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  • Indie Chicago-Based Children’s Book Uses Imagination to Bridge the Gap Between Law Enforcement and the Black Community

    The Sparkle Riot Crew and the Kid From Star Quad 9

    The Sparkle Riot Crew and the Kid From Star Quad 9

    Healing through storytelling is a pathway to building trust between police and the Black community across America.

    Now is the time to use our skills and imagination to bring people together.”
    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, September 27, 2022 / -- Author, thought leader, activist, dreamer, and entrepreneur with a passion for change, TEPHRA MIRIAM, believes that creativity and imagination can transform lives and usher individuals into their destinies. “Now is the time to use our skills and imagination to bring people together,” TEPHRA stated. “The power of storytelling connects us all, and my hope is that this story helps us begin to rebuild the broken trust in Black and Brown communities between citizens and law enforcement.”

    The Sparkle Riot Crew and the Kid From Star Quad 9 is a remarkably creative chapter book filled with the imagination, adventure, fun, and exploration that TEPHRA MIRIAM infuses in all of her books. This fresh, original, and high-impact literary work is redefining publishing and engages diverse audiences through TEPHRA’s fresh perspective. This story reminds readers how important it is to love children for who they are and brings their voices to the forefront.

    The positive portrayal of Black Police Detectives provides a diverse view of law enforcement that can serve as a conversation starter and build bridges to healing in Black communities that have suffered from police brutality. The book also teaches lessons in justice, and explores the fears that can blind us when we encounter those who we deem as different.

    Look for more from TEPHRA in the coming months and see all of her work at

    About the Author

    TEPHRA MIRIAM is an avid thought leader, author, artist, activist, and entrepreneur with a passion for change. Tephra grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and spent 15 years in Chicago, Illinois, before relocating to the Atlanta area. Her search for adventure took her far and wide at a young age, and she continues to mentor, learn, work and speak all over the US. Tephra loves to inspire her readers to redefine the way we think and live and create space in our lives to play, imagine and dream.

    More About the Book

    "The Sparkle Riot Crew and the Kid From Star Quad 9” is available in full-color paperback and hardback formats, and, e-book on and Ingram Spark.


    The Sparkle Riot Crew consists of the twins Virginia and Shaquille Sparkle and Ginger and Barnaby Riot. As kids of Chicago Police Detectives Bernadette Sparkle and Bruce Riot, this crew is truly about having each other’s back. In book one, the Sparkle Riot Crew find themselves in the middle of a class debacle when their teacher, Mrs. Lucas’ finger lights go missing. When the Sparkle Riot Crew blames the new kid on the block, they learn a valuable lesson about getting the facts straight and what makes Fabiano Lucchini so special. Join the riotous ride as the Sparkle Riot Crew learns about family, gratitude, getting the facts straight, friendship, and making everyone feel welcome, even if they’re from another planet.

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  • Dr. Gibbs Williams' New Book, "Smack in the Middle", is About His Earlier Career, Predated Trumpism by Five Decades

                  Smack in the Middle

    In the late Sixties, he was an eager 30-year-old psychotherapist treating heroin addicts at an innovative therapeutic community called Odyssey House.

    Little did I realize that my job treating heroin addicts back in the late Sixties predated Trumpism by fifty-two years.”
    — Dr. Gibbs WIlliams, Author
    PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2022 / -- Dr. Gibbs Williams narrates:

    My professional and psychological roller-coaster experience at Odyssey House in lower Manhattan mirrored the future of Trump's presidency and much of the political climate that followed. There are lessons to be learned. We have a number of serious problems in America today. For one thing, why does Trumpism have such a magnetic allure for so many people (even after it’s been shown that the emperor has no clothes)? For another, what motivates otherwise intelligent Republican politicians and voters to continue to support the man himself, despite his obvious moral failings and criminal behaviors?

    Some answers are vividly identified and explored in my book, SMACK IN THE MIDDLE: My Turbulent Time Treating Heroin Addicts at Odyssey House, published in 2019. It should be required reading for all people interested in the 21st-century American experience.


    In 1967 I was an eager 30-year-old psychotherapist treating heroin addicts at an innovative therapeutic community called Odyssey House. What followed over the next year and a half represented one of the most harrowing and illuminating journeys any young professional could ever experience at the beginning of a career. This was due in large part to Odyssey’s 36-year-old brilliant, pioneering, inscrutable, and mercurial founder and director. In the book, I document my personal and professional cult-like experience at Odyssey House. In many respects, it is a mirror to the modern-day paradox known as the Trump presidency.

    If you would like a free PDF copy of SMACK IN THE MIDDLE, send me your email address. You can reach me through Book Vine Press, the marketing company that is assisting me with exposing SMACK IN THE MIDDLE to a wider audience.

    About Book Vine Press:

    Book Vine Press (BVP) is an Illinois-based hybrid publishing company. We are a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Book Vine Press was created by an author for authors with a combined 18 years of publishing and marketing experience. We provide authors with the most affordable and competitive book publishing-related services with 100% continuous support.

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  • Samuel Amartey Amarh’s Book “77 Questions Before You Say Yes” is an Essential Handbook for Strengthening Relationships

        77 Questions Before You Say Yes

          Samuel Amartey Amarh, Author

    “77 Questions Before You Say Yes” by author Samuel Amartey Amarh is a profound account that will help readers know more about maintaining a good relationship.

    Marriage is a beautiful age-old tradition, but the number of breakups has increased most in recent years. This has influenced my decision to come up with a list of questions before saying YES.”
    — Samuel Amartey Amarh, Author
    PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2022 / -- “77 Questions Before You Say Yes”: a helpful book that serves as a manual for couples to strengthen their relationship. This book consists of substantive questions that readers should ask themselves in the early days of their relationship since they are pivotal in building a foundation for the future. “77 Questions Before You Say Yes” is the creation of published author Samuel Amartey Amarh, a career counselor whose interests include literature, business, and agriculture.

    Samuel writes, “This book is a self-help book which implores people to ask fundamental questions of each other to strengthen their relationships. The questions are best asked in the early days of a relationship because they are crucial in laying the foundation for your future together.”

    Published by Book Vine Press, Samuel’s book reminds the reader that despite the exponential increase in the number of breakups witnessed in recent years, there is still beauty in the old-age tradition of marriage.

    The author hopes that readers consider asking these seventy-seven questions before getting into a relationship to avoid the pains of heartbreak. If the foundations of the relationship are solid, the chances of happiness are compounded and separations are avoided.

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  • Author Sarah Vie To Release Children’s Book About Mindfulness

    Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine by Sarah Vie

    Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine by Sarah Vie

    A guide for children (and parents) on developing effective stress management techniques to face life's everyday challenges.

    When kids lean on the simple meditation practice in this book, they will learn that no matter what is going on, or what is happening around them, they have a safe place to land within their heart.”
    — Sarah Vie
    CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, September 12, 2022 / -- Foundational life coach and energy healer Sarah Vie is equipping children to face life’s challenges with inner peace and calm through the release of her book, Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine, published by Muse Literary. Subtitled, “The Little Girl Who Never Stopped Believing in Herself,” this 44 page beautifully illustrated picture book is designed to help children of any age practice connecting to their inner greatness, potential, and overall resilience. Vie’s objective in publishing the book is to empower children to recognize their truest potential before they start believing the world’s limiting stories.

    “Mindful kids are the path to a future we all want to be part of,” says Vie. “The best way to ensure our children develop stress management skills and gentle practices is by incorporating self-guided meditations that they can use at school, sporting events, at home, during thunderstorms, long car rides and everywhere in between!”

    Readers are introduced to Little Vie, an adventurous girl who is not afraid of a little dirt! In her adventures, she experiences all kinds of new things - like talent shows, a new little sibling, big scary storms and more. When things get tough on the outside, Little Vie chooses to dig deep inside herself to hear the "thump thump thump" of her heart so that her inner golden sparkle can shine bright! It's through this conscious connection to her inner light that Little Vie learns she can overcome ANY obstacle with grace, and glittery rain boots - of course!

    The simple and easy to learn mindfulness practices in this book are universal in their appeal and timeless in their value.

    Liz Montero
    Red Clover Digital

  • Sarah Vie to Release Book on Finding Freedom from the Past

    I Wish I'd Known by Sarah Vie

    I Wish I'd Known by Sarah Vie

    A transformational journey of shared wisdom and empowerment designed to help readers find clarity of purpose and confidence.

    Sarah Vie provides a light at the end of a dark tunnel for those ready to give up hope.”
    — Danielle Codere
    CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, September 12, 2022 / -- Sarah Vie has been published in Huffington Post, Modern Mom magazine and Thrive Global. Her groundbreaking new book, I Wish I’d Known: 10 Ways to Break Ancestral Patterns, Free Yourself from the Past, and Manifest Your Dreams, published by Muse Literary, shares wisdom designed to guide readers through a transformational journey from their pasts to their futures. Each chapter begins with a true and relatable story from Sarah’s life about how she released the traumas of her past to find a life of peace, joy and abundance. Readers are equipped with new empowering tools designed to break the cycle of their own ancestral patterning and, in the process, attract the abundant life they both desire and deserve.

    The Advance Reviews are Glowing:

    "Sarah Vie provides a light at the end of a dark tunnel for those ready to give up hope. I was in that place, and with Sarah's help, I became empowered enough to start my own 6-figure business, strengthen my relationship with my partner and lose over 70lbs because I had finally detached myself from my toxic family attachments. Sarah Vie is a life changer!"
    —Danielle Codere

    "Working with Sarah was a total shift in perspective and a life-changing event in my life. I am so grateful I got a chance to work with her, She is AMAZING and so EMPOWERING.”
    —Abhi Sharma

    "Sarah Vie is exquisitely insightful. She understands how to peel back the layers of an issue, get to the core of the matter and begin the process of healing. It's as if she is not only standing next to you but holding your hand. I Wish I Had Known is a must-read!"
    -Jane Ubell-Meyer, Founder, Bedside Reading


    "The sacred spaces we surround ourselves with are areas that expose what we are feeling on the inside and mirror the thoughts we identify with. The old programming that appears in our outer environment is a direct reflection of our identity. Our outer appearance or style is one area, but our environment we live in has the same energetic vibration. Our minds can be the narrative of what our environment looks like. If we are consumed with the clutter of thoughts, our outer environment tends to look the same."

    I Wish I’d Known: 10 Ways to Break Ancestral Patterns, Free Yourself from the Past, and Manifest Your Dreams is set to be released on Sep 27, 2022.

    Liz Montero
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  • Jenny Lowe To Release Book About the Realities of Infertility

    Saved By Hope by Jenny Lowe

    Saved By Hope by Jenny Lowe

    An honest and emotionally powerful story about the fight for motherhood.

    Jenny is helping to break down the stigmas of infertility. Her story encourages everyone going through treatment to keep going, and to hold on to hope.”
    — Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh MD, MPH
    CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, September 8, 2022 / -- Jenny Lowe was 34 when she sought help from fertility specialists after unsuccessfully trying to conceive her first child. She was poked and prodded, as is to be expected. What she didn’t expect was the massive stigma that surrounds infertility. The sum total of her experience is captured in her new book, Saved By Hope, published by Muse Literary, which is an honest and emotional story of Jenny’s fight for motherhood and, ultimately, for her life. She recounts the raw and devastating reality surrounding the grief and loss that is so much a part of infertility, but also shines light on love, selflessness, and the one thing that can never be taken from her: Hope.

    Reviews for Saved By Hope are glowing:

    “I couldn’t flip through the pages quickly enough! I was gripped from the very beginning, eager to find out what happened. The writing is raw, moving, and beautifully illustrated. I felt like I had a front-row seat to this inspiring story of love, loss, and what true resilience looks like. This is book is inspirational and full of hope as Jenny takes readers on a journey through various challenges in life. She shows readers how to create hope in life even when the odds feel stacked against you. Thank you, Jenny, for birthing this beautiful book into the World. I recommend this book for those looking for hope in the midst of uncertainty. I will be sharing this book with my patients, and can see it being a huge asset in fertility clinics, and oncology units across the World. Grab your copy today, I promise you will leave this book with a new perspective on life, love, and what true hope looks like.”
    —Andrea Blindt, Fertility specialized registered nurse, 4x international best-selling author, life and mindset coach

    “Jenny shares the honest, raw and emotional journey that is infertility. I was gripped from the first chapter and felt enthralled reading her account of fertility treatments, cancer, surgeries, miscarriage and surrogacy— all of which were on her path to motherhood. This book so beautifully describes the determination, heartbreak and perseverance that is infertility and demonstrates the hope that is possible when you never give up.”
    —Ariel Taylor, Fertility Therapist, experienced surrogate

    “Jenny’s story of determination in the midst of illness, infertility, and surrogacy will provide information and inspiration to any who find themselves on a similar path to parenthood. Saved by Hope reminds us that through perseverance in the face of trial and with the love and support of family, we, too, can find hope to overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable.”
    —Dr. Spencer Barney MD, FACOG: OBGYN

    “At a time when you might feel most alone, Lowe’s Saved by Hope is a friend, a lifeline and a beacon of light. Any woman going through fertility treatments should read this book.” —Sara Connell bestselling author of Bringing in Finn “Saved By Hope is a beautiful and raw memoir of Jenny’s journey to becoming a mother. Her ability to be vulnerable and open up about such a pivotal moment in her life will undoubtedly tug at your heart. Jenny shares her story in a way that makes you feel you are right there with her, through the good news and the bad. It’s an admirable chronicle of hope, strength and courage.”
    —Jaimie Selwa, Author of First There Was Me, The Journey to You

    “Jenny’s story is both heartbreaking and inspirational. While many would have crumbled, Jenny shows us that we can sustain and persist through life’s most challenging times.”
    —Monique Farook, founder, Infertility and Me Podcast

    “Jenny’s honest approach to her writing takes you straight into the emotional rollercoaster of infertility and how we have to manage this overwhelming and invasive life experience as life just goes on. The calls keep coming delivering more bad news, that you just have to take in your stride and carry on. Jenny takes you on the journey through her and James’ experience of dealing with such news, that is all so unfair, and she manages to share all this in such a caring and compelling way that you can’t put the book down. Her story is one of such resilience and I know it will help so many people, so thank you Jenny for sharing.”
    —Natalie Silverman, founder of The Fertility Podcast, co-founder of Fertility Matters at Work

    “The vulnerability that Jenny shows by taking us on her raw but ‘hopeful’ journey to become a mother and create a family for her and her husband reminds us that nothing should be taken for granted. It’s safe to say that we have all been touched by infertility at some point, but this book reminds us that it can happen to anyone and that if and when it does you are not on an island alone dealing with it. The power of Jenny’s story is proof that we are all stronger than we think.”
    —Jade Elliott, Morning News Anchor, KUTV and Host of the Baby Your Baby Podcast

    “ . . .Jenny is helping to break down the stigmas of infertility. Her story encourages everyone going through treatment to keep going, and to hold on to hope. Her book is a lovely guide for anyone looking for personal guidance, a community, or sense of hope in challenging times.”
    —Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh MD, MPH

    Saved By Hope will be released September 13, 2022.

    Liz Montero
    Red Clover Digital

  • “Precious in His Sight” is a Story About the American Civil War and Its Residual After-Effects, on American Society


                  Precious in His Sight


                      E Pluribus Unum



    Marvin V. Blake’s “Precious in His Sight” tells of the myriad of historical-societal issues that occurred during and after, the end, of the American Civil War.

    Racial prejudice is not innate. You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught. And that; Knowledge Is Power. And that; Those who do not learn from, and Ignore History’s-Mistakes, are Doomed to repeat them.”
    — Marvin V. Blake, Author
    PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2022 / -- “Precious in His Sight”: is the third novel, in Blake’s trilogy; joining his previous two novels; “Why” and “E. Pluribus Unum...From Many, One”.

    “Precious in His Sight”, is a must-read.

    The novel is a historically accurate depiction of mid-19th century American history, as experienced and seen, through the eyes of a diverse, fascinating, array—“Red; Brown; Yellow; Black, and White”—fictional as well as, actual-persons.

    This book brings readers into the eighteen-hundreds, and allows them to see how the American Civil War, coupled with the defeat of the Plains Indians, has changed the lives of generations of Americans.

    “Precious in His Sight” is the creation of published author Marvin V. Blake, a passionate writer who has thus-far, published three Historical-Fiction, novels, that comprise his 19th Century, American Trilogy.

    Blake writes; “Shortly before the 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln as the 16th President of the United States, Eleanor Leary-a young Irish-Immigrant educator-is summarily discharged by her employer, the Master of Richmond Virginia’s Rosewood Cotton Plantation, for the ‘Heinous-Crime,’ of teaching a black-slave, to read and write.

    “Disappointed, depressed, and disillusioned, Eleanor Leary relocates, north of the Mason-Dixon Line, to the northern state of Pennsylvania, marries, and teaches at the town’s local college.

    “Rebecca Billings-one of the two white children that Eleanor had taught during her time in the South, before the war; Rebecca, after having left Virginia; and following nearly a year, living as a captive of the Comanche-returns to Richmond and gives birth to a ‘mixed-blood,’ child.

    “Because of unrelenting racial-bigotry inflicted upon her mixed-blood son, Rebecca leaves Richmond, Virginia, and settles in Lost Springs, Kansas.

    “During the post-Civil-War period of ‘Reconstruction,’ both Eleanor and Rebecca—separated by time and half a continent—work tirelessly, independently, assisting the former, now freed black-slaves, and the defeated ‘Plains Indians,’ now referred to as ‘The Reservation-Indians,’ to acquire the skills needed to assimilate, and to survive in Euro-Centric, American society.”

    Published by Book Vine Press, Marvin V. Blake’s new book “Precious in His Sight”, is an intriguing, fascinating novel, that will both entertain and enlighten everyone, ‘Red; Brown; Yellow; Black or White;’ interested in history and knowing their past.

    Through his books, the author’s goal is to both entertain and enlighten the readers, so that they can appreciate, how the past, has contributed to, and continues to, shape the ‘present,’ and our children’s ‘future.’

    With and through this book, the author, Blake’s-goal, is to remind to reinforce for his readers, that: “Knowledge is Power.”

    And that, “Those who do not learn from, or ignore history’s-mistakes, are doomed to repeat them.”

    Marvin V. Blake
    Book Vine Press
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  • Life Coach Robin Pollak Set to Release Book on Intuition

    Trust Your Intuition by Robin Pollak

    Trust Your Intuition by Robin Pollak

    Pollak's debut book is rooted firmly in the belief that other people’s opinions & judgments do not define who we are. Belief in ourselves is what matters most.

    When we begin to unravel our old beliefs, we allow space to consider new ideas and trust our dreams.”
    — Robin Pollak
    CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2022 / -- Robin Pollak’s belief that “no voice is too small to be heard" led her to begin her career as a Speech Language Pathologist. Through this work, she discovered the equally important work of supporting the parents, from offering an ear to listen to their frustrations to being a reliable and trustworthy source of information and emotional support. She became a Life Coach and her first book, Trust Your Intuition: A Guide to Living Your Authentic Life, published by Muse Literary, pulls from Pollak's many years of experience and the wisdom she's developed in coaching people through all phases of life.

    Trusting who we are and believing in our own self worth is the foundation upon which Pollak wrote her book, which is based on a rejection of the idea that other people’s opinions and judgments define who we are. “This book,” says Pollak, “is meant to help people consider the gifts that they already have right now at this very moment. It is a permission slip to shift perspective and in so doing, unlock imagination and intuition.”

    Pollak’s career has been about creating a space, about creating opportunity - whether for children or adults - to access their best life. Recognizing and engaging our underlying passions is at the heart of what this book seeks to accomplish. “Everyone has a purpose,” Pollak says, “and should be empowered to discover the passions and the gifts that make each of us who we are and, when unleashed, lead to the living of our best life.”

    Except from the book:

    "The truth is we all have intuition, and we deny it. When we question the trust in ourselves, we are saying we are not enough. Instead, we need to nurture the part that allows us to have trust and faith and recognize our value and worth. When we deny our intuition, we are letting go of the most precious piece of us. We are lost. In an effort to turn off the flow to your intuition, you also turn off the most intrinsic part of you. Intuition is the guiding light. (We stop listening to our inner wisdom when making decisions, when making connections, and when fulfilling our dreams.) We risk losing the essence of who we are. This book is about how I started to accept my intuition. The choice is within you to tap into yours."

    Trust Your Intuition: A Guide to Living Your Authentic Life will be released September 12, 2022.

    Liz Montero
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  • Martin Proctor’s “Peace, Health, Happiness” is an Inspiring Book Written for Those Who Want Good Health and Happiness

    Peace Health Happiness - Martin Proctor

              Peace, Health, Happiness


                Martin Proctor, Author

    “Peace, Health, Happiness” by author Martin Proctor is a gripping account that reminds readers that they have the power over all of their life’s experiences.

    My book slowly evolved over a number of years beginning with the search for better health and a relief from distressing symptoms resulting from a breakdown in my early thirties.”
    — Martin Proctor, Author
    PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2022 / -- “Peace, Health, Happiness”: a compelling book that is aimed at restoring physical and mental imbalances via a holistic approach that covers all elements of health which enables one's natural happiness to be, providing quality guidance to anyone who is desiring to recover their natural birthright of health and harmony.

    This book gently reminds every person whether they are aware of it or not, are really seeking love, peace, and happiness in some way or other and yet these facets already belong to everyone’s true identity, their real soul nature; all they have to do is look inwards to find that these qualities were there all along, just hidden by layers of guilt, fear, and false identifications.

    “Peace, Health, Happiness” is the creation of published author Martin William Proctor, a man who believes that he is a student of life and his interests include health and fitness, transpersonal psychology, healing, nature, quantum and metaphysics.

    Martin writes, “My book slowly evolved over a number of years beginning with the search for better health and a relief from distressing symptoms resulting from a breakdown in my early thirties. As the years passed I accumulated much knowledge from various esoteric practices and discovered useful and powerful techniques for improving my health both physically and just as important at the psychological level. Therefore this book is primarily aimed at redressing physical and mental imbalances using a holistic approach covering all aspects of health and allowing one's natural happiness to be, bringing positive changes to those people seeking to regain their natural birthright of health and balance. Powerful self-healing practices, meditations, relaxation techniques, and awareness/consciousness practices are all included including nutritional advice. For the human experience to be harmonious the body, mind, and soul all have to be taken into consideration as they all influence each other and cannot be separated. A doctor may give treatment for a physical complaint but unless all levels of being are addressed then the complaint often returns even worse than before.”

    Published by Book Vine Press, Martin’s new book is a notable account that aims to provide readers with an illumination about making their lives better and helping them achieve peace, happiness and good health both physically and mentally.

    The author hopes that readers may appreciate this book and are encouraged to conduct their own research; there is so much wisdom and information to be found both inside and without; depending solely on so-called specialists and big pharmaceuticals for their health only limits their true inner power and alignment with their source.

    Martin Proctor
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  • New Book, “They are going to kill us all: How the Corporate Elite Are Killing You”


              They are going to kill us all


                Kevin Kazakevich, Author

    “They are going to kill us all: How the Corporate Elite Are Killing You” by Kevin Kazakevich is a gripping tome that reveals the truth about an uncommon cure.

    The author believes even though many doctors lose their medical license if they prescribe safe and natural treatments, that these treatments are effective in all age groups.”
    — Kevin Kazakevich M.D., Author
    PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, August 29, 2022 / -- “They are going to kill us all: How the Corporate Elite Are Killing You. This new book is a fundamental guide that gives tips to readers on how to stay fit and healthy and extend life span with detoxification and prevention instead of only conventional medicine.

    In this book, Dr. Kazakevich starts out with a discussion of the bioweapon, COVID 19. There is an on-going battle in the news between Senator Dr. Rand Paul, M.D. from Kentucky, and Dr. Fauci, the National Public Health Director. According to Dr. Rand Paul, Dr. Fauci has been caught lying about the events surrounding the Wuhan lab leak.

    “They are going to kill us all: How the Corporate Elite Are Killing You” is the creation of published author Kevin Kazakevich M.D. a writer who is interested in ancient history, aliens, and extending life span through detoxification methods that are not known to the public in general.

    Kazakevich writes, “Are we going to blow up the world or just invent a bio-weaponized man-made disease to kill off everyone, or create intentionally using advanced military technologies gigantic hurricanes, and endless droughts? Is there any evidence that an ancient humanoid/alien civilization has blown up a planet actually been proven in ways that can be measured, photographed, and mathematically predicted?

    “The world is becoming more confusing, hostile, even warlike war when we consider things like the extreme weather, poisoned food supply, increasing intentional and indiscriminate use of pesticides, herbicides, newly invented chemicals, genetically modified and chemically enhanced foods, artificial foods, toxic and deadly medical ‘treatments’ and rapid deployment of dangerous electromagnetic technology and wireless devices with no safety record. Who is secretly deploying these silent weapons and why?

    “And why are both the numerous causes of illnesses and the potential treatments for these health threats not known at all in the conventional medical community?

    “Are the corporate elite secretly and intentionally trying to kill us?

    “Dr. Ford in his newly updated book on health exposes many so-called conspiracy ‘theories’ instead as, conspiracy ‘facts’ and provides insights to help you fight back and help you:

    “Augment well-being and deter illnesses;

    “Reclaim power over you own health and wellness;

    “Avoid and minimize exposure to potential health threats;

    “Benefit from natural dietary, detoxification and other therapies;

    “Extend the normal healthy lifespan; and

    “Avoid routine doctor’s appointments.

    “Conventional medical doctors routinely risk losing their license if they prescribe safe and natural treatments to help patients regain their health. Dr. Kazakevich (Ford) M.D. reveals why they should be using natural treatments to help all age groups.

    “Dr. Kevin Kazakevich (Ford) M.D. is trained as a conventional U.S. medical physician. In addition, he is a specialist in anti-aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine with an Advanced Fellowship Certification from the American Academy of anti-aging medicine. He is devoted to achieving the ultimate anti-aging Plan.”

    Published by Book Vine Press, Kazakevich’s new book serves as a warning that numerous ancient and modern military technologies exist that can kill us all and are being developed and deployed in secrete and without the approval of the public.

    Kevin Kazakevich M.D.
    Book Vine Press
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  • Dee Shaffer’s Newly Released “Disconnected” is a Fundamental Guide for Readers to Strengthen their Relationships




                  Dee Shaffer, Author

    “Disconnected” from Book Vine Press author Dee Shaffer is a gripping account that helps couples avoid the pain of divorce.

    It is my heartfelt desire to produce unique and meaningful ideas in either fiction or non-fiction format to help my readers see things at deeper levels and to equip them with wisdom and insight.”
    — Dee Shaffer, Author
    PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, August 26, 2022 / -- “Disconnected”: a compelling book written to produce unique and meaningful ideas to help readers see things at deeper levels and to equip them with wisdom and insight. “Disconnected” is the creation of published author Dee Shaffer, a healthcare executive whose interests include exercising, hiking, and mountains.

    Dee Shaffer writes, “A look at real-life marriage issues that are sadly present in many relationships. This book will help couples identify a common theme among the moments of deterioration and help them understand how to take a different path. It clearly illustrates the anatomy of a relationship and offers meaningful guidance on keeping the marriage healthy and energized so couples can find ways to avoid the heartache of divorce.”

    Published by Book Vine Press, Dee Shaffer’s new book is written in a subtle spiritual tone woven through the message to hopefully reach the readers in profound and inspiring ways and lead them to God’s truth.

    Through this book, the author helps readers to have a successful married life and avoid heartbreaks as it encourages the readers to prioritize their relationship to help keep it strong and healthy.

    Dee Shaffer
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  • Ready Writer (Psalm 45:1) has Written a Book That Gives Readers the Answer to Their Spiritual Life


        Answers To Questions You Never
                        Knew To Ask


        Let those that have an ear to hear
                        let them Hear


        Ready Writer (Psalm 45:1), Author

    “Answers to Questions You Never Knew to Ask & Let Those that Have an Ear to Hear Let Them Hear”: a book that give readers the answer to their spiritual life.

    Please take your time reading this book. For it will be different. Perhaps many things that you never thought to ask, for first, they have to be revealed that we would even think to Ask.”
    — Ready Writer (Psalm 45:1)
    PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2022 / -- “Answers to Questions You Never Knew to Ask & Let Those that Have an Ear to Hear Let Them Hear”: a compelling account designed to bring enlightenment to readers of all ages. This book shows readers how faith can save one’s life from total darkness. “Answers to Questions You Never Knew to Ask & Let Those that Have an Ear to Hear Let Them Hear” is the creation of published author Ready Writer (Psalm 45:1), a retired assistant physical therapist whose interests include worship music, playing acoustic guitar, and receiving revelations from God.

    Ready Writer (Psalm 45:1) writes, “Why I started these writings after 42 years of being saved. I had many questions with few answers. I was seeking, searching, asking, knocking at the door, knowing that there was much more than what I was reading and understanding from the Book of Life. I had questions, but few answers came. The book of Life had not yet become the Book of Life to Me due to my lack of understanding. Yet I continued to believe that there was more than what I Understood. What caused me to write these two books; all started with Matthew 25: 8, 9, and the foolish said to the Wise, give us of Your Oil, for our lamps are Going Out. But the wise answered, not so, lest there be not enough for us and you.

    “Now this is the verse ‘But Go to ‘THEM’ that ‘SELL,’ and ‘BUY’ for yourselves. The foolish Did Not Ask WHO is SELLING what WE need, what ECONOMY they are to BUT IT WITH, and what are they BUYING? A Question that has an Answer. Luke 12:18, this will I DO, I WILL pull down MY BARNS and build greater! In John 8:4, they said unto Jesus, Master, this woman was taken in Adultery, in the VERY ACT. My question was, why did they only bring the Woman when they were Caught In the Very Act? Deuteronomy 22:22 If a man is found lying with a woman married to a husband, then they shall Both of them Die, both the Man that lay with the woman and the Woman. I was given an answer that satisfied my question. These and Many More Questions I brought before God wanting to know.

    “He Said I will feed the hungry, the Hungry Will Hear and be Glad. There are Answers to Our Questions for those who are Seeking, Knocking, and Continual Knocking, Asking, and Keep on Asking, for we are dealing with an un-ending Book for the Questions we have. My Prayer is for the Reader of these books that a Deeper Walk Will Be Found. Jesus Said I have Food that you Know Not Of; that Same Food is for us for the Asking and the taking. May We Hear God’s Voice through These Words. AMEN.”

    In his second book, he told a story about the beautiful plans of God for him. It is where readers could realize that no one is capable of doing anything without Him. Ready Writer (Psalm 45:1)’s second book is written to open the eyes of readers so they may be able to see God in their journey.
    The author writes in his second book, “I had just finished my first book after two years of writing it. Thinking that I would just take a break now from writing, but God had other plans for me. I just picked up where I left off. Just over a year now, every morning before breakfast, I have one or two manuscripts written. I told God if they keep coming like this, I’ll keep writing. I have nothing planned; after I pray, I start writing. There’s an old song that goes this way.” I can do nothing alone, I’m weak, but my master is strong; I held the pencil, but he wrote this song, for I can do nothing alone.” That’s exactly how my second book has gotten written. Through obedience to listen to what’s being poured into my heart, then I pour it out on paper. What I have written speaks to me, basic and, if to say simple, simplicity of truth that can’t be missed. Therefore we are without excuse. For when He knows that We know where Without Excuse. My prayer is that this book will be just a small part of opening your eyes to a deeper walk through and by the words that have been poured into me from God. AMEN and Thank You All.”

    Published by Book Vine Press, Ready Writer (Psalm 45:1)’s new book is a contemporary account that opens the heart of the readers, allowing them to hear God’s voice from their conscience.

    Through this book, the author aims to bring light to the readers, allowing them to see God in their lives in the midst of darkness. With this book, the readers’ questions in life will be answered as this book is written and filled with truth from the Almighty.

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