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  • Phonics Songs plus with Songs by Donny and Marie Osmond for Children Having Reading Difficulty

    The author explains why teaching phonics with songs has advantages over traditional phonics instruction, especially for children with reading difficulty.

    A reason reading scores are so low is that we are missing a fundamental step in the teaching of reading, and it is not phonics.”
    — Matthew Glavach
    CLOVERDALE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2022 / -- A first-grade study using songs and chanting showed significant improvement in reading and attitude scores over
    traditional phonics. The Study: "The Effects of Singing and Chanting
    on the Reading Achievement and Attitudes of First Graders" was a doctoral dissertation completed at Clemson University.

    The author of this article Matthew Glavach, Ph.D. describes how using songs for teaching phonics benefits reading programs and describes how his program helps children with reading, especially children with reading difficulty, and the power that music and songs can have for learning.

    The author’s program PHONICS SONGS plus grades one and two are based on original instructional song lyrics written by the author with the music and songs by Donny and Marie Osmond. PHONICS SONGS plus has important phonics skills embedded in each song and hundreds of high-frequency reading words (sight words) appropriate for grades one and two. Songs have advantages over traditional
    phonics, and most importantly, it is fun and works.

    A difficulty with using songs for reading is that children often memorize the songs, and the words are in sequential memory. The author uses a finger-point reading activity with each song that has students identify words quickly putting the words into long-term memory and available for reading. A difficulty with songs on a computer screen is that many children cannot follow the bouncing ball. Children need to point to
    each word.

    A reason why reading scores are so low is that we are missing a
    fundamental step in the teaching of reading, and it is not phonics. The
    science of reading is pointing in the direction of phonics, and it works well for
    many, but not all.

    Traditional phonics relies mainly on one learning style, one that many
    children may not be ready for or respond to. Children, especially children from challenged or disadvantaged environments, have been found to have underdeveloped or delayed language development and poor auditory discrimination for sounds. Distinguishing sounds is fundamental to learning to read.

    Music with lyrics helps develop reading skills. The rhythm in songs is slower than speech and there is more separation of sounds This helps children develop the sounds for letters and improves auditory discrimination for sounds. The melody of songs can help with developing fluent reading skills. And the words in songs help in the development of language.

    Listening to, playing, reading, and creating music, involves almost every part of the brain. If one pathway is weak, music can help open others. With practice, songs build stronger connections between the right and left sides of the brain and can bring many to read.

    Learning to read requires attention, engagement, and repetition, all a part of singing.
    PHONICS SONGS plus is for all students, including students with reading difficulty and English as a Second Language. The program is easy to use by parents and teachers and brings fun and joy to reading. For those of us who go back a few years, Donny and Marie bring fond memories. The thirty-three songs include major phonics skills for grades one and two and hundreds of sight words. The program is available on the author’s website for only 14.95 for the songbook and finger-point reading activities, and 14.95 for the CD with the songs for each grade at and Amazon.

    Matthew Glavach, Ph.D.
    Glavach & Associates,
    + 17078945047
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  • Customerization is now a Canada Digital Adoption Program Digital Advisor

    CDAP - Boost Your Business Technology Grant Canada

    CDAP - Boost Your Business Technology Grant Canada

    Toronto, CA – 30 September 2022 Canadian businesses can now take advantage of the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) with the help of a new Digital Advisor.

    CONCORD, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 30, 2022 / -- Customerization, an SMB Technology Consultant based in Toronto, has been officially accepted as a CDAP Digital Advisor for the Stream 2 - Boost Your Business Technology program. The Canada Digital Adoption Program is a federal government initiative that helps SMBs adopt digital technologies and tools to grow their businesses.

    As a CDAP Digital Advisor, Customerization will provide one-on-one advice and guidance to Canadian SMBs looking to improve their digital capabilities. Customerization will be helping Canadian businesses across the country to identify the right approach to modernizing their technology architecture, guiding them on the principles of smart choice of software tools and technologies for their businesses, and providing advice on how to best use them.

    What is CDAP, and who can benefit from it?

    The Canada Digital Adoption Program is part of the Government of Canada's Innovation and Skills Plan, a multi-year strategy to make Canada a world leader in innovation and create good, well-paying jobs for the middle class.

    CDAP aims to help businesses across Canada become more productive, competitive, and efficient. By adopting digital technologies, businesses can grow revenues and create new jobs. CDAP will also help businesses save time and money and improve their customer service.

    CDAP consists of two streams:

    1. Grow your business online stream will help up to 90,000 small businesses take advantage of e-commerce opportunities. Eligible businesses will receive a micro-grant of up to $2,400 to help with the costs related to adopting digital technologies.

    2. Boost your business technology under the CDAP stream provides funding for businesses to receive training and professional services to help them adopt new technologies. This stream is specifically for businesses that are not ready to adopt digital technologies but want to learn more about how to do so.
    How can you boost your digital technology?

    As an output of Stream 2 of the grant, CDAP provides a way for small businesses to get help from an advisor who the Government approves of Canada. This means that the advisor has been through a rigorous review process and has the necessary qualifications to help small businesses with their digital technology needs.

    The CDAP chose Customerization as its Digital Advisor because of its experience working with businesses of all sizes across various industries and its proven track record of helping businesses adopt new technologies.

    Are you eligible to get this service?

    As a small or medium-sized business owner, you may be looking to adopt new customer relationship software, digital inventory management systems, network security software, and other technologies to improve your bottom line. The Canadian government's Boost Your Business Technology funding can help you cover 90% of the cost of developing a digital adoption plan, up to a maximum of $15,000.

    To be eligible for the Boost Your Business Technology funding, businesses must meet specific criteria:
    - Be incorporated federally or provincially, or be a Canadian resident sole proprietor
    - Be a for-profit, privately owned business
    - Have between 1 – 499 full-time equivalent employees
    - Have at least CAD$500,000 of annual revenues in one of the previous three tax years.

    Suppose you’re eligible and have completed the digital needs assessment. In that case, you can apply for a grant to cover 90%, up to a maximum of $15,000, of the cost of developing a digital adoption plan. A roster of expert digital advisory service providers is available to help you build your plan. Eligible businesses will be able to search the Digital Advisor Marketplace using a range of criteria, such as the industry sector, area of expertise, language, and geographic location, to find advisory partners like Customerization to help your business boost its technology adoption.

    How can you get the grant?

    Getting a grant from the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a 9-step process. Steps 1-6 refer to the digital roadmap development. In contrast, further steps refer to the funding of the implementation of the developed and approved technology roadmap as well as youth placement support.

    1. Canadian SMEs access the Stream assessment tool on the CDAP website.
    2. Eligible SMEs are directed to Stream 2.
    3. SMEs use the Digital Needs Assessment (DNA) tool to assess their digital maturity.
    4. SMEs accepted into Stream 2 are provided access to CDAP's Digital Advisor Marketplace to find a Digital Advisor to work with. You can choose Customerization Inc. or any other verified advisor from the CDAP marketplace.
    5. SME and Digital Advisor agree on the cost and scope of the digital adoption plan, including payment timelines.
    6. SME submits their completed digital plan to CDAP and then requests a grant to cover up to 90% (max $15,000) of the plan's cost. The grant is paid to the SME.
    7. With a digital adoption plan in hand, SMEs can apply to BDC for an interest-free loan of up to $100,000 to help execute their plan.
    8. SMEs participating in Stream 2 will be eligible for a youth placement wage subsidy to help them implement their plans.
    9. They will be asked to provide feedback on their program experience and share how it helped their business.

    What should you do now?

    Now that you know about the Customerization & Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) and the benefits it can offer your business, it's time to take the next step.

    Reach out to Customerization and let them know that you're interested in learning more about the CDAP. They will be able to provide you with more information about the program and answer any questions you may have.

    Suppose you're already in the CDAP process and haven't found a digital advisor who can help you navigate the program and make the most of its benefits. In that case, Customerization can be your valuable advisor.

    Contact Customerization today and let them help you take your business to the next level.

    Kira Tchernikovsky
    Customerization Inc
    +1 647-917-9778
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  • Bridget Brady Joins The Podcast Connector as Preferred Vendor

    Bridget Brady

    The Podcast Connector has announced today that they are excited to welcome Bridget Brady as their new Preferred Vendor for Digital Marketing.

    WEST PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2022 / -- Bridget Brady is the Founder and CEO of Amp Up My Biz, and through her company and digital marketing prowess, Bridget catapults businesses of all sizes to unbridled success. Bridget has leveraged her expertise to hire a team of world-class designers, writers, marketing strategists, and coaches to make her company the go-to for businesses that want to grow quickly without headaches.

    She makes every step of the scaling process a breeze while implementing social media marketing, graphic design, web development, e-mail marketing, and so much more. If you’re looking to partner with a digital marketing strategist who can offer the wisdom and experience of a seasoned professional, look no further. All of Bridget’s digital marketing strategies are bespoke and designed from the ground up for her clients. There is no ‘one size fits all solution regarding the best digital marketing strategies. While all her clients come to her because they want to gain traffic, Bridget employs an arsenal of tools and skills for their specific needs. The results are clear in the form of highly successful businesses and entrepreneurs in a variety of spaces and niches.

    Entrepreneurs tend to spin their wheels trying to find ways to market their business and get more visibility, but this is a time and money-consuming task. While podcast outreach and pitching can be done independently, The Podcast Connector takes all of the hassles out by connecting their clients to the right podcasts in their preferred partner listing.

    The Podcast Connector looks forward to collaborating with Bridget Brady and the clients who join forces with her to launch their idea out into the world. More information can be found on our website.


    The Podcast Connector connects vision-led guests and aligned podcasts to help their voices be heard and make maximum impact.

    Sinead Acevedo
    The Podcast Connector
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  • Marshall Goldsmith, Acclaimed Executive Coach, wins Best of Los Angeles Award- “BEST MOTIVATIONAL BOOK - 2022”

    Marshall Goldsmith

    Marshall Goldsmith

    BOLLA - 2022 Awards

    the earned life marshall gold book

    “We're honored to include Marshall Goldsmith into our BoLAA family.” ~Aurora DeRose

    LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 / -- Marshall Goldsmith, Acclaimed Executive Coach, wins Best of Los Angeles Award- “BEST MOTIVATIONAL BOOK - 2022”, according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the Best of Los Angeles Award community.

    The “Best of Los Angeles Award” community was formed six years ago and consists of over 7,800 professional members living and working in Southern California. It celebrates the best people, places, and things in Los Angeles with the slogan “No Ads. No B.S. Only the Best.”

    “The mission of the community is to celebrate the best of Los Angeles, and allow its community members to connect with other members who share the highest standards of quality and integrity,” expresses DeRose. “We're honored to include Marshall Goldsmith into our BoLAA family.” ~Aurora DeRose

    In The Earned Life, pioneering leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith, shows people how to live their own lives—not someone else’s version of them. Goldsmith challenges people's unproductive attachment to outcomes and reveals the key to living unbound by regret, by helping people connect to something greater than the isolated and fleeting achievements of careerism.

    Taking inspiration from Buddhism, Goldsmith implores readers to accept impermanence and avoid the Great Western Disease of “I’ll be happy when…”. He offers practical advice for shedding the obstacles, especially our failures of imagination, that prevent people from creating their own lives. With this book as their guide, readers can close the gap between what they plan to achieve and what they actually get done.

    “We are living an earned life when the choices, risks, and effort we make in each moment align with an overarching purpose in our lives, regardless of the eventual outcome," states Goldsmith. That’s the definition of an earned life. But for many people, that pesky final phrase is a stumbling block: “regardless of the eventual outcome.” Not being attached to the outcome goes against everything people are taught about achievement and fulfillment in modern society.

    Marshall Goldsmith has been recognized as the world’s leading Executive Coach and the New York Times bestselling author of many books, including What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, Mojo, and Triggers. He received his Ph.D. from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. In his executive-coaching career, Goldsmith has advised more than 200 major CEOs and their management teams. He and his wife live in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Aurora DeRose
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  • La’Chris Jordan, Acclaimed Writer, Teams With Level 4 Films to Adapt Josephine Baker Spy Thriller I WASN’T REALLY NAKED

    La'Chris Jordan headshot

    La'Chris Jordan

    Level 4 Press

    Level 4 Press

    It is such an honor to be working on this project. Josephine Baker was more than an icon - she literally changed history.”
    — La’Chris Jordan

    LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 / -- I Wasn't Really Naked, a spy thriller written by Harper Jameson will be adapted by award-winning writer/director La’Chris Robinson Jordan (January 14th). Published by Level 4 Press, I Wasn't Really Naked is inspired by the true story of singer/dancer Josephine Baker and her secret war against the Nazis. Level 4 Films, the production arm of Level 4 Press, will oversee the development of the project.

    “This project delivers everything you expect in an edge-of-your-seat spy thriller,” says Level 4 Executive Vice President, Randy Becker. “But it does so with a singularly unique protagonist in Josephine Baker. And La’Chris is that rare writer who can tell an important story in a truly thrilling way.”

    In 1925, racism and a burgeoning career overseas drove nineteen-year-old Josephine Baker to leave America and move to Paris, where she soon became a huge hit - singing, dancing, and starring in movies.

    By 1937, her wild performances had become legendary, and her eccentric personal life was the talk of Paris and beyond. She was the highest-paid performer in all of Europe and was publicly ambivalent about the war raging around her. But Josephine knew what hatred and bigotry looked like. So, when a handsome fugitive showed up at her doorstep one night, running from the Nazis, she joined him and the French Resistance, using her celebrity to spy behind enemy lines.

    At first, she carried secret messages gleaned from high-ranking French or Nazi admirers. But her clandestine work quickly escalated into a dangerous race to help America, the country she hated for its bigotry, prepare for its first mass mobilization of WWII.

    “It is such an honor to be working on this project,” Jordan says. “Josephine Baker was more than an icon - she literally changed history. Her life was layered, complex and in some ways, controversial. As an entertainer, she challenged all conventions and did so in a way that made you lean into her. But very few know that she was also a spy during WWII. This aspect of Baker’s life has rarely been explored and I am so excited to bring it to life.”

    This will be the second novel that Jordan has adapted for Level 4 Press. In 2021, she wrote Poe's Disciple, a horror suspense screenplay based on the book by best-selling novelist Dani Lamia (The Raven).

    A 2021 BIPOC Writers Fellow and Stowe Story Labs alum, Jordan has won numerous awards for her work, including for her short film, January 14th ( which recently streamed on Apple+. Her scripts have placed in several competitions including the Nicholl, the Sundance Episodic Lab, The Writers Lab NYC and the Austin Film Festival. An award-winning playwright, Jordan is currently developing her dramatic play A Moment of Faith with The Essential Theatre in Washington, D.C. under the artistic direction of S. Robert Morgan (The Wire).

    Jordan is repped by Circle of Confusion.

    About La’Chris Robinson Jordan

    La’Chris Robinson Jordan is a Los Angeles-based screenwriter and director. She recently adapted Dani Lamia’s THE RAVEN for Level 4 Films and is now developing a spy thriller about Josephine Baker based on the novel I Wasn't Really Naked by Jameson Parker. An alum of the 2021 BIPOC Writers Fellowship and the Stowe Story Labs, La’Chris is known for writing female-led historicals and gritty dramas such as PINEY RIDGE, ROSES IN THE WATER, and THE SOFTWALKERS. Her work has placed in several competitions including Nicholl (Top 10%), Sundance, AFF, and The Writers Lab, among others. She also wrote, directed, and produced her debut short, JANUARY 14TH, which went on to win 50+ awards in over 75 film festivals worldwide. In her former life, La’Chris lived in Dubai, UAE, for three years and worked as a journalist for The Gulf News. Following her return to the U.S., she focused on theatre and was named ‘One of the 50 Playwrights to Watch’ by the Dramatists Guild as well as a Top 20 Semifinalist for the Playwrights Program at Juilliard. A proud Aniyunwiyan descendant of Underground Railroad conductor Charity Davis Broady, La’Chris is also a historian and genealogist who is also related to iconic filmmaker Oscar Micheaux. To learn more visit or follow on Instagram or Facebook.

    About Level 4 Press
    Level 4 Press is a publisher of smart, cinematic, and entertaining fiction. Founded in 2006, Level 4 has won nine literary gold medals and 24 finalist awards, including Foreword Magazine’s Audiobook of the Year; Bill Fisher Award for Best New Fiction; USA Book News Best Audiobook; Indie Excellence Awards for Best Current Events Book; and Forward Magazine Book of the Year finalist. To learn more visit or follow on Instagram.

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  • Shumock’s fifth novel in the Letter Series – The Last Parade is All Set to Make Headlines This Year.

    The Lost Letter (Letter Series Book 2) by Joe Shumock

    The Lost Letter (Letter Series Book 2) by Joe Shumock

    A Letter to Die For (The Letter Series Book 1) by joe Shumock

    A Letter to Die For (The Letter Series Book 1) by joe Shumock

    The Shepherd's Crook: From the Star to the Cross by Joe Shumock

    The Shepherd's Crook: From the Star to the Cross by Joe Shumock

    Briana and the Dog by Joe Shumock

    Briana and the Dog by Joe Shumock

    Sacrifice of the Lambs (The Letter Series Book 4) by  Joe Shumock

    Sacrifice of the Lambs (The Letter Series Book 4) by Joe Shumock

    FOLEY, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 / -- Phenix City, AL, September 23rd, 2022: Joe Shumock announces the launch of his new book, The Parade, which is also the fifth edition in The Letter Series. Previously launched editions include The Letter to Die for, The Lost Letter, Letter from The Dark, and Sacrifice of the Lambs. The four editions have been very successful, and the fifth has already started to create buzz among Joe Shumock’s fans and thriller-suspense novel enthusiasts.

    In this novel, Joe takes readers on a journey that deals with the thrill of government espionage and conspiracies that will define the future of America. The story revolves around a US senator and Joint Chiefs of Staff. They are plotting a military takeover against the recently elected president and seeking to replace him with one of his own. The story indeed has a gripping plot, and given the massive success of his previous four editions, The Parade will impress millions of Joe Shumock fans.

    Joe was raised in South Alabama and is the youngest of six siblings. He is mainly recognized for his fiction work but has also worked in other genres. Joe has also written other stories, such as a children’s chapter book, Briana and the Dog, and a bible story, a novelette titled The Shepherds Crook.

    All the mystery and suspense fans looking for a new and exciting writer to follow should know Joe Shumock is the one. His writing has everything, new stories, new characters, and new problems. From New Orleans to Washington and Prague, Shumock’s characters are confronted with exciting situations.

    Joe Shumock
    Joe Shumock
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  • Podcast Looking to Raise Support for Atlantic Canada and Break 2 World Records

    Extreme EHCOnomics Podcast Episode 1

    Edward Henry EHCO - EHCOnomics Inc.

    We are calling on business matter experts, celebrities, and community champions to get involved

    We have never tried anything like this before, but that wasn't going to stop us doing whatever it takes to help the communities from Atlantic Canada. These amazing people are my friends and family.”
    — Edward Henry
    TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 29, 2022 / -- Edward Henry of Edward Henry Company of Whitby Ontario is passionate about selling but is even more passionate about this upcoming project to help communities from Atlantic Canada that have been devastated by the damage left from Hurricane Fiona.

    Edward who is from Sydney Nova Scotia helplessly watched the horrific event sweep through his home of Cape Breton and the surrounding Atlantic communities.

    This is the motivation behind doing something extreme for the 1st episode of the new sales and motivational podcast called Extreme EHCOnomics. EHCOnomics representing the new program that Edward Henry says works better than selling. We plan to break a world record for the longest continuous live video podcast of 36 hours and finish strong by completing the longest continuous audio podcast.

    We need so many people to achieve this objective. We are currently looking for business matter experts in sales, marketing, motivation, and others to make this event a success. We anticipate the need for 40 to 50 guests for the 1st Episode: We're going for the record.

    We set a fundraising objective of $250,000 which we have every intention of raising far more for an urgent needed cause. These communities require so much to get back on their feet. They need all of us to give a little bit of ourselves.

    Edward Henry Company is also issuing a business challenge. The company that donates the most money to this cause, Edward Henry Company will match their donation in services from EHCOnomics. No matter what the size of donation, it will be matched. Whatever it takes to attract support.

    You can help in a few different ways. We have posted a few links including our GOFundMe link. We have partnered with two non-profit groups to help and administer the funds properly. Guests can submit their information to the Extremet EHCOnomics Guest Information link posted here;

    For more information regarding contributions or donations, email

    Edward Henry - EHCOnomics Inc. Edward Henry Company
    Edward Henry Company
    +1 647-725-7575
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  • Content Creator Jennifer Paire Joins Stephanie Hines Coaching, Offers Fresh Content to Business & Marketing Clients

    alt="Jennifer Paire & Stephanie HInes, Stephanie Hines Coaching"

    Jennifer Paire & Stephanie HInes, Stephanie Hines Coaching

    alt="Jennifer Paire"

    Jennifer Paire

    alt="Stephanie Hines Coaching Logo"

    Stephanie Hines Coaching Logo

    New content offerings across all platforms support Stephanie Hines Coaching’s entrepreneurs as they scale to 6, 7 and 8-Figures

    I am honored to join forces with a team that is so committed to client growth and fulfillment.”
    — Jennifer Paire

    WOODSTOCK, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 / -- Today Stephanie Hines Coaching announces that collaboration with content writer Jennifer Paire will provide original and compelling content services that reignite digital traction for the firm’s small business clients. She brings multiple decades of business writing and marketing experience to create blogs, press releases, articles, ads and social media posts that build trust between business owners and clients.

    Jennifer’s business sense for relatable, credible content developed while working in writing and marketing roles in public relations, marketing, sales and journalism.

    Her journalism background as an award-winning reporter and writer introduced her to many successful entrepreneurs including Mark Cuban, American billionaire entrepreneur, television personality and media proprietor. She has covered technology, professional services including the legal, accounting and insurance industries, gambling and agriculture - for local and national media.

    “Small business owners are trying to balance growth and quality, manage staff turnover and keep a vital online presence - all with limited time,” says Jennifer. “This is a phenomenal opportunity to support Stephanie Hines Coaching’s proven marketing strategies with a pipeline of fresh content, creating intrigue among clients and new opportunities for business owners. I am honored to join a team so committed to client growth and fulfillment.”

    The team at Stephanie Hines Coaching helps entrepreneurs quickly close the gap between the life and business they live to the one they have always wanted! The firm’s online digital marketing business is well-known for driving qualified traffic to clients' websites, reducing conversion cost, and increasing revenue per visitor with mind-blowing ROI’s.

    “ We are so excited to have Jennifer Paire as one of our team’s new content writers and strategists. Jennifer brings years of extensive experience in interviewing well-known and successful professionals as well as writing and creating published content in a myriad of industries and mediums. With her experience and track record with helping bring entrepreneurs to the forefront of their industry, she will give us the ability to amplify the results our clients are receiving with their online marketing presence and business growth!”

    Stephanie Hines Coaching is headquartered in Woodstock, Ga. and offers business and marketing coaching services including one-on-one coaching, Reignite Coaching Programs for mastering the most challenging areas in business, and Mastermind experiences that help entrepreneurs build their businesses side-by-side with other high net worth professionals.

    Stephanie Hines
    Stephanie Hines Coaching
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  • Dr. Michael Armour of Strategic Leadership Development International to be Featured on Close Up Radio

    DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 / -- For decades, Mike Armour (or Doctor Mike, as he is popularly known) has compiled an exceptional leadership record in far-ranging fields of endeavor. Today the cumulative wisdom gained from such broad experience puts him in constant demand as a keynote speaker, executive coach, and inspirational trainer in management, leadership, and cultural transformation. Businesses of every size seek out Dr. Mike (he holds a PhD from UCLA) to help them develop more professional leadership teams.

    “Leadership is different from management,” he notes, “but the two are often misconstrued and seen as one and the same. Management is largely process oriented. Leadership is uniquely people centric. Leadership is about uniting people around a shared purpose, the motivating them and mobilizing them to achieve it. And good leaders build esprit de corps along the way.”

    Esprit de corps was originally a military term used to denote the pervasive spirit of unity within combat units. Dr. Mike knows this spirit well, having spent nearly half of his life in naval service. After a 10-year enlisted career, he was commissioned as an intelligence officer and eventually rose to the rank of Captain.

    Dr. Mike points out that American Armed Forces understood leadership long before regular industry grasped it. because military command structures envision an orderly succession of leadership. Enlisted personnel and officers alike are trained in leadership from their earliest days of service. Having worked in this leadership environment over 35 years of Navy experience, he urges companies to have comprehensive leadership development programs at every level of their organization.

    When you hear Dr. Mike on the radio series, you will note the charisma and sonorous voice that make him such a likable speaker. You will also experience the direct language and sense of clarity which characterize his work. In the interest of clarity, he is committed to precise and consistent usage of terms in communication.

    Dr. Mike is so stirring and expert that he has been likened to Tony Robbins or Marshall Goldsmith, and yet he is distinct from any other coach, trainer or motivational speaker. His clients benefit from the wisdom he draws from a lifetime of experience in demanding leadership roles, including service as a college president, the CEO of an international humanitarian organization, and the CIO of a nationwide intelligence community.

    Dr. Mike founded his flagship entity Strategic Leadership Development International (or SLDI) and its Leader Perfect services to help companies and individuals achieve peak performance. His firm offers comprehensive leadership development services to organizations of every size, from start-ups to some of the world’s largest corporations. Listeners will learn more about this company and its core beliefs in the coming weeks.

    Dr. Mike is also an author who has written about people management, culture and diversity for over 30 years He is about to release the second edition of his most-widely read book in Corporate America, Leadership and the Power of Trust book. You will hear more about Dr. Mike’s new volume during the series
    Dr. Mike’s works are particularly well-read in Eastern Europe, where he was instrumental in re-introducing Judeo-Christian values to school and university curricula in countries where religion had been a forbidden topic for 70 years (under the Soviet system).

    “My purpose in life can be distilled: to help people succeed by equipping them with clarity and insight. And to empower them to make better decisions and confidently move forward,” Dr. Mike stresses.

    Close Up Radio will Feature Dr. Mike Armour in a series of Discussions with Jim Masters at 2:00pm EDT, every Monday in October—the 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st

    Listen to the Shows on BlogTalk Radio

    If you have questions for our guest, please call 347-996-3389

    To learn more about Mike Armour and all his endeavors visit

    Lou Ceparano
    Close Up Television & Radio
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  • Finesse Group Launches Exclusive Podcast Maximizer Content Package

    Podcast guesting could be the perfect low-effort, high-impact, great-value content & PR strategy for your business

    Podcast guesting could be the perfect low-effort, high-impact, great-value content & PR strategy for your business

    Jo Caruana is the founder & CEO of the Finesse Group, a global firm specialized in content & PR strategy for growing businesses, authors, entrepreneurs, artists and speakers

    Jo Caruana is the founder & CEO of the Finesse Group, a global firm specialized in content & PR strategy for growing businesses, authors, entrepreneurs, artists and speakers

    Finesse Group logo

    Finesse Group

    New low-effort, high-impact product delivers month’s content from one podcast appearance

    Business owners need to boost their authority and create content consistently – even on a tight budget. This product delivers both, month-on-month, with minimal effort and tangible results.”
    — Jo Caruana
    NEW YORK, UNITED STATES , September 28, 2022 / -- The Finesse Group has launched its latest media exposure tool – the comprehensive Podcast Maximizer package – which turns podcast guesting into a month’s worth of ever-green, branded content.

    The package includes a written transcript of the podcast, a 600 word article for LinkedIn, a 1,500 word long-form SEO blog post, and 4 LinkedIn posts (also available for Instagram and Facebook) all for $1199 - saving clients an average minimum of $1,800 per month on content strategy and PR implementation.

    “We’re thrilled to launch this product because we see a pressing need in the market for small-to-medium business owners to boost their authority and create content consistently – even on a tight budget,” says Jo Caruana, Finesse Group’s founder and CEO. “This product delivers both, month-on-month, with minimal effort and tangible results.”

    Given that 54% of podcast consumers are more likely to consider brands they hear advertised on podcasts, this medium considers to be one of the most impactful of the moment. As a result, Finesse’s Podcast Maximizer package leverages podcasts’ expansive geographic and demographic reach to maximize brand exposure and increase audience awareness while promoting thought leadership in any industry.

    Finesse also coordinates guest podcasting opportunities for clients without existing or planned podcast appearances. This service can be bundled with the Podcast Maximizer if booked for a minimum of 4 months, which includes a free on-boarding consultancy call, interview coaching, a podcast one-pager and Mini Media Kit all for $1400 per month.

    The unique product blends PR with cross amplification content, creating a valuable economic and stress-free solution for monthly strategies. The Podcast Maximizer is optimized for long-term impact and allows brands to authentically connect with potential clients.

    “The future of PR is human. Our goal is to humanize brands by building deep-rooted trust, credibility, and relationships for our clients,” says Ms. Caruana. “We want to make every client – and their content – timeless by the power of the human connection.”

    For more information on the Podcast Maximizer, schedule a call with Jo today.

    Jo Caruana
    Finesse Group
    +356 9946 2273
    Visit us on social media:

  • The Podcast Connector Announces New Preferred Partnership with Stephanie Wicker-Campbell

    Stephanie Wicker-Campbell

    Stephanie is the Founder and CEO of Muse Oracle Press

    WEST PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2022 / -- Stephanie Wicker-Campbell is a graphic designer whose specialty is in the extraordinary realm of oracle decks and magical brands. Through her company, Muse Oracle Press, Stephanie utilizes her spirituality and creative vision to help soulful, sometimes supernatural brands reach the height of their mission. This is carried out in the form of oracle decks, book covers, and much more, and thus far, Stephanie has carried out her works for a long list of publishers, authors, and oracle deck creators. In Stephanie’s eyes, her creative design services are a part of her soul’s destiny, and her vibrant energy shines through in all of her works.

    This has made her a trusted graphic designer in this very specific niche. Her bespoke imagery is delicate yet deep, hinging on the intimacy of subtle coloration and contrast, which makes

    Stephanie’s designs are ideal for spellbinding creations. Stephanie works alongside her husband at Muse Oracle Press, and together, the duo is continually working on enthralling new projects. In her spare time, Stephanie taps into her spirituality and looks for new ways to create magic through her gifts, and she can often be found hiking up a mountainside on clear nights to photograph the night sky for some of the projects at Muse Oracle Press. Her craft is one that’s very spiritually oriented, which can be felt at every step of the Muse Oracle Press design process.

    Entrepreneurs tend to spin their wheels trying to find ways to market their business and get more visibility, but this is a time and money-consuming task. While podcast outreach and pitching can be done independently, The Podcast Connector takes all of the hassles by connecting their clients to the right podcasts in their preferred partner listing.

    The Podcast Connector looks forward to collaborating with Stephanie Wicker-Campbell, as well as the clients who join forces with her to launch their idea out into the world. More information can be found at our website.

    Sinead Acevedo
    The Podcast Connector

  • The Podcast Connector Announces New Preferred Partnership with Sinead Acevedo

    Sinead Acevedo is the Founder of Her Voice Hub, Producing Profitable Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

    WEST PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2022 / -- Podcasts are a powerful engine in today’s society, providing a reliable source for interest-related discussion while offering a dynamic marketing channel. These concepts are major guideposts for both The Podcast Connector and Her Voice Hub, two companies that share a mission of helping others be heard.

    Now, these two companies have announced an exclusive partnership. Her Voice Hub is now a preferred vendor at The Podcast Connector. Through this partnership, The Podcast Connector’s VIP clients will be able to further leverage world-class partnership production tools and strategies from Her Voice Hub.

    Her Voice Hub is a one-stop marketing shop for podcasts, offering everything their clients need to be successful. “Our mission is to help visionary entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and authors spread their message far and wide through the power of podcasting,” said a team member at Her Voice Hub.

    The Podcast Connector is thrilled to bring aboard Her Voice Hub as an exclusive preferred vendor. Through this partnership, The Podcast Connector’s clients will have access to industry-leading podcast production services for launching their programs.

    Entrepreneurs tend to spin their wheels trying to find ways to market their business and get more visibility, but this is a time and money-consuming task. While podcast outreach and pitching can be done independently, The Podcast Connector takes all of the hassles by connecting their clients to the right podcasts in their preferred partner listing.

    The Podcast Connector looks forward to collaborating with Sinead Acevedo and the clients who join forces with her to launch their idea into the world. More information can be found at our website.

    The Podcast Connector Team
    The Podcast Connector