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  • Karen Livingston’s newly released “Obedience” is a potent book designed to teach kids to do what God expects them to do


    “Obedience” from Book Vine Press author Karen Livingston is a contemporary children’s book filled with life lessons that help kids grow holistically.

    Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing when you're told. This book will teach your children what God expects of them when it comes to obeying their parents.”
    — Karen Livingston, Author
    PALATINE, IL, USA, August 16, 2022 / -- “Obedience”: a story of a four-year-old and intuitive boy. It is a book where children could learn to follow and respect their elderly. This compelling book will help readers understand the rules set by the people who have authority over them. It will mold them to become the best version of themselves while they do what God expects them to do. “Obedience” is the creation of published author Karen Livingston, a woman who loves writing stories with life-altering lessons.

    Livingston writes, “Johnny is your typical four-year-old boy, into everything and full of questions. But Johnny seemed to struggle a lot with following the rules.

    “Join Johnny on his adventures as he learns how to obey them who have the authority over him and at the same time what God expects of him.”

    Published by Book Vine Press, Livingston’s new book is a nurturing story that aims to guide children in everything they do and understand that there are rules that need to be obeyed, especially when it comes from God.

    Through this book, the author wants the children to obey their parents and do the right thing as God expects them to do.

    Karen Livingston
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  • Late Bonnie Raymond’s “The Portal to Forever” is a fascinating novel that shows a story of bravery in defeating evils

                  The Portal to Forever

    “The Portal to Forever” by late author Bonnie Raymond is a notable account that aims to inspire readers to be bold no matter how hard life gets.

    My wife Bonnie Raymond died on November 10, 2020, from cancer and kidney failure. I hope that her book will bring excitement and joy to the young readers that she wrote the book for. Thank you.”
    — George Raymond
    PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2022 / -- “The Portal to Forever”: a potent book that will leave the readers in awe as the late author unfolds the story of the bravery of a young prince who faced and defeated his enemy in order to reclaim the throne of his father.

    “The Portal to Forever” was the creation of published author, the late Bonnie Sullivan Raymond, a writer who lived in the beautiful town of Havre de Grace, Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay with her husband of 41 years enjoyed writing short stories, computers and computer games, baking cookies, and reading with her three cats in front of the fireplace. Her foray into writing began more than twenty years ago when she started writing computer software and hardware reviews for publication in print as well as on the internet. “The Portal to Forever” was her first novel to reach publication. She died of cancer and kidney failure in November of 2020.

    Bonnie writes, “The peaceful Kingdom of Ashmirl has been taken over by the evil wizard Soldrin. The rightful King and his heir have been captured and imprisoned in the dungeon deep beneath the castle walls. Soldrin has sworn to keep them prisoner until the great book of ‘The Elven Chronicles’ is turned over to him. The Elven Chronicles holds the secret of the Portal to Forever and must not fall into the hands of anyone who would use it to gain power and domination over others. The wizard has unleashed hoards of demons, trolls, gargoyles and other monstrous creatures on the kingdom to kill and destroy at will until the Chronicles are turned over to him. Prince Leerec, the younger son of the King, is brought back from the human world to defeat this threat to the kingdom and restore his father to the throne.

    “When Prince Leerec falls victim to an assassin’s murderous attack, his son and daughter are also transported from their home in the human world to use their special powers to save his life and find a way to defeat Soldrin and his evil army. The children journey across the kingdom to find the ancient dragon Falon to enlist his help in destroying the demon Groz who serves the Wizard Soldrin. In their travels, they become acquainted with many of the amazing creatures and places to be found in their father’s elven world, which now, so desperately, needs their help.”

    Published by Book Vine Press, late author Bonnie Raymond’s new book was the author’s first novel to reach publication. This book brings readers to another world and inspires them to bravely face their tribulations in life. Without the help of her husband George Raymond, this book would not have been as beautiful as it is.

    Bonnie Sullivan Raymond
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  • Carleen Riach’s “But I can Still Dance” is a fundamental handbook that offers a refreshing approach to caregiving.

                    But I Can Still Dance

            Carleen Breskin Riach, Author

    “But I Can Still Dance” by Carleen Riach is a journal that teaches the readers how to live a quality life and still be a caregiver to a chronically ill person.

    The quality of your life can be touched by enjoyment and peace instead of sadness and sorrow. Nobody likes to think about sadness, but it is a part of life that you must address at this time.”
    — Carleen Breskin Riach, Author
    PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2022 / -- “A Caregiver’s Survival Guide and Personal Story: But I Can Still Dance”: a life-changing account where readers can learn to have more fun and have a life worth living. It is where the author shared her story along with her solution for caregiving issues often skirted over in print. This book tackles loneliness, sex problems, money, guilt, and feelings of entrapment, in ways that all caregivers can identify and understand.

    While learning to live a more positive and quality-filled life, readers will discover in this book a world infused with the sweetness and joy that the gift of giving to a loved one can bring.

    “A Caregiver’s Survival Guide and Personal Story: But I Can Still Dance” is the creation of published author Carleen Breskin Riach, a retired caregiver coach, real estate broker, designer, and actress. She has become an authority on teaching others to recoup. She writes, lectures, and consults, helping others to overcome their caregiving and bereavement issues.

    Riach writes, “The richest rewards of life are sprinkled along the way of the journey and are not to be found at the end of the rainbow.”

    “What has given me the most satisfaction and joy in my life was the experience of caring for my dear husband.”

    Published by Book Vine Press, Riach’s new book is framed by her sixteen years as a caregiver to her ailing husband with Parkinson’s disease. It is written to touch the reader’s heart as she explores her personal experience of loss, guilt, loneliness, and entrapment. This book also provides profound answers that can change the readers’ life and usher them into a life of happiness and dignity.

    Carleen Breskin Riach
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  • Doris A. Gast’s newly released “A New Tomorrow” is a great book that tells a story about romance, family, and mystery.

    A New Tomorrow

    “A New Tomorrow” from Book Vine Press author Doris A. Gast is a historical handbook about the Ellis family and their trials during the Civil War.

    “A New Tomorrow” is a historical book. It is the second book I have written on the Ellis Family. My first book, “Sugar Camp” is a contemporary book. I am currently working on my third, as yet unnamed.”
    — Doris A. Gast, Author
    PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, July 25, 2022 / -- “A New Tomorrow”: an intriguing novel that tells a story of a patriarch with two of his sons on the opposite sides of the war. It is a gripping account that will hold the readers’ interest to read until its last page as the author brings the readers to the most enthralling event that happened in the life of the patriarchal family. “A New Tomorrow” is the creation of published author Doris A. Gast, a clerical assistant who loves history, genealogy, and traveling.

    Doris writes, “‘A New Tomorrow’ is a historical book about the Ellis family and their trials during the Civil War. Cooper Ellis is the patriarch whose family is divided by the war between the states. The war has cooper’s sons pitted brother against brother; even though neither of them believes in slavery, each believes in a state’s right to govern itself. Cooper’s son, William, is captured by the north and imprisoned at Camp Douglas in Illinois. William joins his fellow prisoners in one of the greatest escapes of the Civil war. He and a neighbor and friend gallantly fight the ravages of a harsh winter while eluding the northern troops looking for them.

    Thurman, another of Cooper’s sons, leads a company of Northern soldiers to the family homestead in Kentucky, where they make camp for several days on Ellis family land.
    Bonner, the youngest of Cooper’s sons, follows his heart into love, marriage, and the mystery of who is trying to harm his beloved.”

    Published by Book Vine Press, Doris’ new book is the second book she has written about the Ellis Family.

    With this book, the author gives readers the most unforgettable reading experience as they are witnessing the life of a family who never believed in slavery, but their two sons were separated because of a conflict, the Civil War.

    Doris A. Gast
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  • Alice Wimberly’s “Freed from Slavery but Still in Bondage” is an inspiring account that will change the readers’ lives

    Freed from Slavery but Still in Bondage

    Alice Faye Wimberly, Author

    “Freed from Slavery but Still in Bondage” by Alice Wimberly is a compelling memoir, filled with life lessons that readers may apply in their day-to-day lives.

    See yourself as who God made you be, value yourself, and work to take your place in society. Never take a failure as a defeat. Educate yourself to earn your standing in the community.”
    — Alice Faye Wimberly, Author
    PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2022 / -- “Freed from Slavery but Still in Bondage”: a notable account that is written to inspire a lot of people to love themselves and be what God wants them to be. This book shows people how to value themselves, know their worth, and take their place in society. “Freed from Slavery but Still in Bondage” is the creation of published author Alice Faye Wimberly, a pastor and editor who loves traveling revival minister and writing books.

    Wimberly writes, “As we learn to showcase our ability to be recognized, we raise the bar of the color of our skin, every individual coming out of the Jim Crow dominating life’s circumstances should remember their past and embrace the teachable lesson learned.”

    Published by Book Vine Press, Wimberly’s new book enlightens the readers that taking failure as a defeat will educate them on how to stand on their own and know that they matter regardless of who and what they are.

    Through this book, the author leaves a message to readers to always let themselves be free from the social norm and start living their lives the way they want them.

    Alice Faye Wimberly
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  • Jerome Ewing’s newly-released “Face the Music in Pictures” is an inspiring photo journal filled with life lessons

    Face the Music in Pictures

    Jerome Ewing, Author

    “Face the Music in Pictures”, by author Jerome Ewing, is a fascinating new handbook that takes readers from the ghetto to the Grammys.

    Reading this book is like being a GoPro Camera on top of Jerome's head. Photographers, literary critics, and music fans will love it. Celebrity bloggers should have a field day praising it too.”
    — Jerome Ewing, Author
    PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2022 / -- “Face the Music in Pictures”: a remarkable piece of work designed to inspire everyone. This enthralling book encourages readers of all ages to live their best lives, covering a period way before the "best life" anthem was recorded. The book inspires readers to follow their dreams, to keep God first, and to never give up while en route to their dreams. Such themes don't just resonate; they also become the golden glue that guides the story along like the magic needle that guides your favorite album along its way to sonic perfection. And the photos? Well, those are the gems that take you from black-and-white to Technicolor. The photographs in this book are the color on the canvas, the paint that makes this book a masterpiece. The pictures bring every page to life, with a vividness unparalleled, and with captions that cement each allegory and button up every detail. With all this, it's hard not to fall heart-first in love with this book. Readers will feel like they're riding shotgun with the author as he shoots photos and tells tales earned over forty years.

    “Face the Music in Pictures” is the brainchild of published author Jerome Ewing, a professional photographer and DJ whose interests include sports, live music, and photography.

    According to Ewing, this book is about a journey orchestrated by a higher being, and it happens to include a lot of well-known people. The journey is "saturated with high-quality pictures, fascinating storytelling, rich personal history, and imagery that’s so lucid you’ll swear you’re right there in the middle of the action." Included are Ewing's stories from over 40 years in the Entertainment business. Working with record labels including Motown Records, MCA Records, Sony, Jive, Arista Records, LaFace Records, and So So Def gave Ewing the opportunity to work with artists like Smokey Robinson, Will Smith, Toni Braxton, Harry Belafonte, Jermaine Dupri, and thousands of others. This book will have you thinking, "Wow, what a special journey, and it reads like a movie!”

    Published by Book Vine Press, Jerome Ewing’s new book is proof-positive that a photographer's lens may well be the best eyes in the room, because the camera records images the whole world can see, and can see forever. With its vast array of celebrities, dynamic documentation, and fancy photos, "Face the Music in Pictures" is sure to become the brand-new bible of the celebrity culture that flourished during Jerome Ewing's illustrious career. A must-read, for sure!

    Jerome Ewing
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  • Dee Shaffer’s “Little Andrew Wanted to Play” is a compelling story of a child who loves playing with his friends

    Little Andrew Wanted To Play

    Author, Dee Shaffer

    “Little Andrew Wanted to Play” from Book Vine Press author Dee Shaffer is a fun-to-read storybook for children that teaches them how to socialize.

    It is my heartfelt desire to produce unique and meaningful ideas in either fiction or non-fiction format to help my readers see things at deeper levels and to equip them with wisdom and insight.”
    — Dee Shaffer
    PALATINE, IL, USA, July 14, 2022 / -- “Little Andrew Wanted to Play”: a fascinating children’s book that is written not only to teach children how to socialize and make friends but also to learn the sounds of the different animals. “Little Andrew Wanted to Play” is the creation of published author Dee Shaffer, a healthcare executive who has an interest in exercising, hiking, and mountains. She also has ten published books.

    Dee Shaffer writes, “First and foremost, I want to thank you for reading my books. I appreciate your interest in my writings! It is my heartfelt desire to produce unique and meaningful ideas in either fiction or non-fiction format to help my readers see things at deeper levels and to equip them with wisdom and insight. Most of my books have either bold or subtle spiritual tones woven through the message and hopefully will reach you in profound and inspiring ways and lead you to God’s truth.”

    Published by Book Vine Press, Shaffer’s new book is perfect for all children. It is filled not only with the moral lesson but also with fun.

    About Book Vine Press:

    Book Vine Press(BVP) is an Illinois-based hybrid publishing company. We are a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association(IBPA) and accredited with the Better Business Bureau(BBB). Book Vine Press was created by an author for authors with a combined 18 years of publishing and marketing experience. We provide authors with the most affordable and competitive book publishing-related services with 100% continuous support.

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  • Frank Sinatra’s Oscar-Winning Evolution as an Actor Examined in Definitive New Study

    James L. Neibaur and Gary Schneeberger offer the definitive study of Frank Sinatra's film career in their new book.

    Frank Sinatra on the Big Screen offers revelatory film-by-film study of how he broke free of studio typecasting to earn critical raves and box office success

    Sinatra became a respected and heralded actor and filmmaker his way. The industry tried to paint him into a one-note corner; he emerged as a force in front of and behind the camera for decades.”
    — Gary Schneeberger

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2022 / -- Frank Sinatra was without question one of the most influential singers in the history of recorded music, a charismatic and enigmatic figure whose personal life generated innumerable headlines during his more than 50 years in the public spotlight. What is often lost in the discussion of his A-list career, though, is that he was also a gifted and courageous actor who became a film star in a manner Hollywood did not foresee.

    In the just-released Frank Sinatra on the Big Screen: The Singer as Actor and Filmmaker, authors James L. Neibaur and Gary Schneeberger take a deep and detailed dive into the movie career of the star who may not have been the first, or the last, musical artist to parlay his success into a movie career – but may have been the one who succeeded most resoundingly.

    “Sinatra did more than just sing ‘My Way’ – he became a respected and heralded actor and filmmaker his way,” Schneeberger explained. “The industry tried to paint him into a one-note corner, and despite some significant personal and professional setbacks, he emerged on the other side as a force in front of and behind the camera for decades.”

    Neibaur, a noted film historian with 30 critical studies to his credit, noted Sinatra was a triple threat as an actor, turning in impressive performances in dramas, musicals and comedies.

    “He was an instinctual, natural actor who eschewed the Method approach of contemporaries like Marlon Brando,” Neibaur said. “There’s a visceral intensity in his best work, even in films that were not blockbusters or award-winners, which has been sadly underappreciated.”

    That is more than anyone expected from him in the early 1940s. Sinatra, then a skinny young balladeer known as The Voice, was groomed to be a movie “star,” not a movie actor, and the distinction is an important one. He was brought to Hollywood because those in the industry believed he could titillate female audiences as easily from a movie screen as he had from a concert stage. His first few roles required no real acting at all -- he played extensions of himself: a band singer who crooned one or two numbers during an interlude incidental to the narrative.

    Even as he segued into portraying characters, Sinatra could not be accused of stretching his abilities. His initial character work was tentative and a little laconic. Nonetheless, he developed a screen persona during these years, mostly playing naive, earnest men who would sing a half dozen songs as they shyly pursued – or tried to avoid for lack of confidence -- pretty young women. Not surprisingly, the public could take just so much of that. Sinatra's only genuine hits during this period were musicals like Anchors Aweigh (1945), and On The Town (1949), films in which he was just one member of an ensemble of talented performers, and not the star counted on to sell a production on his own merits.

    The 1950s, though, would prove to be the breakthrough decade for Sinatra as an actor as he began to select roles that helped redefine his screen image. Meet Danny Wilson was a pivotally shrewd choice, since Sinatra was able to sing and at the same time demonstrate an ability to play drama as a largely unsympathetic character. Although the movie was not a commercial success, it was a fitting bridge to his next project, From Here To Eternity, for which he won the 1954 Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor. In the small but pivotal role of Maggio, a troubled soldier who is beaten to death in an Army stockade, Sinatra proved unequivocally that he was the dramatic equal to such co-stars as Burt Lancaster and Montgomery Clift.

    A series of consequential dramatic roles followed. He played a calculating drifter out to kill the President in Suddenly (1954), and in 1955 earned another Oscar nomination, this time as Best Actor, for his chilling portrayal of a heroin addict trying to kick the habit in The Man With the Golden Arm. Over the next few years, he appeared in other films that graphically explored then-taboo subjects. He effectively played the alcoholic comedian Joe E. Lewis in the biopic The Joker is Wild (1957), and he delivered a solid, subdued performance as a brainwashed ex-soldier trying to unravel a complex murder plot in The Manchurian Candidate (1962), a psychological thriller considered by some as his finest work.

    “He even took a shot at directing, with better results than one might have anticipated,” Neibaur said. “His approach to the material as a director in None But the Brave in 1965 shows the same innate talent in filmmaking he had, by now, long established as an actor. His cinematic vision belies his novice status as a director from his opening scenes.”

    In his musicals during this period, Sinatra was also trying to expand on the characters he had played in his ’40s ensemble outings. In Young at Heart (1955) and High Society (1956), he layers maturity and wisdom seemingly hard-earned into his portrayals as both actor and singer. By the time he did Guys and Dolls (1955) and Pal Joey (1957), his evolution seemed complete -- he had metamorphosed from the jittery innocent who is intimidated by women and had become the cocksure hipster who does the intimidating.

    Sinatra wore this persona so well he rarely shed it in the later years of his screen career. With few exceptions, his roles starting in the early 1960s mostly underscore that image, especially in his undertakings with the Rat Pack and in the succession of world-weary private investigators and police detectives he played. His performances in these movies are uniformly good, though the roles require little of the range and emotion he had shown he was capable of projecting.

    “It’s ironic that after he had finally succeeded in breaking free from studio-imposed typecasting, he chose to impose a different but equally limiting typecasting upon himself,” Schneeberger said. “But then he was still doing it his way.”

    Gary Schneeberger

  • Gibbs Williams’ newly released “Oedipus from Miami Beach” is a compelling handbook that’s written based on a true story

    Dr Gibbs Williams

    Book 1

    Book 2

    “Oedipus from Miami Beach” from Book Vine Press author Dr Gibbs Williams is a gripping account that aims to bring readers away from pathological narcissism.

    I am especially indebted to Baruch Spinoza for accurately describing my core psychological issue.”
    — Dr Gibbs WIlliams
    PALATINE, ILLINOIS, USA, July 6, 2022 / -- “Oedipus from Miami Beach” an insightful story that may be viewed as a realistic and informative picture of the author’s slow but steady transition from being a psychological “prisoner” suffering from pathological narcissism and dissociation to a more balanced and healthy sense of self. “Oedipus from Miami Beach” is the creation of published author Dr Gibbs Williams, a psychoanalyst who has published four books.

    Williams writes, “I am thankful that many past and present profound thinkers have provided concepts utilised as psychological ‘tools’ during psychoanalytic treatment in the service of organising my own and others’ personal chaos. I am especially indebted to Baruch Spinoza for accurately describing my core psychological issue.”

    Published by Book Vine Press, Dr Gibbs Williams’ new book provides notions that are used as psychological ‘tools’ during psychoanalysis sessions therapy in the service of arranging the author’s internal disorder and the personal turmoil of others.

    Readers of this journal may notice that, while their specific inner journey is unique, they are likely to feel a connection with the writer and everyone else who has taken a comparable psychoanalytic trip.

    About Book Vine Press:

    Book Vine Press(BVP) is an Illinois-based hybrid publishing company. We are a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association(IBPA) and accredited with the Better Business Bureau(BBB). Book Vine Press was created by an author for authors with a combined 18 years of publishing and marketing experience. We provide authors with the most affordable and competitive book publishing-related services with 100% continuous support.

    Gibbs Williams
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  • New Revelations Affecting the Illinois Attorney General Office

    David Shestokas for Illinois Attorney General

    David Shestokas for Illinois Attorney General

    This case will not be resolved before the election. With legitimate questions being raised from the actual court documents, we simply must consider the facts, right now, before voting.”
    — Col. Larry Kaifesh
    ORLAND PARK, IL, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2022 / -- A well known political analyst, Col. Larry Kaifesh USMC (Ret.), has released the news of some unsettling revelations related to an ongoing federal lawsuit against one of the Attorney General Candidates in Illinois, Tom DeVore.

    "This case will not be resolved before the election. With legitimate questions being raised from the actual court documents, we simply must consider the facts, right now, before voting," said Col. Kaifesh.

    Kaifesh refers to the federal lawsuit of Walch vs. Thomas DeVore, et al. in United States District Court Central District of Illinois, Case No. 3:19-cv-03191. The case arises from DeVore’s involvement in an alleged burglary, theft of guns and coins and the deprivation of the defendant's Constitutional rights. Excerpts from the lawsuit follow.

    Page 5 of 21:


    28. Soon after (citizen) left the property of Plaintiffs, Defendant DEVORE and Defendant Deputy MORGAN returned to Plaintiffs’ property.
    29. Then and there Defendant DEVORE and Defendant Deputy MORGAN broke out a window in the back of the Hatchery Building to obtain access to said building. Said Defendants broke a lock securing access to the office of Plaintiff JAMES WALCH. Said door is clearly marked with an address “^^^^.”
    30. Once inside the office, Defendants proceeded to cut a padlock on a large cabinet and then cut a padlock from a footlocker with the name “^^^^” printed on said locker. At that time, they proceeded in taking the property of Plaintiffs.
    31. Then and there Defendant DEVORE and Defendant Deputy MORGAN began taking personal property located at Plaintiffs’ property.
    32. At some point during Defendant DEVORE and Defendant Deputy MORGAN’s looting, Plaintiff (^^^^) observed Defendants taking personal property from her property.
    33. Plaintiff (^^^^) confronted Defendants about the items belonging to her and her husband.
    From Page 6 of 21

    34. To which Defendant Deputy MORGAN informed Plaintiff (^^^^) that Defendant DEVORE could take whatever he wanted.
    35. The looting became so overwhelming for Defendants Deputy MORGAN and DEVORE that Defendant DEVORE secured the assistance of approximately a dozen other men, the Identities are unknown at this time.
    36. All of this looting occurred under the watchful eye of Defendant Deputy MORGAN ensuring that no one interfered with Defendants raid on Plaintiffs’ property.
    37. None of the property seized on this second visit had any indication of ownership by (^^^^). The personal property seized on this visit sat on real property not in the bankruptcy estate of (^^^^).
    Personal Property Stolen from Plaintiffs

    38. Due to the manner in which Defendants forced themselves on to Plaintiffs, it is unknown the extent of the personal property seized during the raid.
    39. What follows is a non-exhaustive list of items Defendants removed from Plaintiffs’ property May 3, 2019:
    a. 9 mm Glock 27, Serial # AS194US
    b. 9 mm Ruger P-85, Serial # 302-44781
    c. 9 mm Taurus GSC, Serial #TLX81662
    d. .380 Diamondback DB380, Serial #ZG5952
    e. 4,000 Silver Coins with an approximate value of ten thousand dollars.
    f. Ammunition, which was purchased in bulk and stored at the Hatcher Building
    g. AR15 Upper Palmetto State Armory
    h. AR15 Palmetto AR 15 Upper 16"
    From Page 7 of 21

    i. AR15 Palmetto AR 15 Upper 16” (Second)
    j. 9mm Glock17, Serial DEK245
    k. 44 Cal. Taurus Raging Bull, Serial BM571613
    l. 12 GG Remington 870 Classic Trap, Serial D884575M
    m. 22 LR Ruger Mark 2, Serial 18-17497
    n. 22 LR Rugger 1022, Serial 12485908
    o. LAR15 Rock River Arms, Serial 12619
    p. Mauser firearm, Serial Z6078
    q. Misc. Lower Receiver, approximately 30 units
    40. The full extent of the property will likely never be known as Defendants DEVORE and Deputy MORGRAN took no inventory during the conversion of Plaintiffs’ property. Since the Theft, Plaintiffs Have Unsuccessfully Tried to Secure Personal Property
    41. Without any indication … Defendants were able to clean out a building on Plaintiffs’ property.
    42. After the items were removed, Defendants have refused to provide an accounting of the items that were stolen from Plaintiffs on May 3, 2019.
    43. Defendant DEVORE, acting on behalf of Defendant CNB, refused to provide any information as items removed, and in addition, invited Plaintiffs to “create a conflict” with Defendant CNB and Defendant Montgomery County.
    To this time, the status of the arsenal and cash taken from the private citizens is unknown.


    Col. Larry Kaifesh USMC (Ret) served in combat in Iraq and sensitive command posts thru Afghanistan, Jordon, and Kuwait. With a Masters Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College, he worked for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense as Battle Captain. He served as a Congressional Fellow for Congressman John Kline (R) of Minnesota and ran for U.S. Congress in the IL-8th District against Tammy Duckworth. Col. Kaifesh is highly decorated, having a Bronze Star and other metals for his service and valor. Through media and personal appearances, he advances the values and principles of our Founding Fathers, supporting and defending the Constitution.

    David Shestokas is an expert on our Founding documents, a former Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney and author of Creating the Declaration of Independence, Constitutional Sound Bites, and Capsulas Informativas Constitucionales, explaining the meaning and historical context of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, to Spanish reading audiences. He is currently running against DeVore to become the Illinois Attorney General candidate. Shestokas is the only candidate running who has prosecuted a felony crime, having prosecuted 400 felonies and over 10,000 misdemeanors. More info:

    David Shestokas
    Committee to Elect David Shestokas
    +1 708-213-7955
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  • RedShelf Adds Matthew Hillman as Company's First Chief Customer Officer

    Picture of Matthew Hillman, RedShelf CCO

    RedShelf introduces first Chief Customer Officer - Matthew Hillman

    New Executive Brings Decades of Experience to One of the Nation’s Fastest-Growing EdTech Companies

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2022 / -- RedShelf, an EdTech company helping to make education more affordable through the efficient delivery of digital course materials, today announced the addition of Matthew Hillman as the company’s first Chief Customer Officer. Hillman comes to RedShelf with 20 years of experience leading businesses that serve the education market.

    "Our service levels have set us apart from others in our space, and Matt will help us add to and amplify those efforts," said Greg Fenton, CEO of RedShelf. "We play an important, meaningful role in helping the industry evolve, and Matt’s perspective and expertise will help us keep our customers in focus and at the center of everything we do."

    RedShelf continues on a path of growth, named to Inc. 5000's list of the nation’s fastest-growing businesses, ranked #12 on Crain’s Chicago Fast50 for 2002, and named one of America’s Fast Growing Companies by the Financial Times for the last three consecutive years. Driving the continued growth of the business is its award-winning eReader and Content Delivery System (CDS), best-in-class solutions that now reach nearly half of America’s colleges and universities. The company’s software was named Publishing Software of the Year by EdTech Breakthrough, RedShelf’s second straight win in a highly competitive education technology market.

    "I am very excited to join RedShelf’s talented team and look forward to helping our university partners provide access to high quality digital books and materials to students in an affordable manner," said Matthew Hillman, RedShelf's CCO. "I'm thrilled to be joining the RedShelf team to help shape strategies to drive continued, fast-paced growth and customer success.”

    Hillman has been an executive leader in the online program management (OPM) sector for nearly 20 years. He was a member of the executive team that built Deltak Edu, Inc. into a leading partner to colleges and universities seeking to build and grow their online degree programs and enrollments. In 2012, Deltak was sold to Wiley and became Wiley Education Services where Hillman continued in a variety of executive roles concluding his tenure in 2019 as President where he led the acquisition of The Learning House. Earlier in his career, Hillman worked in student affairs and enrollment management.

    In addition, Hillman serves on the non-profit board of directors for The Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust, which operates a tourist and freight railroad between Boyertown and Pottstown, PA. Hillman received a BA in philosophy from Albright College. Today, he lives with his wife and two children in Kutztown, PA.

    About RedShelf

    RedShelf is a Chicago-based EdTech company focused on helping schools, businesses, and publishers transition effortlessly from traditional print to more affordable, efficient, engaging digital textbooks, training materials, and learning content. Today, RedShelf's software (Content Delivery System & eReader) serves more than 10,000 publishers and more than 1,500 business and educational partners, reaching millions of student and professional learners worldwide. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

    Elio DiStaola
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  • New Book Release – The Missionary and The Magician - An inspirational story from the dawn of Christianity

    The Missionary and The Magician - Front Cover

    Summary - Synopsis

    The little-known true story of the life of St. Peter – after the resurrection of Jesus – and his conflicts with the sorcerer Simon Magus, THE MAN WHO COULD FLY!

    An easy-reading, faith-based tale of wonder and awe!. Facts and events in riveting story form – drama, spectacle, and miracles, that will inform, entertain, and inspire readers of all ages.”
    — Christina K
    CHICAGO, IL, USA, June 23, 2022 / -- A new book of wonder and marvel from Crystal Sea Press
    The Missionary and The Magician, by Edward N Brown

    The later life of the man chosen to carry the future hope of the world on his shoulders – an uneducated working man – a simple villager and fisherman – but a holy man of incredible character – a man destined for greatness! His name was Simon, but he is known to history as Saint Peter. Here is what you’ve always wondered about – the rest of his story!

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    Available by MAIL at:
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    Already persecuted by Jewish traditionalists, gentile pagans, and imperial Roman authorities, the early Christians are now troubled by false messiahs, phony prophets, sham sorcerers, and mystery religions. And the greatest heretic is a man called Simon!
    Strong in faith, will, and determination, and empowered by Jesus Christ with the ‘Keys to the Kingdom’, Peter takes on the challenge of his life, and proves to all the believers that he truly is the ‘Rock of the Church’.

    Need more info? Contact the Author –Ask for the Author Press Kit!
    email >>
    Amazon Author Page >>
    Facebook ID >> @crystalseapress
    Twitter Handle >> @edwardnbrown55

    About the Author:
    Edward N Brown is a storyteller with a background in science, philosophy, ancient history, and theology. His technique is to blend the interesting nuggets of historical record, legend, biography, romance, scientific fact, spirituality, and personal drama – all mixed together into an informative, but easy-reading, faith-based tale of wonder and awe. An educational background of three advanced degrees (PhD + two MS) has contributed to his insights on Christianity, Religion, Antiquity, Morality, and Human Nature. Classified as ‘Narrative Non-Fiction’ (ancient religious history), his works represent an elegant fusion of style – facts and events in riveting story form – drama and intrigue that will inform, entertain, and inspire readers of all ages.

    Crystal Sea Press –
    Bringing to the World Inspirational Stories from the Dawn of Christianity –
    Lost stories and forgotten heroes from long ago! – Heroic Narrative Non-Fiction!
    Not just history but inspiration.
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    Not just religious doctrine but faithful insight.
    Relive the thoughts and acts of those at the beginning of a New Age!
    Feel their pain and experience their joy as they fight to bring a bright new religion filled with hope
    into a darkened uncaring world fraught with despair.

    Edward N Brown
    Crystal Sea Press
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