Over 90% of travellers are planning to travel more responsibly in 2022

Travel authority Rough Guides reveals what travellers really want next year

We’re delighted to support our readers through this new era of travel - more responsibly.”
— Agnieszka Mizak

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Leading voice in travel, Rough Guides asked readers about their travel choices in 2022 and the importance they assign to sustainable travel. 96% of all respondents said sustainable travel is very (55%) or somewhat (41%) important to them and 93% stated their travel decisions in 2022 will be influenced by their idea of sustainability.

Readers are planning to take the following steps in 2022: (multi-selection):
- support local, community-led & sustainable businesses (52%)
- travel off-season and/or choose lesser-visited places (51%)
- pursue slow travel (43%)
- find travel experiences that benefit local communities (37%)

Readers are also prepared to pay extra for sustainable travel, with 44% saying they’d be happy to spend 300 GBP or more per trip to lower their carbon footprint and 10% even said they’d pay over 500 GBP.

Rough Guides Managing Director Agnieszka Mizak says “At Rough Guides, we've long been committed to responsible travel. Hearing from our readers about their plans for 2022 confirmed that we are moving forward in the right way: helping travellers with the uncertainty of how to travel more sustainably by including more information on how to do so in our books and online content. Our Rough Guide to Green Britain and Northern Ireland features eco-conscious forms of travel (i.e. electric vehicles) and green activities, as well as eco-conscious places to stay and eat. Another Rough Guide to responsible travel to a UK destination is currently in the making. We’re delighted to support our readers through this new era of travel - more responsibly.”

For Rough Guides, responsible travel is not just a buzzword but a way of doing things. The brand recently published their pledges in travelling responsibly and empowering women through their different business branches, from new guidebooks to tailor-made trips.

The survey, taken by over 250 participants, shows the importance of sustainability, as well as community-led, local travel businesses.

Franziska Wirth
APA Digital AG / Rough Guides

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