories."

    “He was an inspiration to so many,” Geise said. “He will continue to be an inspiration for future generations about not giving in to despair and not turning to darkness. Instead, Joe saw the best in people. He lived into the idea of how we each have a choice in how we respond to adversity. Joe chose joy.”

    Joe is survived by his wife, Irene, of 74 years, a son, daughter-in-law, three grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

    On his 100th birthday, the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, declared the day “Joe Rubinstein Day."

    Geise said, "Joe told me in one of the last conversations I had with him, that every day he thanks God that he is alive, but that he is ready when God calls him home. Joe loved to remind people that life is precious and that we should never give up on it. I am grateful that he never did."

    To learn more about Joe's remarkable life: Auschwitz #34207 - The Joe Rubinstein Story

    ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1939919120

    Author website:

    Facebook for Author Nancy Sprowell Geise:

    Publisher website:

    Donna Mazzitelli
    Merry Dissonance Press
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  • Aivoitus lehti viettää juhlavuotta

    Aivoitus lehden kansikuva

    Nyt vietetään Aivovammaliiton 30-vuotisjuhlavuotta. Aivovammaliiton toiminnassa Aivoitus-järjestölehti on tärkeässä roolissa jäsentiedottamisessa.

    Useinkaan aivovamma ei näy päällepäin, mutta henkilölle itselleen aivovamma voi tuottaa monenlaista hankaluutta arkielämässä.”
    — Pia Warvas, Aivovammaliiton Aivoitus-lehden päätoimittaja
    HELSINKI, UUSIMAA, FINLAND, July 17, 2022 / -- Aivovammaliiton toiminnassa Aivoitus-järjestölehti on tärkeässä roolissa jäsenten identiteetin kannalta ja tiedottamisessa.

    Nyt vietetään Aivovammaliiton 30-vuotisjuhlavuotta. Aivovammaliiton toiminnassa Aivoitus-järjestölehti on tärkeässä roolissa jäsenten identiteetin kannalta ja tiedottamisessa. Lukijatutkimuksen mukaan Aivoitus-lehteä luetaan todella ahkerasti. Erittäin tärkeää on, että lehti ei ole kuluerä, vaan siitä saadaan myös tuloja. Tästä saa kiittää Printmix Oy:tä, lehden kokonaisvaltainen toteutus on ulkoistettu Printmix Oy:lle.

    Aivovammaliitto on aivovammautuneiden ihmisten ja heidän läheistensä etujärjestö, jonka tarkoituksena on edistää aivovammautuneiden henkilöiden suoriutumista yhteiskunnassa itsenäisesti ja yhdenvertaisina. Toiminnan tavoitteena on myös aivovammojen tutkimuksen, hoidon ja ennaltaehkäisyn kehittyminen.

    - Aivovamman saaneet henkilöt ovat usein nuorehkoja, jotka ovat saaneet aivovamman onnettomuuden tai tapaturman seurauksena. Huomattava osa vammautuneista ovat alle 25-vuotiaita. Yleisimmät vammautumistavat ovat kaatumiset ja putoamiset, liikenneonnettomuudet, pahoinpitelyt ja urheiluvammat. Riskiryhmiä ovat nuoret miehet ja yli 70-vuotiaat naiset. Useinkaan aivovamma ei näy päällepäin, mutta henkilölle itselleen aivovamma voi tuottaa monenlaista hankaluutta arkielämässä, tietää kertoa Pia Warvas.
    Hän on Aivovammaliiton Aivoitus-lehden päätoimittaja.

    Printtilehden tärkeys

    Neljä kertaa vuodessa ilmestyvän Aivoitus-lehden voi sanoa olevan Aivovammaliiton jäsenille ja heidän läheisilleen enemmän kuin lehdet lukijoilleen keskimäärin. Tätä tukee Aikakausmedian teettämä lukijatutkimus viime vuodelta.

    - Painettua noin 10 000 levikin Aivoitus-lehteä luetaan keskimäärin 2,7 kertaa per numero, ja 81 prosenttia lukee jokaisen numeron. 84 prosenttia haluaa lukea Aivoitusta pelkästään tai pääasiassa printtinä, vain neljä prosenttia suosii nettilehteä, summaa päätoimittaja Warvas.

    Hän selventää, että oma jäsenlehti on lukijoilleen erittäin tärkeä. Aivovamman
    jälkitilan oirekuvassa tyypillistä on esimerkiksi väsyvyys, lähimuistin haasteet, aloitekyvyn puute sekä esimerkiksi kaksoiskuvat/päänsäryt, joten painettu lehti aivovammautuneelle ihmiselle on paras ”käyttöliittymä”.

    Mieleinen ja tärkeä tietolähde

    Aivoitus-lehden lukijatutkimus kertoo, että lukijoista 84 prosenttia pitää sitä melko tai erittäin tärkeänä alan tietolähteenä. Jopa 90 prosenttia pitää lehteä Aivovammaliiton kaikkein tärkeimpänä viestintävälineenä. Tämä tieto selvisi 2020 tehdyssä Aivovammaliiton jäsenkyselyssä.

    Vaikka Aivovammaliiton lehteä lukee suurimmaksi osaksi (76%) vammautuneet, niin sitä lukevat myös läheiset, ammattilaiset, ilmoittajat ja aivoinfarktin tai aivokasvaimen saaneet henkilöt. Lehden sisältö kiinnostaa.
    - Lehden pääpaino on printtiversiossa. Itse Aivovammaliitto on aktiivisesti näkyvällä myös somessa, huomauttaa viestinnän konkari Warvas.

    Ilmoitusmyynti ja avaimet käteen -palvelua

    - Olemme ulkoistaneet ilmoitusmyynnin sekä myös kaiken muun lehdentekoon liittyvän trafiikin postitusta myöden yhteistyökumppanillemme Printmixille. Toimitusjohtaja Mika-Matti Trogen tiiminsä kanssa on hoitanut esimerkillisesti kaiken sopimamme yleensä yli odotusten. Aikataulut pitävät, ne toteutuvat Printmixin puolelta jopa etuajassa.

    Meidän vastuullemme jää lehden sisältö, sanoo Warvas.
    Hän muistuttaa, että ilmoitushankinnasta saatavat tulot auttavat suuresti painetun lehden julkaisussa.

    - Koska saamme lehden tekemistä varten kannatusilmoituseuroja, STEAlta (Sosiaali- ja terveysjärjestöjen avustuskeskus) saamaamme avustus jää käytettäväksi muuhun toimintaamme. Järjestämme esimerkiksi vertaistuki- ja kurssitoimintaa, luentoja, seminaareja ja webinaareja. Jos lehdestä tulevia ilmoitustuloja ei olisi, taloutemme olisi niukempi, selvittää päätoimittaja.

    Korkea ammattietiikka tärkeää

    Warvas tietää, että yleensä järjestöillä ei ole resursseja, henkilökuntaa, rahaa eikä osaamista tehdä itse ilmoitushankintaa. Ilmoitusmyynnin ulkoistaminen on hänen mukaansa ainoa keino, jolla ilmoitushankinta hoituu mallikkaasti. Hän korostaa, että ilmoitusmyynti ei ole vastikkeetonta varainhankintaa. Järjestölehtien ilmoitusmyynti vaatii erittäin korkeaa ammattitaitoja ja vastuullista asennetta työhön, joten ei ole yhdentekevää kuka sen hoitaa.

    - Olemme erittäin tyytyväisiä yhteistyöhön, meillä on vain hyviä kokemuksia Pritmixin kanssa. Emme halua saada reklamaatioita huonosti hoidetusta työstä. Edellytämme korkeaa ammattietiikkaa yhteistyökumppaniltamme, selvittää Warvas.

    Tänä vuonna Aivovammaliitolla on merkittävä juhlavuosi, sillä se juhlistaa 30-vuotista olemassaoloaan. Juhlavuoden kunniaksi on maaliskuusta lähtien tapahtumia ympäri Suomen koko vuoden ajan. Juhlavuoden teemana on aivovammatietouden lisääminen. Tasavallan presidentti Sauli Niinistö toimii juhlavuoden suojelijana.

    Alkuperäinen artikkeli on julkaistu sttinfossa.


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