Millionaire Entrepreneur Enzo E. Parilli Releases His Second Book, “Insight, The Psychology of the Spirit”

A story of liberation and overcoming barriers, “Insight, The Psychology of the Spirit” captures Parilli’s story and secrets to his seemingly overnight success

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2022 / -- Enzo E. Parilli – the Florida-based technology entrepreneur renowned for his incredible life story – is excited to announce that his second book, “Insight, The Psychology of the Spirit”, is now available for pre-order.

A story about liberation and how to remove barriers to success, “Insight, The Psychology of the Spirit” depicts Parilli’s trials and tribulations in life and business. The story begins with Parilli coming to the United States at a young age and follows him as he starts his first business as teenager, encounters difficult circumstances, and manages to overcome them through strength and perseverance.

“When I left Venezuela at 12 years old and came to the United States as a refugee, I could have hardly imagined the journey I’ve had in my lifetime thus far,” says Enzo e. Parilli. “From the moment I stepped foot in this country, I’ve worked incredibly hard: I started my first business at 14, sold my first company at 18, went bankrupt with $250,000 in debt in 2017, and made my first million in 2019. Today, I own companies in the e-commerce, logistics, and blockchain sectors, and have more ideas than ever before.”

He added, “This book was inspired by all of the bumps I had along the way. It’s my sincere hope that readers will be able to hone in on what has helped me be successful, replicate those methodologies, and make them their own. If I can make it, overcoming all possible obstacles and against all odds and statistics, anyone can.”

To learn more about “Insight, The Psychology of the Spirit” or to order a copy, click here.

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