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How To Maintain A Career As A Working Actor In Film And Television

Do anything you can to perfect the art of performing so when you get your chance you are ready.”
— Larkin Campbell
LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2022 / -- From young dreamers to late in lifers looking to reach for their dreams, people of all ages and backgrounds are often looking to break into the film and television.

While many are hoping to achieve an often out of touch dream of Hollywood superstardom, many are just excited to enter a business they have long admired and make a career out of it, and for those people look no further than the sage words of veteran film and television actor Larkin Campbell.

Larkin has maintained a successful career in Hollywood as a consistently working actor, in shows like The Office alongside Steve Carrell and Ed Helms, plus feature films with Leonardo DiCaprio, Janeane Garofalo, Ben Stiller, Betty White, Tom Hanks, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise, Chris Rock and more.

He shares many stories of his 30+ year career in Tinseltown, in his book A VIEW FROM THE MIDDLE: HOW AN UNKNOWN ACTOR MANAGED TO STAY THAT WAY, and offers up such tips for maintaining a career in film and television like:

- Shoot stuff on your own and with your friends. Every single scene that you film on your phone, etc., will help you.

-Try out filming dramatic scenes and comedic scenes of varying lengths. Practicing this regularly will help you improve and prepare you for the self-tape auditions you will be asked to do.

- Do regional theatre, make YouTube videos, make Tik-Tok videos, and do anything you can to perfect the art of performing so that you are ready when you get your chance.

”Becoming an actor is about having your craft ready when an opportunity arises. It’s hard to get an agent, it’s hard to get a manager, and you have to put in the effort to find work. But you don’t have a chance if you’re not ready when your opportunity arrives.”

About Larkin Campbell

Larkin Campbell is a small-town kid at heart and always will be. He was raised in the tiny, but spectacular mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado. He grew up playing stick-ball in the street, performing in high school plays and working on the school newspaper. Him and his band of lunatic friends started a comedic dance group aptly named, "Campbell's Crazy Crew". They performed at high school basketball games, pep rallies and cheerleader camps until they realized nobody was still watching.

He moved to Washington to attend Tacoma Community College and lived with his father in a gorgeous little harbor town named Gig Harbor. He studied acting and journalism before transferring east across the state to attend Washington State University.

While there, he perfected the art of procrastination and tomfoolery, where he studied Broadcast Journalism and Theatre. While visiting Los Angeles on spring break of his senior year at WSU, he put in a request for an internship at the hit TV show Entertainment Tonight. His request was granted and upon graduation, he headed for the bright lights of the big city.

Interning and then being employed at Entertainment Tonight opened his eyes to the big business of show business. He worked the red carpets at the Golden Globes Award shows and he was hooked. He moved on to work for other productions as a Production Assistant and personal assistant for Tom and Rosanne Arnold.

He spent many years working as a stand-in and photo double on dozens of big budget movies such as ARMEGEDDON, LETHAL WEAPON 4, MYSTERY MEN, ESCAPE FROM LA, HARD RAIN and dozens more. All the while hustling down agents and casting directors and anyone who would give him a look. He joined the Screen Actors Guild in 1995, and has never stopped chasing down the next role or opportunity. His hard work has paid off in dozens of roles in film and TV. Highlights include guest starring roles on CSI: NY, LAS VEGAS, CRIMINAL MINDS and a bucket list supporting role playing COACH SHANE, opposite Steve Carell and Ed Helms in THE OFFICE.

His multiple film career highlights include playing HR HALDEMAN, in the highly acclaimed Clint Eastwood film, J EDGAR.

He has written, produced and starred in over 25 short films and video projects which have gone on to win many awards at film festivals all over the country. His work has been published in multiple parenting magazines, describing the life of a stay-at-home-parent, trying to juggle the rigorous life of an actor. He recently chronicled his 30-year career in a hilarious and heartfelt memoir titled, A VIEW FROM THE MIDDLE: HOW AN UNKNOWN ACTOR MANAGED TO STAY THAT WAY, currently available on AMAZON.

He is married to his wife of 25 years, Maria Battle Campbell, who is a hard charging Assistant Director, currently working on the AVATAR sequels. They are the proud parents of twin teenage boys, Colin and Casey. And are trying to survive raising their maniacal youngest daughter, Shea.

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