Package Nexus Releases World’s Most Advanced Parcel Smart Lockers for Libraries

World's Most Advanced Smart Parcel Lockers

World's Most Advanced Smart Parcel Lockers

Package Nexus Smart Lockers Application

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The evolution of Package Nexus Automated Package Lockers continues with the release of new systems for libraries to supply book pick and drop-off options.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, US, December 7, 2021 / -- Package Nexus, the manufacturer of the World’s Most Advanced Intelligent Parcel Lockers, has announced the introduction of a new generation of Smart Lockers for Libraries. Within this expansion, the advanced locker systems provide productive book pickup and/or drop-off options for all affiliated associates and patrons. Package Nexus’ patented artificial intelligence technology guarantees glitch-free delivery and pickup transactions that keep parcels safe and easily retrievable.

“Smart libraries deserve the smartest technology to ensure patrons can conveniently access their material at all hours,” said David Baker, a representative from the company. “We are pleased with the specialized Smart Lockers created for libraries to increase their productivity anywhere.”

Package Nexus Smart Parcel Lockers give patrons 24-hour, 7-day-a-week access to their books or articles regardless of library hours. As customer convenience and contactless pickup becomes increasingly imperative in daily operations, Package Nexus takes solutions to the next level to ensure quick and easy self-serve automated locker systems. With AI technology, users can access their locker with their phone - no more keys or cards to manage. With this bluetooth operation, a touch of a button literally opens (locker) doors. Further, users will be able to receive an immediate text or email when their item is available for pickup.

The state-of-the-art Smart Parcel Lockers for Libraries are offered for both indoor and outdoor locations, allowing access no matter the service hours of the operation. As many libraries have been forced to reduce hours and adjust budgets in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, this feature of the smart locker systems can ensure patrons can access their goods without the need of a staff member on-site.

“Studies have shown that despite information becoming increasingly available online, libraries remain integral to community success,” continued the Package Nexus rep. The Pew Research Center published that 65 percent of residents of age 16 and older felt that closing their local library would have a major impact on their neighborhood. “In light of this reality, it is incredibly important that investment into and continued modernization of libraries continues.”

The advanced smart parcel locker systems supplied by Package Nexus are fully cloud-based, scalable, and customizable to give all customers peace of mind about their deliveries. The innovation the company provides in package management also provides an advantage for establishments as it supports accelerated workflows. Package Nexus has demonstrated its reliability and effectiveness for package and parcel storage through persistent reported customer satisfaction. The customers of the company’s smart lockers experience 99.9% less support tickets than competitors in the market, touting the products’ reliability and seamless operations.

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