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  • G. Brown — Author of On Record A Book Series to Hold In-Store Book Signing in Salt Lake City on Saturday, August 27

    G. Brown - Author, On Record

    On Record Book Series

    In-store signing set for Saturday, August 27 at 4 p.m. at SOUND & VISION VINYL - 3444 S. Main St, South Salt Lake, UT

    SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES , August 4, 2022 / -- Respected veteran music journalist, broadcaster, and historian G. Brown has authored the first three volumes in an encyclopedic series of books entitled On Record and looks at the evolution of popular music from 1978 to 1998 through images, interviews, and insights.

    A special meet-and-greet and author signing has been set at SOUND & VISION VINYL - 3444 S. Main St., South Salt Lake, UT on Saturday, August 27 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Phone: (385) 229-4165.

    Each volume of the award-winning On Record series highlights 200 limited and extraordinary images and 100 profiles with an array of musical artists from the late Jerry Garcia and Dave Matthews to Bono and Carlos Santana. Every edition is beautifully crafted and geared to every music fan, library, and institution.

    Celebrating his 50th year as one of America’s foremost popular music writers, Colorado-based G. Brown has interviewed more than 2,500 musicians, including Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, and Kurt Cobain, all of whom recounted their escapades and reminisced about what their time on the charts meant to them personally and musically.

    “Vol 1: 1978” — Classic rockers from Journey to Bruce Springsteen to the Cars, nascent new wavers such as the Police, Talking Heads, and the Clash, as well as the year’s greatest releases from rock, R&B, country, and jazz stars.

    “Vol. 2: 1984” — The biggest artists of the MTV era—Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Huey Lewis, and even “Weird Al” Yankovic—in addition to acts from Van Halen to Prince and the year's top R&B, alternative, country, and jazz releases.

    “Vol. 3: 1991” — The grunge phenomenon from Nirvana to Pearl Jam, the explosion of rap (Public Enemy, Ice Cube), superstars from Garth Brooks to Paula Abdul to Metallica, and a full complement of one-hit wonders and underground sensations.

    “My writing has always been informed by my perspective in the Mountain Time Zone, the shared concert, radio and retail experiences in markets like Salt Lake City as well as Denver,” Brown says. “My curated archive of more than 15,000 rare promotional photos tells a remarkable visual history of seminal periods of music history. A lot of time, creativity and capital was invested by the artists in the creation of these images, and I did not want them lost to time. Via the On Record book series, it’s a privilege and even a responsibility to share them and the artists’ stories with Utah’s music fans and independent music stores such as Sound & Vision Vinyl.”

    “We are happy to be hosting G. Brown at Sound & Vision Vinyl,” owner Michael Maccarrone says. “We are a real record store … the way it was meant to be.”

    About G. Brown

    G. Brown has navigated the world’s musical landscape for decades, both as a journalist and as a radio personality. He contracted with The Denver Post for 26 years, and was published in numerous national magazines, including Rolling Stone and National Lampoon. Brown also covered music news and hosted and programmed for a myriad of Denver-based radio stations. He is the author of four other books, including the award-winning Red Rocks: The Concert Years, Colorado Rock Chronicles, and Telluride Bluegrass Festival: The First Forty Years. He was the founding director of the Colorado Music Hall of Fame beginning in 2011; he then launched and now oversees the Colorado Music Experience, a nonprofit cultural and educational organization established to preserve the legacies of Colorado music.

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  • Connect Method Parenting: How to get your kids to WANT to listen to you without the yelling, ultimatums, and bribes

    The Connect Method Parenting book is now available on Amazon.

    Connect Method Parenting: How to get your kids to WANT to listen to you without the yelling, ultimatums or bribes.

    Filled with simple parenting tips this book explains how to go from corrective to connective parenting.

    Go from corrective to connective parenting using the Connect Method Parenting framework.

    Revolutionary parenting book released with tools and shortcuts to make your life better.

    VIVIAN PARK, UT, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2022 / -- Parenting Coach and Creator of Connect Method Parenting Andee Martineau releases her new book, Connect Method Parenting: How to get your kids to WANT to listen to you without the yelling, ultimatums, and bribes.

    74% of parents believe parenting is getting harder not easier. In fact, 93% of parents say they’ve resorted to yelling at their kids by the time they are 4.

    It’s time to radically change the conversation about parenting, and bring parenting into the 21st century. And Andee Martineau is doing just that.

    “After reading dozens of books on parenting, trudging to weekend workshops, and watching online webinars trying to raise my six kids, I realized that most parenting advice is focused on the theory instead of practice and kids instead of the adults,” says the author Andee Martineau. “My book pays attention to the triggers and blocks that parents themselves have that prevent us from showing up the way we want to for our kids. They know better but they can’t do better–and that’s incredibly frustrating for a parent.”

    In her new transformational book, Connect Method Parenting, parenting coach and creator of Connect Method Parenting, Andee Martineau unflinchingly exposes the misconceptions that are holding parents back from being calm and connected with their kids so, their kids actually WANT to listen to them. In an uncomplicated way, she powerfully unpacks why the corrective parenting methods of timeouts, punishments, and rewards don’t work and effectively shows parents what to do about it.

    Andee’s writing is empowering and relatable, as she dives into real parenting issues and breaks down the strategies and techniques so parents can translate them into real life. The truth is that parenting has nothing to do with telling your kids what to do and not to do--parenting is not about discipline. Punishments and rewards are not the answer to getting your kids to listen to you. An over-use of punishments will prevent you from creating amazing relationships with your kids and will prevent you from being the parent you’ve always wanted to be. You need a connection.

    Andee offers the top 3 things parents need to do to transform their parenting forever.

    Understand your own behavior so you can make room for your child’s behavior.
    Consistently connect with your children every day.
    Choose closeness especially when you feel like yelling.

    After teaching Connect Method Parenting online to over 10,000 parents and transforming families across the world, Andee has packed her unique parenting methodology into a book to create even more transformation like this:

    "I never knew it was possible to parent without punishments. I was skeptical at first...but it works!" -Jill

    "I’m enjoying parenting like I thought I always would." – Angela

    "Now I know what to do when they are fighting. I used to panic…not anymore, thanks to CMP." – Michele

    "I don't have to yell anymore! I know exactly what to do in each situation." - Sara

    "I love everything about Connect Method Parenting. This has changed my family culture. " - Kaity

    Connect Method Parenting is available on Amazon and where audiobooks are sold.
    Andee Martineau is a parenting coach and mom of six who specializes in helping parents all over the world raise their kids without yelling, ultimatums, or bribes. Using her Connect Method Parenting techniques, she has taught thousands of moms to feel more in control of family life, stress less, get their kids to listen, and more. Andee is a former registered nurse who brings to her clients years of hands-on experience raising her own children (ages 13-22) and coursework in developmental psychology as well as certifications in life coaching and integrative health coaching.

    Andee’s anti-disciplinary strategies and expertise have been used to transform parents all over the world. She is also the author of the book, Connect Method Parenting. When she’s not spreading her message that parenting is about connecting and not correcting, you can find her relaxing at the creek next to her home. She lives in an 830sq foot cabin in the woods of Utah with her husband, children, and their Sheepadoodle, Leia.

    Andee Martineau
    Connect Method Parenting

  • Jeff Lerner’s Online Master Class Increases in Popularity in the United States

    The Lerner Institute has so far helped over 150,000 students expand their businesses in a digital world.

    ST. GEORGE, UTAH, UNITED STATES, January 7, 2022 / -- There is no shortage of help for would-be entrepreneurs on the internet these days, and certainly no shortage of online programs and courses to choose from. But there is one institution that, over the past couple of years, has risen above the crowd to attract a lot of attention due to its increasing number of stellar reviews. The Jeff Lerner Master Class was created specifically to show entrepreneurs how to expand their businesses, and Lerner’s popular report, The Millionaire Shortcut, is currently available to download for free.

    The report explores the question of why the number of people who become millionaires every year is increasing at a rapid rate. It also shares a simple ‘hack’ that Lerner uses to shorten the process of becoming a millionaire, and it includes a bonus video that explains how to get started with complete confidence.
    Lerner himself has long since established himself as an authority in founding startups. He established ENTRE Institute in 2019 in order to fulfill his dream of providing coaching to entrepreneurs, and speaks at conferences and industry events on a regular basis, on the topics of entrepreneurship and education. Having spent over ten years creating successful internet businesses with a combined value of over $100 million, he provides a worthy role model for the students he coaches as he continues to launch new businesses. In 2021, for example, he founded Entresoft, a suite of business tools, which rapidly became one of the most well-known business management software packages available for smaller companies.

    To find out more about Jeff Lerner and the ENTRE Institute, visit his website.

    About Jeff Lerner

    After a decade of building multiple online businesses to over eight figures and twice landing on the INC 5000, entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, influencer, and pianist Jeff Lerner turned his focus to educating and inspiring entrepreneurs about the power of entrepreneurship in the modern economy.

    In 2018 he founded ENTRE Institute where over 50,000 students are developing their ENTREpreneurial skills. He is now regarded as one of the most inspirational voices online in business and personal development.

    Jeff Lerner
    Jeff Lerner LLC
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  • dti Publishing is launching CertBlaster 5.1 – introducing a modernized UI, enhanced reporting, and security

    This is a screenshot of CertBlaster History feature that saves all the scores and reports for each practice session.

    The History feature saves all the scores and reports for each practice session.

    This is a screenshot of the new CertBlaster 5.1 User Interface

    CertBlaster 5.1 User Interface

    dti Publishing Corporation announced today that it has released an improved platform for its CertBlaster® Exam Simulators.

    PARK CITY, UT, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2021 / -- dti Publishing Corp. is proud to unveil its new CertBlaster® Release 5.1, an exciting update to the CertBlaster Exam Simulators’ user interface, reporting features, and security. CertBlaster® users now have an enhanced ability to fine-tune their test preparation in a manner that better matches their learning style.

    "We are excited to launch our new CertBlaster® Release 5.1, an HTML5 development that adds a more streamlined user interface and enhanced reporting capabilities to our CertBlaster Exam Simulators. As with all our CertBlaster® releases, our new CertBlaster® 5.1 aims at enhancing our users’ ability to fine-tune their test preparation in a manner that most closely matches their learning style and lifestyles,” said Pierre J. Askmo, President of dti Publishing Corporation.

    The intuitive CertBlaster user interface is, in release 5.1, further streamlined. The objective of the CertBlaster® UI is to offer the best possible user experience and alleviate the need to consult any of the help pages available. We are also most excited to introduce an enhanced ‘History’ feature. The History feature saves the results of each practice session allowing the user to analyze progress over time. Because this feature allows users to track their progress over every single test preparation session, it enables them to better understand their learning curve, Furthermore, when applicable, they can share this information with third parties, notably colleagues and/or instructors. Because the History feature saves all the reports generated by each training session it enables CertBlaster® to generate the “Personal Testing Plan”, a customized remediation report that lists all the content points relevant to the exam that the candidate has shown a need to focus more deeply on.

    CertBlaster® 5.1, like all prior versions, includes thousands of test questions, answers, and explanations in its realistic exam simulators. to prep for CompTIA, Microsoft, Linux Professional Institute, and Project Management Institute exams. As an example, the bundled A+ practice test includes 1,100 questions of all types relevant to the exam. For the CompTIA exams preparations, CertBlaster additionally includes uniquely interactive performance-based questions similar to the ones found on those exams.

    CertBlaster® remains the single learning solution that makes it easy for the user to analyze assessment data with detailed remediation recommendations. This allows the user to go into exams with confidence, get certified, and advance their careers.
    This CertBlaster® 5.1 release demonstrates dti Publishing’s enduring commitment to constant improvement and enhancement of the quality of experience our users have grown to expect from us. This version adds enhanced security, analytics, and user interface.

    About dti Publishing Corp.
    Established in 2001 dti Publishing Corp., a Delaware company headquartered in Park City, Utah, is dedicated to applying EdTech solutions that help enhance the careers of IT professionals. Our “Innovation in Education” tagline reflects our approach to all our product developments. As a leader in IT test preparation, dti Publishing Corp. has, through CertBlaster® since 2001, helped in excess of one million users to prepare for their certification exams. CertBlaster® is exam-like in the sense that every practice question ties into each and every exam objective and sub-objective relevant to the actual exam. Through its leading virtual computer lab platform, LabConnection®, dti Publishing has, so far, helped prepare hundreds of thousands of students for the professional skills required by the IT certifications that CertBlaster® helps simulate.

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