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  • Multipoint Group Partners with Corero to extend DDoS Protection

    Corero DDos Protection

    Corero DDos Protection

    Multipoint Group Cyber Strong Solution


    To minimize risk, it is imperative that service providers and enterprises alike protect yourselves as much as possible. Corero's DDoS protection is a vital

    To minimize risk, it is imperative that service providers and enterprises alike protect yourselves as much as possible. Corero's DDoS protection is a vital component of any organization”
    — Ricardo Resnik
    KFAR SABA, ISRAEL, August 11, 2022 / -- Multipoint Group is proud to announce its expansion into more countries with their DDoS Protection Solution, powered by Corero Network Security.

    A further 7 countries will be included in MultiPoint Group’s distribution of Corero’s world-class DDoS Protection Services, with expansion into Eastern and Southern parts of Europe as well as the Middle East. Countries that can benefit include Greece and Cyprus, Israel, Romania and Bulgaria, the Balkans, and Turkey.

    DDoS threats continue to grow in sophistication, size, and frequency. One of the key drivers for this is the abundance of services offering ‘DDoS For-Hire’. This lowers the barrier to entry for cybercriminals and increases the likelihood of attacks occurring. In addition, the numbers of internet-connected devices are rising and the huge scale that these provide - and their lack of built-in security, means it’s relatively easy to launch DDOS attacks and compromise connected devices.

    These drivers are behind the huge rise in demand for Corero’s DDoS defense solutions, as cyber security experts like MultiPoint Group look to offer the most robust cyber solutions to their customers. This was one of the major reasons Multipoint Group and Corero decided to expand their cooperation.

    “To minimize risk, it is imperative that service providers and enterprises alike protect yourselves as much as possible. Corero's DDoS protection is a vital component of any organization, and we are entering into this agreement with confidence,” stated Ricardo Resink, the CEO for Multipoint Group.

    “The nature of DDoS attacks is changing continuously and those launched today are very different to the ones launched a few years ago. Originally, these cyber tsunamis were straightforward volumetric attacks, to single victim IP addresses, intended to cause embarrassment and disruption. Today however, the motives behind DDoS attacks are increasingly unclear, the techniques are becoming ever-more complex, and the frequency of attacks is growing exponentially.

    With Corero's DDoS protection solution, you are safe with a proven leader in real-time, high-performance, automatic DDoS attack protection distributed by Multipoint Group.

    Lionel Chmilewsky, Chief Executive Officer of Corero, commented, “MultiPoint Group is recognized regionally for their technical excellence and cyber expertise. We are looking forward to working with them to increase DDoS protection for enterprises in these new geographies.’

    About The Multipoint Group

    The MultiPoint Group is a Value-Added Distributor focused on Cyber Security and cyber-intelligence solutions, with offices in Greece & Cyprus, UAE, Romania & Bulgaria, Israel, Estonia, Poland and Turkey. Multipoint Group was founded in 2009 by Ricardo Resnik, CEO of Multipoint Group, distributing various cyber companies around the globe.

    About Corero Network Security

    Corero Network Security plc is a global leader in real-time, high-performance, automatic DDoS cyber defense solutions. Service and Hosting providers, alongside digital enterprises across the globe rely on Corero’s award winning cybersecurity technology to eliminate the threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) to their digital environment through automatic attack protection, coupled with network visibility, analytics, and reporting. Corero’s industry leading SmartWall and SecureWatch technology maintains business continuity, with real-time scalable protection against external DDoS attackers and internal DDoS botnets in the most complex edge and subscriber environments. Corero’s key operational centers are in Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA and Edinburgh, UK, with the Company’s headquartered in Amersham, UK.

    The Company is also listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market under the ticker CNS.

    Ricardo Resnik
    Multipoint Group
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  • Author and Retired Police Lieutenant Patricia Blake to be Featured on Close Up Radio


    PatriciaBlake2 Book

    PatriciaBlake3 Cops and Robbers

    PatriciaBlake4 Horse

    PatriciaBlake5 Officers

    YERINGTON, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2022 / -- In the Bible, “God says Fear not, for I am with you.” But in these recent unprecedented times, with war, a global pandemic, and violence surging everywhere many of us are filled with dread, despair, and a sense of helplessness. So how can we find solace in such troubling times? The promising news is that there is still good around us leading us to a place of joy, peace, and comfort in order for us to absolutely live our best lives.

    Patricia L. Blake is a retired police lieutenant and the author of Touched by the Hand of God in the City of Angels – Sent Me!

    Patricia’s story began in her early childhood growing up in Oregon. As the firstborn of four children each born one year apart, she was expected by her parents to watch over her brother and two sisters. They would play cops and robbers and “Catch the Bad Guys” and Patricia fondly carried these childhood memories with her as endearing photos of their times together, embedded in her heart. Then in 1972, when she was 19, Patricia experienced a devastating traumatic event when her husband of four months, returning from serving two tours in the Vietnam War, tragically took his own life with a rifle. In the midst of her grief and pain, Patricia experienced a powerful miracle when she felt the hand of God or one of his Angels on her right shoulder. Instantly, her pain and grief was replaced by an incredibly loving presence and power of peace, love, and comfort.

    She stated over forty years later, “It was an incredibly surreal, not of this earth feeling of the existence, eternal love and protection of a higher presence and then I instantly realized without any doubt that a higher power exists for all of us in our times of despair, sheer terror and desperate need.”

    From that day forward Patricia was absolutely confident God is watching over us with his Angels steadfastly by our side. Filled with new profound sense of awareness of God and his Angels watching over us guided her path into the field of law enforcement as First Responders and warriors for God’s Will, as she endearingly words it, “To be the devoted protectors of our most innocent and vulnerable.”

    In 1983, Patricia was one of the first female police officers working the streets in Los Angeles. It was a true Calling to make a difference and to Protect and to Serve in order to make a difference, and that is precisely what she did for over 40 years.

    Today, retired but still active as a Reserve with the LAPD in the local community, her mission reminds us of the transformative power of our own humanity, that even in these overwhelming difficult times of struggle, God surrounds us and protects us and shields us with his eternal love, forgiveness and power. Her book “Touched by the Hand of God in the City of Angels – Send me,” will be released soon during the beginning of August through Amazon and Barnes and Nobel on Kindle, hard cover and paperback. Patricia makes the assertion within her writing of numerous intense true personal accounts while working in the field in Los Angeles that Good versus Evil does exist and “There are No Coincidences.”

    Patricia believes that God also called her to complete this writing forty years later, stating “I realized my story could make a difference with people who find themselves in times of sheer terror, grief or desperation.” It is important for them to know that there is a higher power that cares, protects and is watching over us to give us hope, faith and inspiration and to make a difference in their lives. Our Almighty Lords sends Angels to protect and shield our first responders when they are in danger, but also sends our brave first responders in the form as Angels to protect and shield those in desperate times of need.”

    Patricia deeply honors and respects all domestic and military first responders, including our nation’s police officers and military, fire fighters, EMT’s, and paramedics. Patricia references the prophet Isaiah in the Old Testament bible, 6:8 where the Lord asks Isaiah, “Whom shall I send” to give horrible bad news to his people, and Isaiah without hesitation responded “Send Me!” - Just as our courageous first responder heroes put on their Kevlar vests on a daily basis, risk their lives, and without hesitation responds, “Send Me” whenever God Calls upon them to protect and serve.

    Patricia states, “I am deeply honored to have worn my police badge as a representation of protecting and serving my community and the innocent and the vulnerable, and I was so blessed to have worked with some of the most incredible brave warriors and domestic first responders - the truest partners imaginable.”

    “I have stood face to face and looked into the eyes of pure evil. There is a higher power who wants to bring comfort, peace and love to our weary souls to live happy and abundant lives for all eternity. Always stand up and fight courageously for justice and truth against the monsters in the darkness and evil that exist. How awesome would it be to make a difference in the life of just one person in need!”

    Don’t miss Patricia’s two-part series where she will discuss her empowering work as a police officer and her incredibly enlightening book. Your hearts will be filled with hope and optimism and your soul soothed and comforted. Patricia will open our eyes to the universal truth that there is something more beyond this life than what we see, feel and touch on earth.

    Close Up Radio will feature Patricia Blake two interviews with Doug Llewelyn on Friday August 12th at 1pm Eastern and Friday August 19th at 1pm Eastern

    Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

    If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

    Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

    Lou Ceparano
    Close Up Television & Radio
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  • Iconic San Francisco Homicide Inspector Frank Falzon’s Dramatic New Memoir Relives the Violent 70s and 80s

    Cover of Frank Falzon's new memoir

    San Francisco Homicide Inspector 5-Henry-7

    Newspaper front page of San Francisco City Hall Murders

    Front page of San Francisco Chronicle November 28, 1978

    Photo of police badge

    SFPD Homicide Inspector Frank Falzon's star

    ATTENTION BOOK EDITORS: Just out, retired San Francisco Homicide Inspector Frank Falzon's true crime memoir of his career during the violent 1970s and 1980s.

    Frank Falzon is the quintessential San Francisco cop ... smart, tough, and loyal, with a heart of gold. He confronted and solved crimes during the most challenging times in San Francisco history.”
    — Former San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos
    SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2022 / -- Frank Falzon, who investigated more than 300 murder cases during his 22-year career as a San Francisco police homicide inspector, has published a true crime memoir of his experiences during the violent 1970s and 1980s, an era one national crime historian calls “the golden age of serial murder.”

    "San Francisco Homicide Inspector 5-Henry-7" is Falzon’s unvarnished, intensely personal tale of an extraordinary and prolific career.

    "Frank Falzon is the quintessential San Francisco cop ... smart, tough, and loyal, with a heart of gold," says former San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos. "He confronted and solved crimes during the most challenging times in San Francisco history. His real-life story easily eclipses the myth of Dirty Harry."

    “Frank Falzon is an icon, an SFPD legend,” says Jim Bloom, a former aide to San Francisco Mayor (now U.S. Senator) Dianne Feinstein. “He got all the big cases. He is to San Francisco what Frank Serpico and Eddie Egan are to New York.”

    “5-Henry-7” was Falzon’s individual radio call sign in the department. The number 5 designated the Inspectors Bureau, Henry was phonetic for the H in Homicide, and he was inspector number 7 in the detail. The book highlights the highly decorated inspector’s most intriguing and high-profile cases and how the backstory of his youth, his father’s death at a young age, and early years as a patrolman shaped his career on the force.

    In San Francisco Homicide Inspector 5-Henry-7, Falzon describes how he and his partner were the first to identify the Night Stalker serial killer by his full name in 1985, resulting in the capture of Richard Ramirez within 48 hours. Ramirez had murdered, raped, tortured, and terrorized dozens of people in Southern California and San Francisco for months.

    Falzon also recounts his highly publicized role as the lead inspector in the shocking November 1978 assassinations of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk in their City Hall offices by former city supervisor and former cop Dan White. Falzon’s relationship with White went all the way back to their childhood.

    Falzon also writes about his investigation of such cases as the so-called Zebra murders of random white victims by extremist Black Muslims; Chol Soo Lee and the Chinatown gang murder that inspired the acclaimed Hollywood film True Believer; the execution-style killing of prison reformer Popeye Jackson by underground radicals; a savage Potrero Hill home invasion; and a streetcorner shootout with an armed robber.

    Coming out of the Summer of Love and the heyday of the Haight-Ashbury flower power scene in the late 1960s, San Francisco mutated over the next two decades into a city under siege by serial killers, radical underground extremists, antiestablishment groups, gangs, and drug wars. The rise in violence brought a spike in murders that put unprecedented pressure on the San Francisco Police Department and its storied homicide squad. Inspector Frank Falzon represents the best of those elite detectives.

    Falzon was featured in the popular 2021 Netflix documentary, Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer has been depicted in movies, plays, and video games, and has been featured internationally in numerous documentaries, media interviews, magazine articles, and books.

    Falzon’s co-author is Duffy Jennings, an author and prize-winning former San Francisco Chronicle crime reporter from the same era. Jennings’s byline appeared on more than 500 Chronicle articles and he covered many of the same murder cases in the book.

    The book is now available on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Google, Apple Books, and other online retailers and in local bookstores. Autographed copies are available on both authors’ websites, and

    Frank Falzon
    Duffy Jennings
    +1 415-897-3429

  • Dr. John L. Mack Founder of GPS Figured Out The Algorithm To Help More Authors Get Published Successfully

    Dr. John L. Mack Founder of GPS, Book Coach & Author

    Dr. John Mack Helps Facilitate Liana Zavo's Virtual Book Launch

    John Mack creates the ASAP Method for Authors

    Learn how to turn a Published Book into a Profitable Business with a Polished Brand and a Proven Blueprint”
    — Dr. John L. Mack
    NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, July 15, 2022 / -- ​​​​It is a universal agreement that the pandemic has disrupted more than a decade's worth of norms and work traditions worldwide. Fortunately, we are in an era where information is making it convenient and accessible for authors to gather data and help contemplate what publishing company to work with based on concrete results and success rate. Finding a trustworthy publishing house to assist in an author's first time publication should not be a hard choice.

    Dr. John Mack, an author and founder of Get Published Successfully is among the many leaders who had to adjust to the new normal and challenged his company to rethink ways of retaining formidable talent. John partners with ZavoMedia PR Group, a global PR agency based in New York that firmly supports GPS vision in helping authors get published successfully in the biggest online book stores. When choosing the right publishing house authors can embrace open-mindedness with confidence. In this interview, we're pleased to gain exciting insights from the successful author and discover his ability in figuring out the algorithm to help more authors get published successfully.

    Liana Zavo: We are thrilled to have you join us today, welcome to ZavoMedia PR Group exclusive interview! Let’s start off with a little introduction. Tell our readers a bit about yourself and your company.

    John Mack: I am Dr. John L. Mack, an author, coach and the founder of GPS (Get Published Successfully). For the last ten years we have assisted over 400 authors to Get Published Successfully. I soon discovered that these newly Published and verified Best Selling Authors were all facing a similar dilemma...They were "Broke Best Sellers.” You see, I figured out the algorithm to create an Amazon Best Seller ranking. But my authors were all asking how to "Get Paid Successfully?” During the Pandemic I wrestled with that question, and after considerable focus and thought I created the ASAP Method. This unique hybrid system allows an author to Get Published Successfully & Get Paid Successfully.

    LZ: 2020 and 2021 threw a lot of curve balls into business on a global scale. Based on the experience gleaned in the past couple of years, how can businesses thrive in 2022? What lessons have you learned?

    JM: Based on that information I think a lot of experience has been gained these last couple of years. In order for businesses to thrive in 2022 there are some things that they must be implementing and some lessons that should have been learned. The effects of the pandemic on mental health is incalculable. We're still seeing the results of that. From a business standpoint to be able to quickly and effectively pivot and be able to perform in the best of such draconian restrictions is incredible. I think that the most important lesson learned is that we are adaptable and that technology was in place at the right time to be able to save us from ourselves.

    LZ: The pandemic seems to keep on disrupting the economy, what should businesses focus on in 2022? What advice would you share?

    JM: That is a credible question because the disruption has been both dangerous and defining. The danger of the disruptions is that people were not prepared for and therefore they made stumbles and mistakes that were possibly costly. The defining moment is that now we get to decide exactly how we want the future to play out. The disruption in the economy leveled the playing field because it put everything at an online level.

    LZ: The majority of executives use stories to persuade and communicate in the workplace. Can you share with our readers examples of how you implement that in your business to communicate effectively with your team?

    JM: The majority of executives use stories to persuade them to communicate in the workplace. My company is about publishing and communication, so the bottom line is the story matters. But it matters how you tell the story. Of course I incorporate the stories and the antidotes. They all add to the personal part because that builds rapport for the reader. Then we want there to be a didactic, a take away, something that they

    LZ: Business is all about overcoming obstacles and creating opportunities for growth. What use is a real challenge right now?

    JM: I think the most difficult challenge I'm facing right now is acquiring the necessary resources so that I can purchase the resources, applications, software, and tools to be able to effectively meet the demand that is coming as a result of where we are scaling to. So overcoming those obstacles by creating more opportunities. More opportunity for people to take advantage of our services provides enough revenue for us to purchase those tools and be able to scale in 2022.

    LZ: On a lighter note, if you had the ability to pick any business superpower, what would it be, and how would you put it into practice?

    JM: I would want to read minds. Religion teaches the concept of discerning. You can look at a person, and you can read them and know what they’re thinking. That superpower doesn't exist as such but you would still be able to discern the spirit. When you understand a person's personality and what they're doing, then you will be able to move forward in the negotiation process.

    LZ: What does “success” in 2022 mean to you? It could be on a personal or business level, please share your vision.

    JM: It means that with the creation of the new iteration of GPS which is ASAP Accelerated Self-Assisted Publishing, that we create a seven-figure business that is morphing into an eight figure business. We are onboarding 20 to 30 new clients a month and that we've expanded our network and our team to be able to accommodate that type of skill and growth.

    Dr. John L. Mack helps and changes lives through his groundbreaking techniques and innovations. John plans on expanding his influence to reach more authors.

    Heather Peterson
    ZavoMedia PR Group
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  • The Law Offices of Timothy L. Miles Reminds Investors of a Class Action Lawsuit Against Outset Medical, Inc. (OM)

    logo with firm announcment

    The Law Offices of Timothy L. Miles Reminds Investors of a Class Action Lawsuit Against Outset Medical, Inc. (OM)


    Nationally Recognized Securities Class Action and Shareholder Rights Attorney Timothy L. Miles Selected as Nation’s Top One Percent of Attorneys by The National Association of Distinguished Counsel2

    Plaque for 2022 AV Preeminent Rating by Nationally Recognized Personal Injury Attorney Timothy L. MIles

    Nationally Recognized Personal Injury Attorney Timothy L. MIles Receives 2022 AV Preeminent Recognition

    A Ntionally Recognized Shareholder Rights Attorney

    Timothy L. Miles,

    man on stairs

    Timothy L. Miles, a nationally recognized shareholder rights attorney

    Class action lawsuit charges Outset Medical and certain of its top executive officers with violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

    Outset Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ:OM)

    Outset Medical Shareholders Urged to Contact the Firm fora Free Case Evaluationv”
    — Timothy L. Miles
    NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2022 / -- The Law Offices of Timothy L. Miles, who has been leading the fight to protect shareholder rights for over 20 years, announces that a purchaser of Outset Medicalk Inc. who suffered losses in Outset Medical stock, filed a class action complaint against the Company for alleged violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The Outset Medical class action lawsuit seeks to represent purchasers or acquirers of Outset Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ: OM) common stock between September 15, 2020 and June 13, 2022, inclusive (the “Class Period”). The Outset Medical class action lawsuit – captioned Plymouth County Retirement Association v. Outset Medical, Inc., No. 22-cv-04016 (N.D. Cal.) – charges Outset Medical and certain of its top executive officers with violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

    If you sufferrd losses in Outset Medical or would Like more informarion, visit us here.

    Outset Medical Mislead Investors

    Outset Medical’s flagship product is the Tablo Hemodialysis System, a dialysis machine that purifies tap water and then artificially purifies and removes toxins from the blood of patients suffering from kidney failure.

    Throughout the Class Period, Outset Medical touted that Tablo can “serve as a dialysis clinic on wheels” that had been “cleared by the [U.S.] Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the hospital, clinic or home setting.” However, devices used by non-professionals outside of a clinical setting and that can present serious health consequences like Tablo are subject to heightened scrutiny by the FDA, including post-market surveillance studies. Thus, though cleared by the FDA for sale, Tablo for use in the home setting was subject to additional studies, the results of which could require additional applications for clearance and approvals. And while performing further regulatory studies during the Class Period, Outset Medical assured investors that it was conducting the studies “in accordance with the FDA approved protocol,” which required an appropriate demonstration of “real-world” human testing given that the device would be used at home by non-professionals.

    But as the Outset Medical class action lawsuit alleges, undisclosed to investors, Outset Medical continuously made significant changes to Tablo for use in the home setting. The nature of these undisclosed changes: (i) made it likely that the FDA would order Outset Medical to cease all marketing and selling of Tablo for use in the home pending additional applications and approvals; and (ii) prevented Outset Medical from performing the requisite “real-world” human testing on a device cleared for sale, contrary to representations to investors.

    On May 4, 2022, Tablo Medical announced disappointing results for the first quarter of 2022, which analysts attributed, among other things, to the untested nature of Tablo in the home setting. On this news, the price of Outset Medical common stock declined more than 40% over the three trading days that followed.

    Then, on June 13, 2022, Outset Medical announced that the FDA had forced it to hold all shipments of Tablo for use in the home until Tablo received proper regulatory clearance. During a “Business Update” conference call held that day with analysts, Outset Medical CEO Leslie Trigg acknowledged the “ship hold” had already been in place for weeks before investors were provided this material information. Importantly, CEO Trigg disclosed for the first time that, rather than conducting studies using “real-world data” gathered in the “home environment” as Outset Medical previously stated was required by the FDA, in reality, Outset Medical had “run with a protocol that involves a simulated use environment at a human factors lab.” On this news, the price of Outset Medical stock fell an additional 34%, further damaging investors who suffered losses in Outset Medical stock.

    Outset Medical Shareholders Urged to Call the Firm

    If you purchased Outset Medical securities, have information, or have any questions concerning this announcement or your rights or interests with respect to these matters, please click here for more information or contact Timothy L. Miles, Esquire, at 615-587-7384, Toll-Free at 855-846-6529, or by email to If you inquire by email please include your mailing address, telephone number, and the number shares owned.

    About Timothy L. Miles

    Timothy L. Miles is a nationally recognized shareholder rights attorney raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Miles was recentely selected by Martindale-Hubbell® and ALM as a 2022 Top Ranked Lawyer and a 2022 Top Rated Litigator. Mr. Miles also maintains the AV Preeminent Rating by Martindale-Hubbell®, their highest rating for both legal ability and ethics. Mr. Miles is a member of the prestigious Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers: The National Trial Lawyers Association, a superb rated attorney by Avvo, a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by Premier Lawyers of America (2019) and recognized as a Distinguished Lawyer, Recognizing Excellence in Securities Law, by Lawyers of Distinction (2019). Awards: Top Rated Litigator by Martindale-Hubbell® and ALM (2019); 2019 Elite Lawyer of The South by Martindale-Hubbell® and ALM (2019); Member of the Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers: The National Trial Lawyers Association (2017-2019); AV® Preeminent™ Rating by Martindale-Hubble® (2014-2020); PRR AV Preeminent Rating on (2017 & 2019); The Top-Rated Lawyer in Litigation™ for Ethical Standards and Legal Ability (Martindale-Hubble® 2015); Lifetime Achievement Award by Premier Lawyers of America (2019); Superb Rated Attorney (Avvo); Avvo Top Rated Lawyer for (Avvo 2017-2020). Mr. Miles has authored numerous publications advocating for shareholdings including most recently: Free Portfolio Monitoring Services Offered by Plaintiff Securities Firms Provides Significant Benefits To Investors (Timothy L. Miles, Dec. 3, 2019).

    Timothy L. Miles, Esq.
    Law Offices of Timothy L. Miles
    109 Summit Ridge Ct.
    Nashville, TN 37215
    Telephone: (855-846-6529)
    Email: Website:

    Timothy Miles
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  • Arizona Garage Door Guru, Announces Emergency Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement in Phoenix

    Expert Garage Door Repair in Phoenix

    Expert Garage Door Repair in Phoenix

    Arizona Garage Door Guru Owner - James Lanham

    Arizona Garage Door Guru Owner - James Lanham

    Market Leader Arizona Garage Door Repair Guru

    Market Leader Arizona Garage Door Repair Guru

    Leading Phoenix-based garage door service, Arizona Garage Door Guru, has rolled out its emergency garage door spring repair service

    When your garage door breaks, The Guru is awake with 24-hour emergency garage door repair services. Thank you Arizonans for the many years of business and phenomenal reviews - we appreciate you!”
    — James AKA The Guru
    PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, July 11, 2022 / -- Arizona Garage Door Guru Announces Emergency Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement in Phoenix

    Leading Phoenix-based garage door service, Arizona Garage Door Guru, has rolled out its emergency garage door spring repair service.
    The new service means that the company will repair a garage door spring at any time and place across the city.

    Phoenix, AZ – Arizona Garage Door Guru, has formally announced a special emergency service meant to provide broken garage door spring replacement in Phoenix.

    The new service, according to the company, was something in the works for a while, especially since many, if not most of the emergency requests the company received were from homeowners stuck with a garage that either had a broken spring or one that had some other spring related problems.

    However, the most common fix for extension and torsion springs is simply replacing them.

    Many homeowners may not know this, but garage doors are designed to be robust performers. Even the cheapest garage doors are built to last five to seven years. However, various factors dictate the longevity of a garage door, one of which is the quality of the torsion or extension springs.

    Generally, budget garage door manufacturers will cut costs using lower quality and fewer springs. The two springs on lower-priced models often don’t last as long, which means either one or both may break because they wear out so quickly.

    Then you also need to factor in the number of cycles for the springs, which mainly means how many times a garage door opened and closed. That’s why broken garage door spring replacement in Phoenix is the most common garage door repair.

    Fortunately, garage door spring repair cost is comparatively low even if high-quality springs are used. Leading services like Arizona Garage Door Guru say that they use only the best after-market springs that are guaranteed to last long.

    However, if a garage door comes with two springs, it can’t be upgraded to four springs, which is why homeowners that open and close their garage doors more frequently will want to invest in a more robust model with four springs.

    Arizona Garage Door Guru’s prompt, emergency garage door spring replacement will mean that homeowners aren’t stranded with a broken garage door in the middle of the night. The company said that their technicians travel with all the tools and springs they need to complete the job.
    Readers can find out more about Arizona Garage Door Guru’s emergency spring replacement and emergency garage door repair by visiting

    “One of the most common emergency complaints we get from homeowners is that their garage door is stuck or that they think the spring is broken.

    Many of these complaints come in through the night and early morning when people return home or leave for work, only for the garage door to break on them. Since garage door springs are the most common complaint we’ve fielded over the years, we now offer an emergency service for people who know their garage door spring(s) have broken. This means our professionals will arrive with a fresh set of springs and replace them right away.” Said a technician working for Arizona Garage Door Guru.

    He added, “While many homeowners may be tempted to follow YouTube videos and replace their garage door spring, attempting this is dangerous. Garage doors weigh several hundred pounds, and the slightest mistake can cause personal harm. Fortunately, garage door spring repair costs are comparatively low, and as professionals, we can assure you of a job well done.”

    According to experts, the best way to prevent a garage door spring from suddenly failing is to get the garage door inspected annually. A professional annual inspection helps to find issues with various parts of the garage door’s mechanism, which can then be addressed to prevent sudden failure. For instance, if the garage door springs are beginning to wear, the technician may recommend replacing the torsion springs to ensure that the garage door performs reliably.

    Newer garage doors, often ones less than three years old, may not require an annual inspection and may still be under warranty. If the spring breaks on a newer garage door, it may be covered by the warranty, in which case, it is best to register a complaint with the company. However, under no circumstance should anyone attempt to replace torsion or extension springs on a garage door.

    About Arizona Garage Door Guru

    Arizona Garage Door Guru LLC is one of Phoenix, AZ's leading, most reputed garage door repair companies. The company has years of experience repairing and installing all types of garage doors.

    Over the years, Arizona Garage Door Guru has earned a reputation for offering excellent ‘value for money garage door repairs, backed by a professional warranty. In addition, people who find themselves stuck with a broken garage door can call the company anytime. The 24/7 service responds to most requests in a matter of minutes.

    James Lanham
    Arizona Garage Door Guru
    +1 602-540-9893
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  • BITCOINZ Skyrockets Attracting Interest With Upcoming Binance Smart Chain Bridge amid a Cryptocurrency Bloodbath

    BitcoinZ Value jumped 70% in less than 20 days while most crypto assets see a never ending slump during the last 3 months

    BitcoinZ Coin info

    Skins for Connect-Z Testnet by the BitcoinZ Community

    BTCZ is turning to a hedge against the hyper inflated "DeFi" platforms and their tokens. The BITCOINZ Community repeatedly warned for the upcoming disaster

    BITCOINZ will be soon available in popular blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, with the launch of the Connect-Z bridging platform which is already open for Community testing”
    — BITCOINZ Community
    LONDON, LONDON, UK, July 7, 2022 / -- During the recent weeks the vast majority of cryptocurrencies and tokens have seen huge losses that in many scenarios are between -60% down to -99% and this doesn't seem to be just an accidental event.

    Most specifically during the last 3 months popular assets like Bitcoin and Litecoin had a loss of more than -50% for their value.

    But the bigger losers of the last month are the so called "DeFi" projects that like Ethereum, Algorand , Polkadot and Solana, with loses that are even over -60% to -75% (The provided table contains information taken from the popular CoinmarketCap platform).

    However there was a specific cryptocurrency that skyrocketed during the last month gaining more than +70% . This is BITCOINZ.

    Trying to understand these moves : Why the "DeFi" platforms and their tokens had so huge losses ?

    The "Defi" platforms became trendy on 2019 and were introduced by Ethereum. Most of the recent DeFi projects have been battling with each other trying to be "the next Ethereum". The "DeFi" model is concentrated in the creation of tokens with smart contracts that interact with the mother chain and other tokens. Tokens are assets that don't have their own independent networks. By contrast, they depend on their mother network which offers a ready and easy to use infrastructure with wallets and exchanges to every potential "project creator/ token founder".
    The quotes are used because in the most cases fraudulent developers launch scam digital assets with token form, abusing this easiness.

    A token asset is a totally pre-mined one, completely away from the logic of classic cryptocurrency assets that Bitcoin had introduced with its Proof of Work (PoW) model. In a Bitcoin-like PoW blockchain , people are antagonizing with their hardware to solve algorithmic problems, participating in a decentralized network of transactions. So they get rewards for each new block, each new solution that they find. This way new coins are created slowly and are distributed to thousands or even millions of people around the world according to the rules of each PoW cryptocurrency network , like a fixed maximum supply, a defined curve for the emissions rate etc.

    On the contrary, a token asset is totally pre-mined which means that a founder created all of its supply and allocated it to an address... to his address.
    The token's founder using heavy marketing and the right connections (aka bribing influencers and owners of popular exchanges by giving them a percentage of this supply), creates an extreme demand for his new asset and literally sells thin air to all the buyers. He then jumps to his next creation, usually abandoning the previous one and the history is repeated again and again.

    In the end the investors and buyers are left with useless tokens that in most cases even hundreds of them have much lower value than the cost of the required gas fees in order to just move them in the mother network (mother networks are blockchains like Ethereum, Solana or Avalanche for example).
    This is what we call a "rug pull" and this is how the cryptocurrency landscape ended having countless useless "assets" and many new ones created every day. Obviously this would not end well.

    Which is the role of the mother networks? Do they follow the original cryptocurrency idea?

    The mother networks are usually company driven projects that are again either heavily premined (like Ethereum) or completely premined (most ETH wannabe chains). This means that when these networks had been launched, their founders allocated a huge part or all the coins' supply in their wallets. This gave them huge economical power to demonstrate and advertise their own "token-factory/DeFi" platform, targeting to be the next Ethereum:
    A project that would centralize almost every digital asset in its own network. This way a mother network makes its coins more precious because of the demand for "Gas fees" hence every proxy token, that depends on it, has to pay fees in iits mother network's coins. Exactly like many thousand ETH tokens do with Ethereum Fees, leading to the legendary ETH GAS fee spikes that had a cost of even over $170 in ETH. In simple words, a user that wished to transfer $100 in Shiba Inu, Safemoon or other tokens that were originally based on Ethereum, had to pay a cost that was almost double of the transferred sum (!). Many times with additional issues like network congestion and failures because of the high traffic.

    Of course again all the above have no relation with the original cryptocurrency idea, that Bitcoin introduced, for some obvious reasons :
    1) A classic cryptocurrency was supposed to offer Decentralization in the levels of coin Distribution, Governance and Network.
    The "Defi" model seems more like... Centralized Finance as the founders of these mother-chain platforms always receive a huge or the whole of their project's coin supply during the launch in their wallets.

    2) A Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency has the target to offer Freedom from Central Authorities and the lowest possible fees for borderless transactions.
    In the "DeFi" model the mother chain and his founder acts as a central authority in every level:
    -They allocated the supply to their wallets.
    -The network is not fully decentralized because specific servers support it and not potentially everyone like in PoW Projects
    (for example Cosmos and Luna networks had shut down for hours, Solana's network had repeatedly shut downin the past etc)
    - The fees can touch the sky with so many assets gathered on a single project as these mother chains act like a magnet for fraudulent token founders. "Assets" that are created without any use case, like meme and hype tokens made in order to make their founders rich.

    3) A cryptocurrency was supposed to act as a hedge against inflation, with fixed maximum supply and immutable rules. This was the concept and one of the main arguments of the crypto supporters versus the Central Banks and their printed money.
    In the "DeFi" model there is extreme inflation that is extremely worse than the inflation of most Central Banks.
    People are "Staking assets" in order to receive other "assets" which are going to give other "assets" and so on.
    In just two years the Ethereum Blockchain alone was full with useless and meme tokens that could not even act as a simple medium of transfer due to its extreme gas fees.

    The original cryptocurrency idea was without doubt one of the most genius discoveries ever but obviously the so called "DeFi" projects and their countless tokens are not. Actually they are an inflating bubble and a disgrace for the real cryptocurrency concept.
    This is why now this family of assets are the bigger losers with every market drop and it will get only worse since this kind of assets extremely outnumber the classic cryptocurrency networks.

    But why BITCOINZ made it to attract the interest of the buyers, against the general downtrend ?

    There are two main reasons behind this move.

    First Reason

    A team of developers have already launched the testing phase of Connect-Z.
    Connect-Z is a bridging platform that will enable the users of the BitcoinZ Blockchain to swap native BTCZ coins into wrapped / tokenized versions (wBTCZ) in other blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and more in the future.
    This way the BitcoinZ ecosystem will be dramatically expand , widening its audience with more mainstream users coming in contact with BITCOINZ, discovering its unique features and joining its highly active Community.

    Second Reason

    Most importantly, BITCOINZ is a pure cryptocurrency network that follows all the fundamentals that the classic Bitcoin introduced for years, with many extra advantages and this begins to be more and more obvious as the noise coming from unnumbered meaningless meme tokens and scam assets is fading during this bear crypto market. Some people inevitably discover what was the original cryptocurrency idea was about. What definitions like Decentralization, Freedom, Privacy, Democracy and Mining Algorithms mean.

    How BITCOINZ differs from the classic Bitcoin without breaking the classic fundamentals ?

    BITCOINZ (BTCZ) was launched on 2017 and is a pure cryptocurrency that offers solutions to all the five “flaws” of the legendary Bitcoin :

    1) Its scalability offered higher transaction speed and more transactions per second

    2) BITCOINZ’s high maximum supply is the ideal for easier prices without long non integer numbers.

    3) The 21B coin supply in combination with the much more transactions per second, guarantees super low, next to zero fees even if it had the BTC cap and network load. BitcoinZ is ideal for transferring even very small sums of under $10 with ~0% cost.

    4) BITCOINZ’s ASIC resistant Zhash algorithm protects the PC miners from the ASIC elites. This way it achieves a Decentralized Network with truly fair distribution of coins to the world Community. Not to the rich people owning an ASIC device.

    5) BITCOINZ features private transactions offering true privacy for everyone.

    6) (extra) BITCOINZ is a green Proof of Work Network since a) it utilizes a much more energy efficient algo than BTC b) the users can use their PCs for other activities while mining BTCZ because only the GPU is (mildly) used for the process and c) it supports more transactions per second with plenty of space for future upgrades.

    At the same time BITCOINZ fulfills all the fundamentals of a pure cryptocurrency :

    1) It was founded by anonymous founders and it is a 100% Community Driven project, with no central authority issuing coins.

    2) 100% of its coin supply is distributed to its network’s supporters (miners) with the Proof of Work model. Everyone if free to join it through the mining procedure, using just a PC.

    3) It had the fairest launch ever with absolutely no premine , no initial coin offerings and no instamine period (something that is questionable even for Bitcoin).

    4) It is an asset that acts as a hedge against inflation because it has a fixed maximum supply and reduced coin emission over time with fair and slow mining halving plan, every 4 years.

    Why BITCOINZ uses the "BITCOIN" name and why it is really different from the so many projects that used it.

    BITCOINZ used the "BITCOIN" name adding a Z because it honored and followed all the aforementioned fundamentals that the classic BITCOIN introduced (fair rules, 100% Community Driven, 100% Decentralized, 100% Proof of Work) and at the same time it offed Zero fees, only PC-mining with its Zhash algorithm and optional privacy based on the Zk-snarks cryptography. So there was no better name to describe all these than "BITCOIN+Z".

    It is worth mentioning that BITCOINZ is the oldest (launched on 2017) and maybe the only "BITCOIN" named project that can still be mined with a normal PC and it is not a Bitcoin blockchain fork since it had its own genesis block.

    Other crypto projects that have used the "Bitcoin" name, did it afterwards, in a misleading way or they are just copies of the BITCOIN's blockchain (blockchain-forks) that have given free coins (forkdrops) to the Bitcoin holders. In such a way, these "BITCOIN" named projects try to enjoy a high free exposure by distributing coins to the BITCOIN owners. Sometimes bad actors from the BITCOIN chain-fork projects even steal the private keys from the BTC owners that try to claim their free coins in the BTC-forks.

    In contrast, BITCOINZ had its own unique blockchain exactly like Bitcoin did and never made any forkdrops. Offering equal opportunities to everyone by distributing the 100% of its supply to the whole world Community and not to a closed team. Exactly like a real cryptocurrency should be destined to do, being the gift of Freedom and Equality.

    A Conclusion for the cryptocurrency moves of the last months

    As a conclusion, the moves of the last months are a trend and not a random event.
    The biggest victims of this new downtrend are the very overvalued cryptocurrencies and the DeFi projects, especially tokens that have hyper-inflated supply or represent useless meme/scam projects .
    BITCOINZ, being among the most decentralized, classic, pure mineable projects with many advantages over Bitcoin, fixed supply and the most fair rules ever, makes it to surprise everyone acting as a hedge against inflation, centralized assets and scam tokens.
    A positive trend that is going to be accelerated further, especially with the upcoming Connect-Z platform that is going to offer the BTCZ asset in very popular platforms like in Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchain.

    Discover 33 reasons why BITCOINZ should not go unnoticed

    Get your BITCOINZ Discord channel Invitation here

    Exchanges where you can trade BITCOINZ

    PS. Please be always extra careful for bad actors giving fake contract addresses in BSC and claiming that they are BTCZ contracts (like they do with other assets). When Connect-Z is completed, you will find legitimate Contract Address provided by the BitcoinZ Community in the official sites and in the BITCOINZ associated CoinmarketCap / CoinGecko pages.

    Rok Mikuz
    Visit us on social media:

  • New Revelations Affecting the Illinois Attorney General Office

    David Shestokas for Illinois Attorney General

    David Shestokas for Illinois Attorney General

    This case will not be resolved before the election. With legitimate questions being raised from the actual court documents, we simply must consider the facts, right now, before voting.”
    — Col. Larry Kaifesh
    ORLAND PARK, IL, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2022 / -- A well known political analyst, Col. Larry Kaifesh USMC (Ret.), has released the news of some unsettling revelations related to an ongoing federal lawsuit against one of the Attorney General Candidates in Illinois, Tom DeVore.

    "This case will not be resolved before the election. With legitimate questions being raised from the actual court documents, we simply must consider the facts, right now, before voting," said Col. Kaifesh.

    Kaifesh refers to the federal lawsuit of Walch vs. Thomas DeVore, et al. in United States District Court Central District of Illinois, Case No. 3:19-cv-03191. The case arises from DeVore’s involvement in an alleged burglary, theft of guns and coins and the deprivation of the defendant's Constitutional rights. Excerpts from the lawsuit follow.

    Page 5 of 21:


    28. Soon after (citizen) left the property of Plaintiffs, Defendant DEVORE and Defendant Deputy MORGAN returned to Plaintiffs’ property.
    29. Then and there Defendant DEVORE and Defendant Deputy MORGAN broke out a window in the back of the Hatchery Building to obtain access to said building. Said Defendants broke a lock securing access to the office of Plaintiff JAMES WALCH. Said door is clearly marked with an address “^^^^.”
    30. Once inside the office, Defendants proceeded to cut a padlock on a large cabinet and then cut a padlock from a footlocker with the name “^^^^” printed on said locker. At that time, they proceeded in taking the property of Plaintiffs.
    31. Then and there Defendant DEVORE and Defendant Deputy MORGAN began taking personal property located at Plaintiffs’ property.
    32. At some point during Defendant DEVORE and Defendant Deputy MORGAN’s looting, Plaintiff (^^^^) observed Defendants taking personal property from her property.
    33. Plaintiff (^^^^) confronted Defendants about the items belonging to her and her husband.
    From Page 6 of 21

    34. To which Defendant Deputy MORGAN informed Plaintiff (^^^^) that Defendant DEVORE could take whatever he wanted.
    35. The looting became so overwhelming for Defendants Deputy MORGAN and DEVORE that Defendant DEVORE secured the assistance of approximately a dozen other men, the Identities are unknown at this time.
    36. All of this looting occurred under the watchful eye of Defendant Deputy MORGAN ensuring that no one interfered with Defendants raid on Plaintiffs’ property.
    37. None of the property seized on this second visit had any indication of ownership by (^^^^). The personal property seized on this visit sat on real property not in the bankruptcy estate of (^^^^).
    Personal Property Stolen from Plaintiffs

    38. Due to the manner in which Defendants forced themselves on to Plaintiffs, it is unknown the extent of the personal property seized during the raid.
    39. What follows is a non-exhaustive list of items Defendants removed from Plaintiffs’ property May 3, 2019:
    a. 9 mm Glock 27, Serial # AS194US
    b. 9 mm Ruger P-85, Serial # 302-44781
    c. 9 mm Taurus GSC, Serial #TLX81662
    d. .380 Diamondback DB380, Serial #ZG5952
    e. 4,000 Silver Coins with an approximate value of ten thousand dollars.
    f. Ammunition, which was purchased in bulk and stored at the Hatcher Building
    g. AR15 Upper Palmetto State Armory
    h. AR15 Palmetto AR 15 Upper 16"
    From Page 7 of 21

    i. AR15 Palmetto AR 15 Upper 16” (Second)
    j. 9mm Glock17, Serial DEK245
    k. 44 Cal. Taurus Raging Bull, Serial BM571613
    l. 12 GG Remington 870 Classic Trap, Serial D884575M
    m. 22 LR Ruger Mark 2, Serial 18-17497
    n. 22 LR Rugger 1022, Serial 12485908
    o. LAR15 Rock River Arms, Serial 12619
    p. Mauser firearm, Serial Z6078
    q. Misc. Lower Receiver, approximately 30 units
    40. The full extent of the property will likely never be known as Defendants DEVORE and Deputy MORGRAN took no inventory during the conversion of Plaintiffs’ property. Since the Theft, Plaintiffs Have Unsuccessfully Tried to Secure Personal Property
    41. Without any indication … Defendants were able to clean out a building on Plaintiffs’ property.
    42. After the items were removed, Defendants have refused to provide an accounting of the items that were stolen from Plaintiffs on May 3, 2019.
    43. Defendant DEVORE, acting on behalf of Defendant CNB, refused to provide any information as items removed, and in addition, invited Plaintiffs to “create a conflict” with Defendant CNB and Defendant Montgomery County.
    To this time, the status of the arsenal and cash taken from the private citizens is unknown.


    Col. Larry Kaifesh USMC (Ret) served in combat in Iraq and sensitive command posts thru Afghanistan, Jordon, and Kuwait. With a Masters Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College, he worked for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense as Battle Captain. He served as a Congressional Fellow for Congressman John Kline (R) of Minnesota and ran for U.S. Congress in the IL-8th District against Tammy Duckworth. Col. Kaifesh is highly decorated, having a Bronze Star and other metals for his service and valor. Through media and personal appearances, he advances the values and principles of our Founding Fathers, supporting and defending the Constitution.

    David Shestokas is an expert on our Founding documents, a former Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney and author of Creating the Declaration of Independence, Constitutional Sound Bites, and Capsulas Informativas Constitucionales, explaining the meaning and historical context of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, to Spanish reading audiences. He is currently running against DeVore to become the Illinois Attorney General candidate. Shestokas is the only candidate running who has prosecuted a felony crime, having prosecuted 400 felonies and over 10,000 misdemeanors. More info:

    David Shestokas
    Committee to Elect David Shestokas
    +1 708-213-7955
    Visit us on social media:

  • ‘Broken Crayons Still Colour’ How PTSD UK Is Helping People Understand Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Through Art

    Cover of the PTSD UK book

    Cover of the PTSD UK book

    Inside page of PTSD UK book

    Inside page of PTSD UK book

    Inside page of PTSD UK book

    Inside page of PTSD UK book

    PTSD UK are launching their first art book to help people understand more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    EDINBURGH, MIDLOTHIAN, UNITED KINGDOM, June 21, 2022 / -- 27th June marks International PTSD Awareness Day and to honour this, PTSD UK are launching their first art book to help people understand more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – a condition which is estimated to affect over 2,600,000 people in the UK at any one time.

    Broken Crayons Still Colour: Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through Art is a collection of almost 200 unique artwork pieces (including poetry, illustrations, digital design, glasswork, sculpture and quilting) which express the experiences of people affected by PTSD and C-PTSD and were kindly submitted to PTSD UK as part of an art competition they ran.

    PTSD UK is the only charity in the UK dedicated to raising awareness of PTSD –a condition that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a trauma. A trauma is defined as an event or events which provoke fear, helplessness, or horror in response to the threat of injury or death and therefore can affect anyone. Examples of traumatic events include assault, road traffic incident, natural disasters, domestic
    abuse, child abuse, war, acts of terrorism and traumatic childbirth.

    The majority of people exposed to traumatic events experience some short-term distress, but eventually, their trauma fades to a memory – painful, but not destructive. However, around 20% of people who experience a trauma go on to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD or C-PTSD). In the UK, that’s around 6,665,000 people, yet it is still an incredibly misunderstood, often misdiagnosed and stigmatised condition – and so the mission of PTSD UK is to raise awareness of PTSD and help support everyone affected by the condition, no matter the trauma that caused it.

    CEO and Founder of PTSD UK, Jacqui Suttie said, “I know first-hand that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can make you feel helpless, alone and isolated from those around you – but having a book, filled with beautiful imagery and insightful words which lets you see that you’re not alone, is something that we felt would be so valuable in moments of despair when you’re looking for comfort from PTSD or C-PTSD. Just knowing that other people have those same thoughts, feel the same overwhelming fear and dread that you have and physically experience their trauma time and time again like you do at night, along with messages of hope and resilience can provide reassurance, comfort and ultimately feelings of empowerment and control to help people work towards recovery when they’re ready.

    Additionally, art therapy has increasingly shown significant and sustained benefits as a complementary and integrative therapy option for people with PTSD and C-PTSD. Trauma affects both the verbal and non-verbal aspects of memory and art therapy can allow the brain to open up in a different way to other therapies, enabling complex feelings to be expressed. It can provide a safe environment for authentic expression, an opportunity to ‘verbalise’ inner emotions without having to talk, can help contain overwhelming emotions and help reconcile feelings of guilt. This is why this book has been created.”

    The A4 hardback book contains over 250 pages of incredibly powerful artwork with some explicit content and themes from people affected by PTSD and C-PTSD including those with the condition themselves and also their loved ones affected in their own way too. The book also hopes to inspire people to make their own art and so contains several pages at the back to write, doodle or scribble thoughts and feelings.

    The book is priced at £30, and all profits from this book will be donated to PTSD UK – the only charity in the UK dedicated to raising awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (both PTSD and Complex PTSD) and the causes, symptoms & the treatments available, no matter the trauma that caused it.

    You can order a copy directly from PTSD UK on their website (for pre-orders, books will be shipped to arrive on the 27th June):

    Jacqui Suttie
    email us here
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  • Pact Renewables announces the introduction of plastic-free soil degradable seedling pots to Australian markets

    Logo for dPOT product brand

    dPOT Seedling Pot/Logo/

    The seedling pots are made from common industrial minerals and form part of an agricultural container product line to be progressively offered from July 2022.

    SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, June 20, 2022 / -- The magnitude and urgency of challenges associated with the disposal of plastic pots is acknowledged by both governments and industry around the world, and whilst several initiatives, such as the EU's approach of "Re-think plastics" and refund strategies are currently being actively pursued, the fact remains that very little progress has been made towards finding and implementing sustainable solutions based on appropriate technologies. Consequentially, the bulk of agricultural planting containers, made of low-quality plastics, continue to be discarded in landfills or incinerated.

    Dr Aharon Arakel, the director and chief technologist of Pact Renewables said, “Our mineral-based planting containers, collectively known as dPOT planting containers, offer wide-ranging applications from household gardening to horticulture, reforestation and mine site land rehabilitation, and we are pleased to coincide our announcement with World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, that we celebrated on 17 June, and highlights the need for increasing resilience of agricultural practices in many drought impacted regions and countries, whilst reducing the use of plastic planting containers burdened with high life cycle costs.

    Dr Arakel went on to say, “As we announced in our January press release, we have over a number of years developed, systematically assessed, and confirmed the applicability of our mineral-based composites technology for the production of degradable feedstock for manufacture of plantable containers. An overriding objective which we have now largely achieved is generating a microenvironment within these degradable containers that offers high water retention capacity for healthy and uninterrupted plant growth, from seeding to mature plant stage. We have found that having a seedling pot with the ability to provide a controlled pH and a low watering frequency requirement is ideal for healthy plant growth in remote areas, whether it is an arid zone or a mine site requiring rehabilitation; and we believe that our seedling pots are the right solutions for such applications. This has necessitated undertaking a rigorous product performance assessment program, using a variety of prototypes of seedling pots and self-watering pots that incorporate old plastic pots as outer lining, as well as pots for growing herbs and flowers that thrive in certain soil pH ranges. Based on our findings earlier this year, we finalised the micro-engineering design of the products for various market segments before completing the related techno-economic evaluations. I am now pleased to announce that commencing from July this year the dPOT seedling pots, as our introductory product line in both standard and nutrient enriched versions for domestic use in Australia, will be available through our affiliated business arm, dCore Australia.”

    Dr Arakel went on to conclude, “With a high technology readiness level for our degradable planting containers and a rigorous IP protection strategy already in place, we are now ready to provide access to our technology to interested parties for worldwide commercialisation of dPOT planting containers via technology licensing, product-based JV partnership, contract R&D for product optimisation, related advisory and training services or any other mutually acceptable arrangements. I welcome enquiries and requests for further information from the interested parties; we are particularly keen to partner in projects where our soil degradable planting containers and our in-house skills for design rethinking of agricultural pots can be beneficially applied to address the menaces of climate change, such as water shortage in agriculture and reduction in reliance on plastics in mine site and forest revegetation projects.”

    About Pact Renewables
    Pact Renewables is a private technology development company and owner of a portfolio of sustainable technologies for waste reduction via product recovery with measurable impactful outcomes. The Company draws from the skills of highly qualified personnel, including scientists, engineers, and ecologists, along with Dr. Aharon Arakel, the lead technology developer and a recognised world expert in the field of product recovery from saline waste streams. In addition to holding a proprietary technology portfolio and expertise, the Company operates specialised in-house material testing and field demonstration facilities to cater for the needs of industries seeking integrated services for addressing waste challenges, improving their value chain, and achieving their sustainability objectives.

    Aharon Arakel
    Pact Renewables Pty Ltd
    +61 2 9484 4274
    email us here

  • Military Expert and Historian Offers Way to Deter School Shooters

    This is a photo of Dr. William R. Forstchen.

    An advocate for arming teachers, William Forstchen holds a doctoral degree from Purdue University with a specialization in military history and technology.

    This is a photo of the cover of Day of Wrath

    Forstchen drew upon an actual event, the Beslan school siege that took place in Russia in 2004, to inform his perspective as well as his book, Day of Wrath — the basis of which he calls “an all-too-real threat that we absolutely must consider now.”

    What can or should be done about the latest wave of gun violence — particularly in schools? Dr. William R. Forstchen, a teacher for 45 years, has an idea.

    They would be the ‘unknown factor’ in every single school.”
    — Dr. William R. Forstchen

    WASHINGTON, D.C., WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, June 17, 2022 / -- After a rash of mass shootings, including the horrific massacre inside a Texas elementary school, legislators in Washington are debating what can be done. Military expert and historian Dr. William R. Forstchen spelled out his suggestion in an opinion editorial published by The Washington Times.

    “Train and arm teachers,” Forstchen wrote. “Not all teachers, never anyone who says they don’t want to (and live in a bubble of hope, rather than reality). In every school, from elementary to college, there are former military personnel working as teachers, coaches and administrators. Many would volunteer for rigorous training if it offered the chance of protecting our students. Train them and arm them to carry concealed, even if it is just a light-caliber pistol slipped into a holster under a jacket.”

    Forstchen’s perspective is informed by his 45 years of teaching and by the Beslan school siege in 2004 — an Islamic terror attack against a Russian school that left 333 people dead, including 186 children.

    He believes that arming teachers could serve as a deterrent, or at the very least, a way to stop school shooters in their tracks.

    “They would be the ‘unknown factor’ in every single school,” Forstchen wrote. “They would be the men and women who, in those first precious seconds, would react rather than hide, be it against a lone killer or even a trained team of killers. They could buy time for other responders to rush in, rather than wait outside while mayhem runs rampant within.

    “They would be the ones who would willingly put their lives on the line … but would be the surprise factor in a school that would fight back when seconds counted. They might not stop, but they would at least slow down an aggressor and buy time for a swift response … In so doing, they just might prevent a Beslan massacre from happening here.”

    The Beslan incident also prompted Forstchen to write the book, Day of Wrath, which presents the unsettling scenario of ISIS-inspired teams launching a coordinated attack on schools — a threat he views as all-too realistic.

    William R. Forstchen is a New York Times bestselling author and holds a doctoral degree from Purdue University with a specialization in military history and technology. He is a noted expert historian and public speaker and has been interviewed on FOX News, C-SPAN, and Coast to Coast on topics ranging from history to technology and cultural issues, to space technology development, to security threats.

    To read the entire op-ed, visit More information about Day of Wrath can be found here:

    Trish Stevens
    Ascot Media Group, Inc.
    +1 832-334-2733
    email us here
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  • Davao Medical School Foundation No 1 for Medical Studies in Philippines Practical Training With Cadavers

    Davao Medical college Practical Training With Cadavers  Graduation day

    Davao Medical school Foundation Graduation day Library

    Davao Medical School Foundation Library

    Davao Medical School Foundation best choice for Indian Students

    CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, June 16, 2022 / -- Philippine as a Country

    The country boasts of its opulent natural beauty in its many spectacular seashore, tropical climate & rich bio diversity. More than that, the Philippines' unique and complex culture, as exemplified by its people, cuisine & lifestyle attracts many people to visit the country. The Philippines is known for having an abundance of beautiful beaches and delicious fruit. It is a collection of islands located in the South East Asia and is named after the King Philip II of Spain. The Philippines is also home to world renowned natural wonders like an Underground River and Rice terraces, Incredible diving spots, colorful public transportation, unique cuisine, vibrant festivals that showcase its colorful culture and friendly locals regarded as some of the specialties of this country.

    The Philippines is an Archipelago found in the South East Asia that is comprised of more than 7000 islands, dotting the Pacific Ocean. With its long coastline, the country is gifted with stretches of Pristine White Sand Beaches, surrounded by crystal clear water. In fact several Philippine Islands and Beaches like Boracay, Palawan, and Siago have been consistently named as the best in the world by major travel publications.

    "Marinduque" is called "the heart of the Philippines" as the shape of the provincial Island is similar to that of a human heart. Its location on the arrangement of the Archipelago is also similar to the anatomy of where the Heart is in the human body.

    Philippines as an Academic Spot - All you need to know about pursuing needful education in the Philippines:

    According to Gallup's Index, the Philippines is ranked amongst the Happiest countries in the world. Pursuing MBBS or any other educational courses in this country is a wise decision. The universities in Philippines offers a world class education in the field of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, business and many more subjects. Philippines has been a sought after destination to pursue medical education since the past few years. Besides its affordable medical universities, bountiful natural resources, acceptance of English language, the country welcomes diversity like the none other. The locals are extremely hospitable towards foreign students and tourists. In general, the Filipinos are warm, cheerful people with a great sense of humor. Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world. English is extensively used everywhere in the world. Pursuing MBBS in the Philippines is a wise decision. Medical education in the Philippines is an easily workable option for various reasons, including similarities like homely and welcoming culture, affordable cost of living & tuition, compatible quality of education, state of the art infrastructure and advanced educational methods.

    The current education system in the Philippines requires 4 years of college grades after high school to receive a Bachelor's degree. An Indian student who has studied in India under the 10+2 system needs to complete a BS course before enrolling for an MD program. To be precise enough, an Indian student pursues a BS + MD course of 1.5 to 2 years and 4 years respectively. The system is expected to ease out in the forthcoming years as Philippines is also switching over to the 10+2 system.

    The country is becoming one of the finest medical education hubs in the world. Renowned institutes are rapidly growing to attract more international students every year. The universities in the Philippines are having amazing student resource centers, Expat and Alumni communities, students hostel with great meal plans including Vegetarian and Non - Vegetarian meals in the Indian style, thrice a day.

    Education Pattern:

    India follows the British system of education where in the education pattern of the Philippines is US based. The private colleges here in the Philippines are still less expensive and budget friendly unlike in India. Also there is no capitation fee for admissions which is an added advantage.

    Davao City:

    Davao is the most populous city in Mindanao and the third largest city in the Philippines known for its bustling economic activities, urban build-up and modern amenities. The city is also nicknamed as the "Durian Capital of Philippines", & "Chocolate Capital of Philippines". The city of Davao is facilitated with an International Airport & Seaport paving an easy path for global accessibility. Mindanao is known as the land of promise because of its rich bio diversity & natural resources. The land beholds an incredible wealth from nature. The city was recognized by the international community in the year 2013, as the 1st 100% smoke free metropolitan city in association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) region Davao City is one of the most important economies in the island, the third most important urban center in the Philippines. By all accounts, Davao city is considered as one of the safest cities in the Philippines, to live in. Commercial establishments, places of worship, hospitals & schools are highly accessible as well.

    Why Davao Medical School Foundation? - An Overview:

    Davao Medical School Foundation is the first Medical college which was found in the year 1976 in the city of Davao, Philippines. Since then it has attracted intelligent experience a world class education. The DMSF is committed to creating Intellectual Superiority and world top professionals.

    Effective Medical Learning @ The Davao Medical School Foundation:

    Students pursuing medicine in DMSF have access to
     Cadavers : A dead human body that is used by medicos to learn Anatomy and dissect Cadavers as a part of their education.
     A Virtual Human body (i.e.) a digitalized human body dissection tool for highly accurate real anatomy view.
     World class facilities including smart classrooms.
     Modernized laboratory that has various specialties for carrying out work that demands a thorough understanding practical experience.
     There is a 3D simulation lab as well as an Anatomy lab that comes with the latest equipment to make sure that the students can have hands-on session during the training period.
     A team learning center with a huge computer lab that provides a high speed Wi-Fi - internet facility that is available at all times for the students.
     DMSF also boasts of a vast book house that has a choice selection of thousands of books, e-books, pamphlets, providing an ideal place for students to do their work while broadening their knowledge.
     The hostel in DMSF is huge and spacious, with well furnished and Air conditioned rooms.
     There is also a ground and a food court situated within the hostel campus.

    Being a student of MBBS of DMSF gives the student a Privilege to intern at some of the best hospitals in the country that are associated with the college. The amount of practical exposure the students earn especially during their final year of studies helps them immensely in their career.

    Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Davao Medical School Foundation:

    1. The student must have completed 12th standard from a recognized board and must have studied Biology at the Intermediate level.
    2. Must have scored at least 50% marks in class 12th.
    3. Must qualify NEET - UG for an admission in BS+MD.
    4. After completing the BS course for 12-18 months, the student will have to appear for the NMAT (National Medical Admission Test) to pursue the MD Program that is for 4.5 Years inclusive of Clerkship.

    Wrap up, pack your bags and get started! Ready and up to begin your Journey and we travel along to let you experience the pleasure of your Dream come true here @ the DMSF!

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