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  • Announcing the Launch of “The Sacred Sounds of Sri Vidya” by Noted Indian Author Vinita Rashinkar

    The Sacred Sounds of Sri Vidya

    A book that delves into the mantras associated with Sri Vidya

    Indian bestselling author Vinita Rashinkar

    Indian bestselling author Vinita Rashinkar

    Other books by author Vinita Rashinkar

    Other books by author Vinita Rashinkar

    BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, October 1, 2022 / -- We find the term "anavritti shabdat" in the Vedanta Sutra. This concept can be understood as utilising the power of sound to attain liberation. Mantras - potent sound forms passed on from generations, not only have the power to evoke positivity but can transform the reality of our perception by bringing about a heightened state of awareness. The Sri Vidya tradition is rich in mantras dedicated to defining the glory of Shakti. This book is an endeavour to explore the main mantras used in the Sri Vidya tradition and understand them as the unfolding of Shakti, the inherent power which lies at the core of our being and holds the key to our worldly and spiritual success.

    “Sri Vidya begins where the current understanding of quantum physics ends”, say modern-day scholars about this little known, highly esoteric spiritual tradition that has been carefully kept under wraps by its practitioners. Sri Vidya practise is a three-fold one, encompassing mantra (sacred sound), yantra (sacred geometry) and tantra (a technique or framework for worship). Learning about the mantras used in the Sri Vidya tradition is fascinating as it spans an array of techniques, texts and philosophical concepts.
    Our minds and beliefs can be our strongest allies or our worst enemies. The book delves into concepts such as the importance of building the right narrative about life and the need for ritual in modern-day lifestyle. Samskara, vritti and vasana are described along with a detailed study of tantra and Sri Vidya before a discussion on mantras in general and then focussing on the mantras used in the Sri Vidya tradition. The subjects covered seek to establish the context of mantra sadhana in Sri Vidya is to be approached, combining elements of knowledge, devotion and ritual.

    The author says: “We live in a time of deep insecurity, stuck in the midst of a feeling of scarcity, stress and self-limiting beliefs. This book offers everyone an opportunity to learn and experience the benefits of mantra sadhana of Sri Vidya and enjoy a life of abundance in all aspects of life –good health, meaningful relationships, success at work, peace and bliss in the spiritual path.”

    The author has kept in mind the sensibilities of the modern spiritual seeker and their needs and interests, presenting the information in a non-dogmatic and practical manner. This is the fourth book by the author in the Spirituality Series. The first book was about the Sri Chakra Yantra, the second was about Chakras and the third was Tantra, Mantra and Yantra of Sri Vidya.

    Vinita Rashinkar is a health and wellness expert, writer, speaker, spiritual counsellor and healer. She derives satisfaction from helping people find happiness and in aiding them to lead a healthy and meaningful life. She has studied the principles of Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, chanting, chakras and stress management under various masters for the past 22 years. She has a Master’s degree in English Literature. Vinita is the Founder and Managing dDirector of Amara Vedic Wellness GmbH, a Dusseldorf-based company which aims at bringing hidden aspects of Vedic knowledge to the common man. Vinita has been a regular contributor to popular publications and portals, writing on subjects of health and lifestyle. She is also the Founder-Director of Bluebrick PR, aspecialized international tourism marketing company. She is presently working on her fifth book based on the life and works of Adi Shankaracharya, India’s greatest poet-saint, mystic and philosopher. Vinita has been featured in various Indian and international publications such as Femina, Outlook, Asiaspa, Finest Finance and Vogue. She is currently working with a major TV channel to provide health and wellness content.

    The book is now available online at and various other platforms.

    For more information, please see

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    Logo for Emerging Women Writers initiative

    Emerging Women Writers for aspiring women football writers

    The Emerging Women Writers program is an opportunity for female football writers who are not established as authors to have original work published

    Coinciding with the Women’s World Cup in 2023, this initiative is a great chance to champion a break-out female star in football journalism and to nurture new writing talent from across the globe.”
    — Bonita Mersiades
    SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, September 29, 2022 / -- Aspiring female football writers have the chance to be published in a new anthology thanks to an initiative being launched this week.

    The Football Writers Festival in Australia is launching the Emerging Women Writers program to coincide with Australia and New Zealand co-hosting the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

    The program is an opportunity for female writers who are not yet established as authors to have an original, previously unpublished work to be circulated as part of an anthology of stories to be available at the 2023 Football Writers Festival.

    Football Writers Festival founder, Bonita Mersiades, said “Our newly launched Emerging Women Writers program offers a unique chance for aspiring women writers to springboard their career in sports media.

    “Coinciding with the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand – which is set to be record-breaking following the outstanding rise the game has seen thanks to Euro 2022 – the competition is a great chance to champion a break-out female star in football journalism and to nurture new writing talent from across the globe.”

    Writers are invited to submit a long-form story of between 3,000 and 5,000 words on any football-related topic, such as an interview or profile of an individual or individuals, a club story, a short history of a club or an event, a dive into a football politics issue, a work of fiction, commentary, analysis, an investigative piece, a poem, or a first-person story.

    Up to 20 entries will be included in the anthology entitled Hear Us Roar – Stories from Women of Football, a book to be launched at next year’s Football Writers Festival. Three of the emerging writers will also be invited to Australia to attend and speak at the Festival.

    The judging panel for the entries includes current and former journalists from Australia, the UK, Nigeria and Trinidad and Tobago as well as Mersiades, a publisher as well as three-times author of football books.

    The fourth iteration of the Football Writers Festival is being held in Tar-Ra, the cultural precinct of Sydney, also known as Walsh Bay, from July 15-17 2023, days ahead of the opening of the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

    The Football Writers Festival is an initiative of Fair Play Publishing, a small publishing house in Australia focussed on football, supported by the Johnny Warren Football Foundation.



    About the Football Writers Festival

    Launched in 2019, the Football Writers Festival is more than football, and more than writing and reading. It helps put the ‘game of opinions' into action in a fun, relaxed and stimulating environment with other people who know and love football.

    It aims to bring together a melting pot of authors, writers, readers, and interested voices in a Festival that encourages and inspires meaningful debate and discussion.

    The 2023 Festival will be held from 15th-17th July in Tar-Ra (the Indigenous name for Walsh Bay), in the cultural precinct of Sydney, days ahead of the opening match in Australia of the co-hosted 2023 Women's World Cup.

    The Football Writers Festival is an initiative of Fair Play Publishing with the support of founding partner, the Johnny Warren Football Foundation.
    For more information about Football Writers Festival, visit

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  • International Coercive Control Conference Seeks to Address Root Causes of Violence Against Women Across the Globe

    Experts gather to share knowledge, resources, and strategies to make Coercive Control visible and understood

    NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2022 / -- For the second year, experts, advocates and activists will gather to address the global crisis facing women in its most invisible and unrecognizable form– coercive control. This year’s theme, Coercive Control: Oppression in Our Public and Private Spheres, seeks to connect the dots between the root cause of coercive control male entitlement to have power over in a gender unequal world, and the countless ways in which this entitlement shows up in our most intimate and personal relationships and spaces, and when it manifests in our public spaces.

    The landmark Supreme Court decision that came out earlier this summer, Dobbs v. Jackson, held that women don’t have a constitutional right to an abortion. Right now in Iran, women are tearing off their hijabs and cutting their hair, protesting the murder of Mahsa Amini for wearing her headscarf too loosely, by so-called “morality police”. Security forces are currently killing an unknown number of protestors in the streets across Iran. In China, “Rice bunny” is the homophonic translation of the words “me” and “too” in Mandarin, a euphemism that feminists fighting sexual harrassment in China adopted in order to avoid government detection and censorship.

    These examples, while varying in scale, severity, and impact, are manifestations of coercive control and the myriad ways in which it is exercised, whether privately, publicly , overtly or covertly, or through government or religious sanction. In short, these are ways in which male entitlement to have power over, is rooted in, reinforced by and maintained - by gender inequality. ICCC sessions on “Reproductive Rights: Coercive Control of Her Body,” “Violence Against Women As a Hate Crime,” and “Coercive Control in a #metoo Context” are just a few of the conversations at this year’s ICCC about how we might better identify coercive control, confront it, and end it.

    For a complete list of speakers and sessions and to register for the conference, visit:

    About The International Coercive Control Conference
    The conference is a first step towards bringing together those working on the front lines advocating for change, modernizing legislation, conducting cutting-edge research, and changing the narrative to make visible the patriarchal nature of abuse and coercive control.

    About the Engendered Collective
    The Engendered Collective is a community of survivors, advocates, and feminists that engage in knowledge-building, collective care, healing, and advocacy to increase accountability for sex-based abuse, exploitation, and violence.

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  • Hotel Guest App is recognised as one of the best Hotel Guest service app in the world

    guest service app for hotel

    hotel guest app

    Hotel Guest App is recognised as one of the best Hotel Guest service app in the world by International Travel Awards 2022

    DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, September 25, 2022 / -- Hotel Guest App is recognised as one of the best Hotel Guest service app in the world.

    The whole world is changing towards mobile & touch less technology. Hospitality industry is not the exception. Yes. Most of the hotels are the world started implementing the touch less guest service mobile app to offer a world calling experience for their clients and entice them to the next level. Hotel Guest App is a leading QR Code mobile app for hotels around the globe.

    Hotel Guest Service App won the title of "Best Mobile app for hotel" at International Travel Awards 2022, The most prestigious travel and tourism industry awards which recognises the best performing hotels and tourism companies in 6 regions such as Asia, Europe, Middle East, Americas, Oceania and Africa.

    Hotel app facilitates the hotel guests to check the hotel through their mobile, view the restaurant menu & order food, Book a Spa, Raise a request or raise a complaint, post reviews, chat with the hotel manager on WhatsApp and lot more convenience for the guests to offer a great stay experience.

    At the same time, the Hotel Guest app helps the hotel to increase the revenue by offering a great live promotion to their guests and get real time feedback to improve their services. It has 3 modules, Console, Guest App and Staff App. The hotel owner or manager can control the mobile app functionalities such as enabling or disabling the services, customizing the colours, mobile app home page display options, Manage the restaurants and it's menu, Manage the spa menu, Generate QR Codes and lot more. The Guest app is a user-friendly interface for the hotel guest where the guest can access all the facilities of the hotel. The stunning part is the staff app, the staff can login and assign the guests requests or complaints to themselves.

    Not just that, the Hotel Guest app offers a comprehensive reporting system which offers great insights about the service requests, complaints from each department, history of all activities and lot more. This app is designed and developed by KS Aadhavan enterprises LLP, who has already launched MR Resto - the leading Restaurant QR menu app.

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  • Poor Information Governance is Cause of Federal Document Leaks and Missing Secret Service Texts, Expert Claims

    Robert Smallwood, Managng Director, Institute for IG

    Robert Smallwood, Managng Director, Institute for IG

    Institute for Information Governance logo

    Institute for IG logo

    The leaks of classified documents from the White House, and 'missing' Secret Service text messages, are due to poor Information Governance practices.

    Misplacing, losing, or stealing classified documents would not be possible with proper Information Governance practices in place.”
    — Robert Smallwood, Managing Director, Institute for IG

    SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, September 22, 2022 / -- The leaks and alleged misappropriation of classified documents from the U.S. federal government, as well as the claim that Secret service text messages surrounding the January 6 uprising in Washington D.C. went missing, are the result of poor information Governance (IG) practices, claims Robert Smallwood, Managing Director of the Institute for Information Governance. Smallwood, a leading expert on IG, is the author of, "Information Governance: Concept, Strategies and Best Practices, 2nd Edition" (Wiley, 2020) and seven more books on IG topics. He stated, "With good Information Governance, all documents and records are tracked and controlled, and there is a 100% audit trail of who accessed which documents, and when. And that includes printing out hard copies. Misplacing, losing, or stealing classified documents would not be possible with proper Information Governance practices in place."

    Information Governance, or IG, is an emerging discipline that takes a holistic approach to governing information. IG includes aspects of records management, cybersecurity, privacy, data governance, eDiscovery and FOIA, and more. The goal of IG programs is to minimize information risks and costs, while maximizing information value. "In short, IG is security, control, and optimization of information," Smallwood stated.

    IG first entered the mainstream in the 2000-2001 time frame, when the UK National Health Service (NHS) started requiring IG training for all staff who handled patient clinical information. It has now matured and become a more formal discipline, with the advent of ISO 24143: 2022, the new standard for IG, established in May, 2022. That new standard emphasizes information risk mitigation.

    "Also, the idea that those Secret Service texts just were 'wiped away' when cell phones were changed or a new system was put in place, is a complete falsehood. Those messages are still around - on a server, on backup tapes - or, heck, doesn't the NSA keep all those messages?" Smallwood asked.

    Information Governance may be one of the most crucial issues of our time. Poor IG processes and practices are what led to the ability to misplace or even steal highly classified documents. It is also the cause of the Supreme Court brief leak.

    Smallwood is the host of the podcast, "IG Talk w/ Robert Smallwood," and is Chair of InfoGov World Conference 2022, an educational event, which will take place virtually on the 29th and 30th of September, from 7:00am to 5:00pm EST (12 Noon to 10pm London Time). The Trans-Atlantic conference targets all privacy, security, eDiscovery, and Information Governance (IG) professionals, across industries. This virtual event will have over 80 expert speakers from the cross-functional IG discipline. InfoGov World 2022 will be held in a unique immersive 3D virtual reality environment. Interested participants can register for the event at no cost here: There are also conference session passes and press passes available.

    About InfoGov World

    InfoGov World is a media services company that unifies the Information Governance (IG) community with a common voice. It provides a suite of educational and marketing services including digital advertising, surveys, White papers, webinars, and podcasts for corporate messaging to members of the IG community.

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  • Imam Hassen Chalghouni claims that extremists are always looking for scapegoats to blame for their actions

    The book presentation took place in French, but the message should eventually be known in all the languages of the world, let us free Islam from Islamism. That is the difficult mission of Islamic Imam Hassen Chalghoumi.

    The book presentation took place in French, but the message should eventually be known in all the languages of the world, let us free Islam from Islamism. That is the difficult mission of Islamic Imam Hassen Chalghoumi.

    Imam Hassen Chalghouni presented his latest book in Brussels today, which aims to liberate Islam of Islamists.

    The Imam of Drancy is a staunch supporter of interfaith harmony and collaboration, and his words and actions reflect this.”
    — Manel Msalmi, European Association for the Defense of Minorities

    BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, September 22, 2022 / -- A presentation of great significance took held today, on Thursday, September 22, at the European Press Club in the European capital of Brussels. The Conference of Imams of France and the European Association for the Defense of Minorities worked together to put on this event, which drew a great number of attendees. There, they had the amazing opportunity to sit down together and have a conversation with Imam Hassen Chalghoumi about his most recent book, which was titled "Libérons l'islam de l'islamisme" (which literally translates to "Let's liberate Islam from Islamism"). The conversation was absolutely fascinating. The book was the topic of discussion at this gathering. This meeting was adjourned following the presentation of the "Prize for Dialogue and Peace" by Andy Vermaut, president of the World Council for Public Diplomacy and Community Dialogue. The presentation was very skillfully facilitated by Manel Msalmi, president of the European Association for the Defense of Minorities. The European Association for the Defense of Minorities is now led by Manel Msalmi, who serves as its president.

    Secularism and freedom
    The role of France as one of the focal points for the Islam is very important. As a consequence of this, he is a staunch supporter of secularism and freedom of religion, and he puts the facts and context into proper perspective with respect to both the minority and the majority. Hassen Chalghoumi: "The evidence both against the very few Islamists who are hostile to the Republic of France and against the extremists who are sometimes also in control of decision-making in France. These extremists are always looking for scapegoats in France as well, with Jews being at the top of their target list but also Arabs who do not share their values coming in a close second. The Jews are currently in the lead in this competition to be hated by Islamists. As a result of this, it is the conviction of mine that the religion of Islam ought to provide women a more important role. Not only are they the most effective communicators of information and tolerance inside Islam, but they are also the most effective remedy for the excessively violent practices of Islamism. I do not take this lightly since I am appealing to history, culture, and the knowledge that my parents gave me. However, I also want to promote the recuperation of the Arabic language and social networks, which should not continue to be the exclusive domain of those who are radicalized. You may read in more depth in my book the reasons why I maintain this viewpoint. So I want to help spread the recovery of the Arabic language and social networks, I am not going to take this action lightly.”

    Opposition to anti-Semitism
    "He claims the patriotism of his fellow soldiers and their love for their homeland," said Manel Msalmi. "He claims the patriotism of his fellow guys." It is the duty of Muslims, in his view, to liberate Islam from the shackles of Islamism, which has a stranglehold on the religion. There is no one else who can do this activity in their place. Because he is a strong opponent of anti-Semitism, his book will also irritate the individuals who threatened his life and the lives of his family and forced him to live under the protection of the police. After that, Andy Vermaut continued by adding, "Hassen Chalghoumi is the chairman of the Conference of Imams of France in addition to being the imam of the mosque in Drancy, and I find him to be a very friendly and charming person. His reputation as a critic of anti-Semitism and Islamism is fairly extensive, and he has been the target of a number of fatwas, including one that was issued by the Islamic State (Daesh). Because the Imam places a strong emphasis on both peace and open dialogue with his disciples, we have chosen to provide today's reward in recognition of these two core values. "

    Very important discussion
    Andy Vermaut:”They couldn't have asked for a better president at the Conference of Imams in France because he elevates Islam above Islamism and above any extremism and because he is a true supporter of what religion truly represents. In that regard, I agree with him that this should be the one of the legitimate versions of Islam; yet, who are we to pass judgment on other people's religious beliefs? I think that it is the obligation of Muslims worldwide to reject individuals within their religion who advocate violence and bigotry and to issue a fatwa denouncing such conduct in order to put a stop to this once and for all. In this sense, the imam has sparked a significant social problem that will generate a great lot of fuel for internal debate; but, I feel that the ideal course of action in any religion is to keep away of violence perpetrated in the name of a faith. This is my opinion. Because it would be disrespectful to all faiths, regardless of which faith is being used as an explanation, no one may ever use any religion as a justification for committing acts of violence under any circumstances. To answer your question, yes, it does make me extremely pleased that this guy has such a kind heart and the intestinal fortitude to have this discussion in such depth in France, Europe, and now all around the globe. You should read his book. The conclusion that we need to do get rid of Islamic extremism, which is disrespectful to Islam, in order to preserve an authentic version of Islam, is very powerful. I am overjoyed that this guy has the compassion as well as the intestinal fortitude to engage in this very important discussion. In this context, it is always an extra pleasure for me to collaborate with Manel Msalmi, the president of the European Association for Minorities, since she, too, works tirelessly every day to uphold the ideals that are espoused in this book. Therefor it is not surprising that she was asked to introduce the book here at this event today. I wholeheartedly endorse Hassen Chalghoumi's efforts and message for educating everyone in the (Islamic) globe.”

    Profound respect
    Andy Vermaut: "Yes, yes, yes. It is for me always a tremendous pleasure to meet Hassen Chalghoumi, provided that he really presents a hee good tale, since the title "Let's liberate Islam from Islamism" is something he genuinely wants to see come to fruition. This imam surely has a lot of guts. That's another reason I appreciate him so much. This is a debate not everyone dares to enter." Manel Msalmi asserts that Imam Hassen Chalghoumi believes without a doubt that secularism safeguards religions against extremism. Manel Msalmi:"In the meanwhile, Hassen Chalghoumi has grown to have a profound respect for the religious beliefs and practices of others. The Imam of Drancy is a staunch supporter of interfaith harmony and collaboration, and his words and actions reflect this. Throughout the whole of his work, Hassen Chalghouni offers his reflections and ideas on a wide range of subjects."

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  • Good news for GRE Test Takers - they can now get a complete practice of the GRE with 3 ‘Supreme’ books

    Front covers of GRE Analytical Writing Supreme: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics, GRE Verbal Reasoning Supreme: Study Guide With Practice Questions, and  GRE Quantitative Reasoning Supreme: Study Guide With Practice Questions

    These 3 GRE Supreme books give a thorough practice of the Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning sections

    Logo of Vibrant Publishers, a book with rays of light unfurling inside

    Logo of Vibrant Publishers, a book with rays of light unfurling inside

    Vibrant Publishers’ 3 books on Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning are catch-all guides for the GRE

    These 3 ‘Supreme’ books not only give a thorough practice but also arm the learner with practical and effective strategies,”
    — Deep Udeshi, Co-founder at Vibrant Publishers

    BROOMFIELD, COLORADO, US, September 22, 2022 / -- Keeping in mind the gargantuan task of preparing for the three sections of the GRE, Vibrant Publishers has launched 3 ‘Supreme’ books that are packed with ample practice questions, effective tips and strategies, and the latest information about the GRE General Test.

    When Vibrant Publishers started the Test Prep series, their aim was to give the most relevant practice to test takers. They recommend test takers to “work hard as well as smart.” While practicing and working hard is the only sure-shot way to get a high score on the GRE, following expert strategies to answer questions is also important. For this purpose, Vibrant came out with 3 Supreme books that are a vast collection of GRE-similar practice questions and are filled with expert tips and strategies.

    GRE Analytical Writing Supreme: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics is filled with 145 prompts and sample essays on Analyze an Issue and Analyze an Argument Tasks. The book also comprises expert strategies to approach the tasks that teach learners to write high-scoring essays. Louisa C, a LibraryThing user, says that “The GRE Analytical Writing prep book is a great tool to have to prep for the exam. It lays out what to look for, how to analyze the topics, and gives you suggestions and strategies on how to approach the questions. The essays they provide make you think about how one would answer the questions and gives ideas on how to deconstruct the questions to answer them with your own words.”

    GRE Verbal Reasoning Supreme: Study Guide With Practice Questions is a comprehensive practice book with 575 practice questions on Reading Comprehension, Text Completion, and Sentence Equivalence. Additionally, it also includes 3 practice tests for the Verbal Reasoning section. Reader’s Favorite calls the GRE Verbal Reasoning Supreme book a “catch-all guide for teachers, tutors, and especially students looking to hone and perfect their skills before the big exam.”

    GRE Quantitative Reasoning Supreme: Study Guide With Practice Questions gives a rigorous practice of math with 520 practice questions! These questions are based on Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Data Analysis. Upon reviewing the book, Laura Mischke, Head of Adult Services at Bellevue Public Library said, “If a student determines that there is an area of weakness, he/she can easily find that section and focus attention on problems of that specific type. All problems have step-by-step explanations and are very easy to follow. I highly recommend this book for students wanting to be well-prepared for the Quantitative Reasoning portion of the GRE General Test.”

    “Our aim is to provide the best and most relevant practice to test takers. This has been our agenda since we started the Test Prep series. These 3 ‘Supreme’ books not only give a thorough practice but also arm the learner with practical and effective strategies,” comments Deep Udeshi, Co-founder at Vibrant Publishers.

    What’s more is that test takers also get additional online resources like a stress management ebook, extra practice questions, practice sheets for essays, and important formulas along with the books.

    The books can be purchased in paperback, hardback, and ebook formats from, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and most other marketplaces.

    About Vibrant’s Test Prep Series
    The focus of the Test Prep Series is to make test preparation streamlined and fruitful for competitive exam aspirants. Students preparing for the entrance exams now have access to the most comprehensive series of prep guides for GRE, GMAT, ACT, and SAT preparation. All the books in this series are thoroughly researched, frequently updated, and packed with relevant content prepared by authors with more than a decade of experience in the field.

    About Vibrant Publishers

    Vibrant Publishers is a Colorado-based book publishing house that started its operations in 2011 and focuses on publishing high-quality books for entrepreneurs, IT professionals, management professionals, and graduate students. Vibrant Publishers has redefined the way in which rich content can be made available to today's fast-paced generation. This new generation's need-to-know-now attitude and a highly competitive business environment have triggered this series of books with ‘just the essential information’. Vibrant Publishers is committed to publishing books that are content-rich, concise, and approachable, enabling more people to read and benefit from them.

    1.) GRE Analytical Writing Supreme: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics
    Paperback ISBN: 9781636511436| Hardback ISBN: 9781636511450| EBook ISBN: 9781636511443
    2.) GRE Verbal Reasoning Supreme: Study Guide With Practice Questions
    Paperback ISBN: 9781636511412| Hardback ISBN: 9781636511467| EBook ISBN: 9781636511429
    3.) GRE Quantitative Reasoning Supreme: Study Guide With Practice Questions
    Paperback ISBN: 9781636510910| Hardback ISBN: 9781636510934| EBook ISBN: 9781636510927

    Publisher: Vibrant Publishers

    Media Contact:
    Sales, PR, and Marketing
    Nisha Sharma
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  • Associated Press (AP) Added to EIN Presswire’s Press Release Distribution Footprint

    EIN Presswire Logo

    Newsmatics Logo

    Provides Unparalleled Press Release Distribution Reach, Visibility, and Results to the Marcom Industry

    This agreement with the Associated Press gives our clients' news releases incredible visibility to readers of one of the world’s largest and most important news reporting organizations”
    — Jeremy Fields
    WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, September 20, 2022 / -- EIN Presswire is announcing today the addition of the Associated Press (AP) to its continuously growing distribution network.

    EIN Presswire, “Everyone’s Internet News Presswire”, is a global leader in press release distribution. EIN Presswire leverages its unique market position by providing superior distribution and customer service at a market disruption price point.

    Jeremy Fields, Vice President, Corporate Development at EIN Presswire said: “This agreement with the Associated Press gives our clients’ news releases incredible visibility to readers of one of the world’s largest and most important news reporting organizations. Adding the AP further strengthens our proprietary and unmatched distribution network that continues to grow – already reaching millions of readers who find EIN Presswire client news releases via search engines, thousands of media and public sites, industry trade press, social media and more.”

    Fields added, “This is just one of many exciting updates to EIN Presswire’s distribution that we’ll be unveiling – always giving public relations communicators the very best in reach, results, service and value.” If you are interested in these upcoming updates, follow us on Twitter:

    About AP

    The Associated Press is an independent global news organization dedicated to factual reporting. Founded in 1846, AP today remains the most trusted source of fast, accurate, unbiased news in all formats and the essential provider of the technology and services vital to the news business. Editorially approved press releases sent out via EIN Presswire are now syndicated on with the potential to reach their 35 million Monthly Active Users.

    About EIN Presswire

    EIN Presswire, Everyone's Internet News Presswire, is where professional communicators and organizations turn when they need to get their news in front of the media, stakeholders, and the public. EIN Presswire is an operating division of Newsmatics Inc., a Washington, D.C. -based news tech company.

    About Newsmatics

    Newsmatics Inc. is an independent privately held news tech company headquartered in Washington, D.C., focused on news technology platform development. Its activities include media monitoring, custom media analysis, and advanced intelligence software applications. Its product line includes EIN Presswire, Affinity Group Publishing, APEX News Index, and the Perspectify mobile app, among others.

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  • Sciinov Healthcare to announce its new Edition 2023 Conference on LONGEVITY

    Longevity Hybrid Event: Accelerate Ideas, Partnerships And Opportunities

    SOMERSET,, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2022 / -- Sciinov Healthcare LTD (Sciinov), the leading global organizer of scientific events, and provider of regulatory solutions, data intelligence databases, trends & insights today announced its new Edition 2023 Conference on LONGEVITY from May 15-16, 2023 at Dubai, UAE.

    The Longevity-2023 is scheduled in Hybrid Mode and will allow participants to join In-Person at Dubai or Virtually from Home or Office.

    “Longevity-2023 will gather the entire longevity ecosystem including longevity entrepreneurs, existing pharma and biotech companies, investors, researchers, and government organizations” says Sciinov's Conference Director Ms. Shirey Saxon.

    To schedule a one-on-one meeting, request a conference invitation or receive additional information, please contact via Phone or WhatsApp at +1 732 526 1166 or through mail at
    For additional information, please visit

    About Sciinov Group:
    Sciinov works in a wide range of specialist markets, providing customers with relevant, timely and high-quality knowledge and connections that help them learn more, know more and do more.
    We are the trusted, gold standard provider of scientific events and intelligence databases to the world’s largest industries. Through our brands and a range of products and services, we connect businesses and professionals with the knowledge they need to learn more, know more and do more.

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  • Ethereum Merge and Which Crypto to Mine Now as BitcoinZ, Ergo, Flux, Ravencoin & BTG 're Fighting for the Mining Crown

    Which would be the gain for each asset among the most profitable to mine ones, in different scenarios

    Gains for each asset (BitcoinZ, Ravencoin, Flux , Ergo and BTG) if they had Monero's capitalization 10-9-2022

    Information snapshot for the most profitable coins to mine on September 10 2022

    The advantages of the BitcoinZ Ecosystem for its users and miners.

    Every year BitcoinZ's Community releases a calendar on BTCZ's birthday presenting some of the most important moments that took place for the Project during the last year

    BitcoinZ 5 Years Anniversary Calendar: The most important moments of the 5th year of life for BitcoinZ

    There are thousands of miners now wondering what is the best coin to mine now that Ethereum is switching to Proof of Stake so it won't be mineable anymore

    The mineable coins that consistently stand out in the profitability list of Whattomine for more than 3 years are BitcoinZ (BTCZ) , Ravencoin (RVN), ERGO (ERG), FLUX (FLUX) and BitcoinGold (BTG).”
    — BitcoinZ Community
    LONDON, KNIGHTSBRIDGE, UK, September 14, 2022 / -- The so called Ethereum’s "Merge" is here.
    Ethereum,  the currently most popular mineable Proof of Work cryptocurrency network, is switching to the Proof of Stake protocol for a series of reasons so it ceases to be "mineable" by Computers.

    Right now there are thousands of miners who strongly believe in the Proof of Work protocol and Decentralization which are the pillars of the original cryptocurrency idea. They now wonder which cryptocurrency network they should join after Ehereum with their PCs.
    A quite difficult decision as we have unnumbered projects in a chaotic Crypto World.

    Hopefully there are some filters that can help us to separate the top options.
    First of all let’s make clear that the most self proclaimed “crypto assets” out there have no relation with what Bitcoin introduced as the first cryptocurrency.
    Most of them are not created by mining but are issued by a founder who is allocating the whole supply into his own wallet before selling it as the next “technological miracle” with several marketing tricks. Then the founder makes a new project repeating the procedure and this is how we ended up with so many scams which are called "rug pulls" in the Cryptocurrency World.
    So the mineable coins, those that follow the Bitcoin's Decentralized PoW model are only just a small percentage today because they are usually much more resistant to "rug pulls" so the aspirant fraudulent crypto founders prefer launching tokens and other non-mineable assets for making their plans easier.
    By this first filter we have almost removed the 90% of all digital assets. Those that practically cannot be mined.

    For the remaining assets we have another couple of filters:
    Whattomine is a platform that constantly monitors the most profitable coins to mine by calculating the coins that you get with each GPU model and their current value. Thus any miner can easily track a list with the top profitable to mine coins. However, profitability changes significantly fast, so visiting Whattomine just for a couple of times or weeks is not going to give the bigger image and the truly most profitable assets to mine.
    This is a procedure that has to be repeated during many months, multiple times and for different GPU models in order to find the coins that consistently are the most profitable to mine. Projects that are not in the list just because of a short lived trend or for a few weeks.

    Besides that, longer life for any cryptocurrency network is considered a very big advantage. It means a lot for the power of its community, the safety of the network and most importantly the integrity of its foundation rules. According to statistics, less than 5% of new crypto projects make it to stay alive for more than 1 year and dramatically less projects achieve to have a prosperous Community after 3 years.

    So which are the most profitable coins to mine according to Whattomine platform ?

    The mineable coins that consistently stand out in the profitability list of Whattomine for more than 3 years are BitcoinZ (BTCZ) , Ravencoin (RVN), ERGO (ERG), FLUX (FLUX) and BitcoinGold (BTG).
    Each of these projects has a good story to tell about development and features that anyone who is interested can find in their relevant sites.
    All projects implement ASIC resistant algos, something that enables a user with an average PC to support their networks with the mining procedure, earning meaningful rewards in coins.
    However, the critical questions are :
    1) In which network there are higher coin rewards right now ?
    2) Which crypto among them has the potential for highest gains in the future ?

    In which network you can gain more coins right now ?

    The number of coins that a miner can earn by using his PC in a crypto network depends on two parameters.
    The mining "difficulty" level in each network and the emissions model that each cryptocurrency has.

    The difficulty is associated with the number of miners that antagonize each other. When the Network's hash rate is higher, there are more miners mining the coin so each miner is getting much fewer coins. Usually most popular coins get much more attention so their networks' difficulty is much higher, leading to significantly fewer coins as rewards because each block reward is distributed to many more people.

    The emissions halving is another important parameter. This has to do with the pace that each Project has for reducing the block rewards over time in order to control inflation.

    For example BitcoinZ follows the same successful and fair model that the classic Bitcoin introduced with halvings every 4 years. So every four years, the number of coins for each block reward is reduced by -50%. This a very balanced way to reduce the emissions and parallelly is giving enough time to more people who discover the network and join it receiving meaningful mining rewards.
    Usually, projects that have a much faster reduction of their emissions offer bigger rewards to the "early" miners and much lower rewards to everyone else with a very unfair balance. In order to find out if a project has a more fair emission curve we have to check the percentage of the already mined coins in relation with the maximum coin supply. For example a project that is younger than another one but has a bigger percentage of already mined coins uses a more "speculative" emission curve and results to much smaller coin rewards for anyone who is going to mine it now.

    To sum up, joining a project that has high difficulty (already many miners in its network) leads to extremely fewer coins as daily mining rewards and the situation is even worse for projects that have questionably higher percentage of already mined coins for their age (like Ergo).

    Which cryptocurrency has the potential for the highest gains in the future ?

    This is the most important aspect for a miner and combined with the aforementioned, it can make a huge difference for a miner's gains in the long term. In the world of cryptocurrencies it's very usual to see an extreme "hype" from several groups of people, the so called "shilling" with which they try to create an excitement about a crypto for upcoming huge gains.
    However mathematics are relentless and every price scenario for each asset has to be well documented, based on numbers like the current valuation, the supply for each asset and of course on their fundamentals and certain events.

    A recent popular example of a meaningless "shilling" wave was the "fame" that Luna (today Luna Classic -LUNC), after its price crash from $120 to fractions of $ cents, was going to regain a value between $10 to $50. These "influencers" were intentionally hiding the fact that LUNC hadn't a fixed maximum supply ! So with its "new" current 6,904,017,889,662 supply, even a price of $0.01 is a next to impossible scenario as it would lead this questionable "crypto" to the third place in the list of the most precious crypto.
    This wave of shilling led and still leads many unsuspected buyers to consider LUNC as a "bargain"! They spend funds in order to get an extremely overvalued and useless token that has huge risk to fall and very limited potential for any future gains.

    So how we can effectively calculate the potential gains for each asset among the most profitable to mine ?

    By Mathematics!
    First of all we must track which is the most undervalued coin right now by finding the Market Capitalization for each one and which are their potential gains or losses in different scenarios.
    The market capitalization of an asset can be found by multiplying the number of the asset's units (supply) x their value.
    In the relevant article's diagram we have taken 4 different scenarios with each of the mineable assets that we examine ending to the 500th, the 100th , the 50th and the 25th position of the market capitalization list ( in the future.

    In the worst scenario, where each asset gets the 500th position , Ravencoin, Ergo, Flux and BitcoinGold would suffer losses of about -94%, -88%, -91% and -93% respectively. This means that for each $1 that the miner has spent for energy in order to mine (or a buyer in order to buy) these assets today, they would have just 6 cents, 12 cents, 9 cents and 7 cents respectively remaining in their portfolio. Because all these coins have already high market cap ranks (values) : Ravencoin is higher than rank 73, Ergo at 224, Flux at 106 and Bitcoin Gold at 85.
    On the other hand, BitcoinZ has a very low value and an analogically very low market capitalization rank. So in this scenario it would gain value of more than +1200% (almost 12X) in comparison with its current one. For every $1 that a miner or buyer spent for BitcoinZ today, he would have $12 !

    Even in the best scenario, where each of the most profitable coins to mine makes it to reach the 25th rank in list with the most valuable crypto , the result would be hardly almost +560% for Ravencoin, +1290% for Ergo, +970% for Flux and +700% for Bitcoin Gold.
    However this is a quite difficult scenario to take place as these coins would have to "overthrow" Monero which is the top ranked mineable coin by PCs after ETH and is concentrated in Privacy. The only coin among the five that has a privacy oriented blockchain is BitcoinZ. Actually BTCZ with its Zero Knowledge Proof encryption offers even stronger privacy than Monero.
    Even if these 4 assets could make it, the gains would be hardly a 5X to 10X for most of their miners.

    In this scenario BitcoinZ would gain +119600% (almost x1200) which means that for each $1 spent today by a BitcoinZ miner or buyer, would have value of $1200 in this best scenario. So each $100 BTCZ investment would have value of $120000 (!).

    Even in the two other scenarios of 100th and 50th market capitalization positions, an investment to the other four assets (RVN, ERGO, FLUX & BTG) today would lead to very small gains mostly between +50% to 2X or to even losses. Contrastingly BitcoinZ would see a +15500% gain in the 100th position and a +41000% gain in the 50th position. So for every $1 of BitcoinZ investment today, in these scenarios the BTCZ holder would have $150 or $410.

    Why BitcoinZ is still so undervalued ?

    BitcoinZ is still so undervalued for a series of reasons :

    - Some people still think that it is another Bitcoin's scam chain fork but BitcoinZ is out there for more than 5 years and it started from zero with its own genesis block and unique blockchain, with the most fair rules, no premine, no ICOs or any company behind it. Hopefully more people are discovering these facts.

    - The Project is really 100% Community Driven without any founder allocating coins in any address. This is why BTCZ can be consistently found in the very top profitable coins to mine for years, since all the coins are distributed only to its Community. Without “free” premined coins that any founder used in order to bribe “influencers” or greedy Exchanges’ owners so the project has slower organic growth without fake followers or marketing tricks.

    - BitcoinZ has been listed in 13 exchanges but the major exchanges have not listed it yet.

    In contrast, Ravencoin, Flux and BitcoinGold have been listed in almost all major exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, Huobi,,, Bittrex.
    The Listings in major exchanges are the no1 reason for crypto prices' rallies. Having more major listings to fulfill in the future is actually a crypto's index for higher potential gains. Because the success for the already listed coins has been already priced in !

    This is why BitcoinZ is currently ranked at a very low position in the market capitalization list while the other 4 assets are sitting at ranks mostly between 100 and 60 ( only Ergo at rank 220 as it has still some major listings to achieve like a Binance one).

    On the other hand there is no guarantee that a well established cryptocurrency which has been already listed in many major exchanges and climbed to a high position in the market capitalization lists is going to stay there forever.

    An example is Digibyte, one of the most classic mineable cryptocurrencies that after being listed in all the major exchanges, it ascended to ranks 50-25 inthe market capitalization list and then retreated between the ranks 250-150. Or other cryptocurrencies that retreated to even lower positions!

    But how competitive is BitcoinZ against the other assets ?

    In addition to the aforementioned analysis that is based on pure mathematics and facts, BitcoinZ is a superb choice for these reasons

    a) BitcoinZ exists for longer time than the other 4 assets of the comparison and it is a classic crypto with long presence as it was founded on September 2017
    b) BitcoinZ is the epitome of the original cryptocurrency idea with the most fair rules and 100% Decentralized in every level : Network, Governance and Coin distribution
    c) BitcoinZ offers ZK-snarks optional privacy, ASIC resistant algorithm for PC-mining, next to zero fees and immutable fixed maximum supply
    d) It has a pure history without any company or founder censoring its network or any event that could be considered as a "red" or even "yellow" card.

    In contrary :
    Bitcoin Gold is a premined chain fork of Bitcoin, it fork-dropped free coins (a huge part of its supply) to all the bitcoin holders during its launch.

    Ravencoin faced a well known hack incident with more than extra 315Million RVN coins created into circulation but hopefully made it to get listed in popular exchanges due to connections of its Community with major exchanges. Despite the fact that it was launched 5 months after BitcoinZ, copying many BTCZ elements.

    Flux had a premine and its original supposed max fixed supply was 210M coins. But this was more than doubled to 440M some months ago, in practice canceling the definition of the word "maximum" and some of the very basic elements of the original crypto idea itself.

    Ergo has a defined tax from its launch and it is much younger than the rest of the presented assets but regardless this fact there are much fewer coins available to be mined because it favored its early miners with a speculative halving curve and cannot convince for its fair rules.

    For all the above BitcoinZ is not only competitive, but actually is the optimum choice and at the same time the most undervalued with the best potential for future gains. A rare coincidence that forms a great opportunity for both miners and buyers now.

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    How to mine BTCZ with your PC in less than 5 minutes

    33 reasons Why BitcoinZ is Unique

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  • The Model for Success is this SIMPLE

    Edward Henry EHCOnomics

    Edward Henry

    EHCOnomics complete selling system

    EHCOnomics ParterPulse


    Integrity in Service is Required to fix a Broken Selling System

    TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 8, 2022 / -- We need to do what we promised when we promised. When we fail to do so, we need to be accountable without excuse.

    There is more than enough profit in this model and plenty of customer-partners that are willing to pay for it.

    EHCOnomics is that system and training solution to provide that very experience for your customer.

    Edward Henry

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  • Andy Vermaut:"Many Chinese Belt & Road Initiative projects fall too heavily on the debt of underdeveloped countries"

    The term 'debt-trap diplomacy' refers to an international financial relationship in which a creditor country or organization advances debt to a borrowing nation in order to boost the lender's political influence, in whole or in part.

    The term 'debt-trap diplomacy' refers to an international financial relationship in which a creditor country or organization advances debt to a borrowing nation in order to boost the lender's political influence, in whole or in part.

    Andy Vermaut:"Sri Lanka must lease their port of Hambanthota to China for 99 years. This is a China Debt Trap."

    I became persuaded after three months that the myth was not the China Debt Trap, but the myth of the China Debt Trap being a myth.”
    — Andy Vermaut

    BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, September 8, 2022 / -- On Thursday, September 8, 2022, Andy Vermaut of the World Council for Public Diplomacy & Community Dialogue & the fundamental rights movement Postversa and Manel Msalmi, head of the European Association for the Defense of Minorities, together with David Vander Maelen, were holding a symposium titled China Debt Trap in the Brussels press club. China Trap for Debt? What's up? Debt Trap Diplomacy" refers to an international financial relationship in which a creditor nation or organization transfers debt to a borrowing nation in order to strengthen the lender's political clout. It is argued that a creditor nation extends excessive loan to a debtor country in order to coerce economic or political concessions when the debtor country is unable to satisfy its repayment commitments. Frequently, the terms of the loans are not made public. The conference included notable speakers, and it was attended by a large number of people. Monica Andrei (International Programme Manager working for the European Commission), Paulo Casaca - Democratic Forum for South Asia, former EP, Manel Msalmi (EP Mena Affairs and European Association for the Defense of Minorities, President MR Women Brussels), David Vander Maelen - Hiking for Children, Tibet Support Group Belgium, Sid Lukkassen, Author and political philosopher, Eliyar Jan Tursun, Independent Human Rights Activist, and Razvan Hoinaru, policy consultant and former IFRS Permanent Representative.

    Correct from the beginning
    Andy Vermaut states, "Today, you can read everywhere that the China Debt Trap is a hoax, a fabrication of those who want to portray China in a negative light. Or is it just Western propaganda? First and foremost, I would want to express my love for all individuals who have fallen into the trap of rejecting the China Debt Trap, since this is the falsehood that is now being propagated worldwide under pressure from the Chinese propaganda machine. However, I wish them all love, but it is intellectually dishonest to deny the existence of anything. I understand everything, though. Oftentimes, many intellectuals and academics are blind, willing to go to any lengths to get the conclusion they want, and have also invented a great number of plausible tales designed to make you question. Nonetheless, with Sri Lanka's bankruptcy, a new consensus has arisen among the very people who are now seeing in reality the chaos that the China Debt Trap has produced on the socio-economic front; this has also affected the Sri Lankan people's basic fundamental and human rights. They need us to reveal the profound truth about the China Debt Trap. Then it turns out that I concur with former U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, his replacement Mike Pompeo, and Mr. Peter Navarro, the U.S. director of office of trade and manufacturing. They were correct from the beginning, and the effects of the China Debt Trap have been etched repeatedly into our retinas. The whole world is aware that Sri Lanka has declared bankruptcy."

    Andy Vermaut says, "The situation of Sri Lanka is raising a new global worry as a result of China's global lending to underdeveloped nations. This is a very serious and timely problem. Clearly, the debt that developing nations owe China is a significant issue. Many Belt & Road Initiative projects fall too heavily on the debt of underdeveloped countries, and many of these nations are unable to fulfill their debts. Thus, this is an actual issue. Sri Lanka has awoken the global community to this problem. The notion that China is accumulating debt with weaker nations in order to gain power over them and acquire both private and public assets is a very sophisticated strategy to completely rule the globe. I believe that this narrative has come true. This is also a significant concern in Africa today. There are significant issues in Zambia, Djibouti, and Kenya in a variety of locations. And I believe that part of the difficulty is that many people are unclear about the Chinese government's goals, in part because the Chinese have not spoken up. Therefore, I believed we should attempt to go a little more into this topic of guilt, without ignoring the subject of myth. After diverting and examining every stone in this respect for four months in preparation for this conference, I became persuaded after three months that the myth was not the China Debt Trap, but the myth of the China Debt Trap being a myth; consequently, I pretentiously titled this conference "China Debt Trap."

    Sri Lanka has shaken the world awake
    Andy Vermaut:”Relations between China and Sri Lanka, with an emphasis on economic growth, are at an all-time low.Sri Lanka must now lease the famed port of Hambanthota for 99 years in order to utilize it. This is the ultimate evidence of the China Debt Trap, since several generations are getting sucked into it. This is the instance that I intended to investigate more. The transfer of the port of Hambanthota to China is an unsustainable Chinese infrastructure transaction, in my opinion. Under pressure from China, the Sri Lankan government signed an agreement to give over the port for 99 years since the debt had grown too costly and the government could not afford to repay it. This is the evidence that many pro-China think groups would prefer not to consider. The Sri Lankan government was unable to pay the approximate 6.3 percent commercial interest rate. There is a certain mode of operation used by Chinese loan providers that is especially tempting to politicians who do not plan beyond their single time in government. For instance, each loan had a grace period of around five years. After 5 years, payments must be paid, but Sri Lanka was unable to do so. As a result, Sri Lanka has lost a crown gem to China and must now lease its own port from China for 99 years. This is evidence that the China Debt Trap exists. Sri Lanka could no longer meet its financial commitments; as a result, it must lease its own port from China for many generations, so forfeiting a portion of its sovereignty. This was a tremendously awful choice for Sri Lanka, but certainly a great one for China. The cooperation approach with China is a worse business choice. There was no way out for a poor nation such as Sri Lanka, whose per capita debt was around €2100 at the time, and where almost all government revenue is spent on debt payment. There were no other choices, so the Chinese tiger seized the opportunity to wage a 99-year battle of attrition against Sri Lanka. It is unacceptable that this agreement was ever formed. Obviously, a large portion of this is also attributable to the country's entire debt portfolio, but the Chinese bankers laughed gleefully and truly got the prize with this agreement, and Sri Lanka is now permanently in the grip of Chinese lenders. Therefore, the notion that the Chinese use debt to obtain strategic assets or influence is not unfounded. Unfortunately, nations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America continue to make similar judgments and are overwhelmed with Chinese debt; governments frequently have limited alternatives, particularly in places where there has been violence. Certainly, there are politicians who like cutting ribbons in advance of elections and make decisions based on short-term benefit, which is terrible decision making. Specifically for this reason, the World Bank and other development and financial organizations have, throughout time, included essential governance checks and procedures. China's project selection procedure is extremely political, but also involves meticulous economic considerations.In several instances of these failed transactions, Chinese players have assumed control. Since 2013, when the Belt Road Initiative was launched, an increasing number of nations have relied on Chinese financing for real estate development and infrastructure projects. "

    The Chinese are aware of their actions
    "The Chinese are not incompetent," Andy Vermaut continues. "They are well aware of their actions and their actions. Many of those who assert that the China Debt Trap is a fiction just assert that the Chinese do not know what they are doing or that the Chinese in the largely managed economy do not have a plan, that they are oblivious of the debt trap they are constructing for themselves. Those who believe in fairy tales will undoubtedly find this to be true."

    It is not a matter of China's miscalculations
    Andy Vermaut: "I think that the Chinese administration understands precisely what it is doing and also implements the Belt & Road Initiative's many initiatives in a well-planned manner. China is completely rational. They examine all cultures, nations, backgrounds, and histories of the nations with whom they do such financial transactions. China's expertise as the world's top lender is extraordinary. As a result, it is not a matter of China's miscalculations, as their ultimate purpose is to increase their strength, not to make mistakes. Many so-called investments are really loans whose repayment is not required until after five years. At this point, the shoe pinches. Sri Lanka is an excellent illustration of this. The nature of Chinese finance, which exacerbates structural and institutional inefficiencies in developing nations, is the true source of the issue. Sri Lanka is a post-conflict middle-income nation, and many aspects of infrastructure funding and development work against it, while China benefits. China is fully aware that, for instance, Sri Lanka lacks an independent technology management body. Currently, Sri Lanka has no framework for establishing infrastructure priorities. And I believe that Chinese sponsorship or China's mistake exacerbates these problems further and adds to Sri Lanka's sovereignty being undermined in particular. The Chinese risk assessment is predicated on a political evaluation and risk analysis, which does not take into consideration the carrying capacity of the nation to whom they are lending."

    Economic and military concessions
    Sid Lukkassen says:”Complete laissez-faire liberalism cannot resist the aforementioned Chinese strategy. What do we do with our money, once other states decide to feel their people first? The information economy is a high risk in the long run. A wiser Europe should invest in industrial production capacity, and would equip itself to develop new resources by manipulating elementary particles. The US and China are one step ahead of Europe. They understand that currencies are but pieces on a game board of strategy and that money is worthless if it cannot be turned into tangible products. Information by itself cannot bring wealth to a people – access to resources must be secure at all times. China can now spread its centralistic and authoritative model. Chinese authoritarianism isn’t just a rebellion against democratization: China acts in accordance with its millennia-old tradition of centralism that united the country around a single center of power. The nation possesses the capabilities of a high-tech totalitarianism. In 2022 it is more simple than ever to influence the thinking and acting of a potentially dissident populace. Through the system of Sesame Credit, the Chinese government is able to award good behavior points to its citizens, for actions such as posting positive messages about the government on social media, or for buying local agricultural products. Aside from modern gadgets, and the rise of Communism in the twentieth century, this new China is thus a continuation of the centralism of the ancient Chinese empire. This is best known through its so-called ‘development assistance program’. Reality demonstrates that China will eventually pick up the bill, but always at the price of strategic economical and military concessions. An example of this is Sri Lanka, where an enormous harbor was built and financed by Chinese loans. The Sri Lankan government could not meet its payment obligations, forcing it to pawn the port to China until 2116. This means that China gained a geopolitical base in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Fitting in with this is the Belt and Road Initiative. China invests seven trillion dollars in building a network of transportation and energy connections across 64 countries. How many of these deals will eventually turn out to be ‘Sri Lankan ports’? Also in Europe, China wishes to deploy its geopolitical soft power. China has a long-standing tradition in which enterprise and state power are intertwined. But that is not the most far-reaching consequence for the peoples of Europe. Whoever controls the flow of capital also influences geopolitics. Whoever controls geopolitics, influences culture.“

    China wriggles its way
    “China’s authoritarianism surfaces as a legitimate alternative for the free, democratic society that the West promotes as the only justified model for statecraft. Big Western tech firms are willing to share their futuristic technology with China in exchange for access to the enormous Chinese market, where they are then allowed to operate with the privileges of state companies. This can have dire consequences. The West is currently in a philosophical crisis – I mean a crisis of morals, identity and democratic political sovereignty in the face of immigration, tribalism and globalism. This moat can make authoritarianism inspired by China even more attractive. What do we do when even liberal elites turn towards authoritarianism in the name of progressive beliefs? The negative consequences of globalism – such as immigration and the outsourcing of jobs – makes many Europeans and Americans highly critical of the Hosanna-liberalism that seemed unchallengeable in the nineties. The left, meanwhile, relapses into identity politics. Polarization in the West undermines the legitimacy of liberal democracy. China can benefit from this in many ways. We must conclude that China is an impressively successful, but threatening, power to the West. Not only economically – as the EU seems to think – but also geopolitically and culturally. And the only answer that EU-politicians offer to fighting this threat is the tried but worn out call for ‘an ever closer Union’. But even if this could unite Europe and strengthen liberal democracy philosophically, which remains to be seen considering the unpopularity of a far-reaching European merger of nations, it remains unclear whether that will be enough. Europeans will have to fight harder for their economic interests on the world stage. Everything depends on this: freedom, stability and the influence Europeans can wield. Where major undemocratic countries as China are concerned, this has to be specifically taken into consideration. It is naive to think that democratic nations can merrily continue as usual, whilst the second largest world economy behaves as a player that hardly follows the rules. For example, when Covid19 broke out, the Chinese government covered it up, then bought up medical equipment on the world market, and only took international accountability once the corona virus had already spread globally. China wriggles its way into the vital parts of the European economy. If one day the havoc in Western Europe is great enough, we will beg the Chinese to clean up our mess – inaugurating them as our new rulers. We may lose all our freedoms. and everything that makes Europe Europe, but by then this will seem like a good deal to us,” said Sid Lukkassen.

    +32 499 35 74 95