DORAL, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 8, 2022 / -- Mad Max Publishing, announced its newest bestselling author Malik Zaire, who’s recently released book, “Lucky Lefty” quickly climbed the charts to become a number one bestseller.

Published, Promoted and Reached #1 National Bestseller on Amazon.

Malik Zaire was a former starting quarterback for the University of Notre Dame. For the past 10 years, Malik has mentored youth in various programs including coaching them. He wrote this book to share his life lessons. The adversity and challenges that he faced to perform at a high level and the tools he used to excel. In his book Lucky Lefty, Malik incorporated a set of tools to help the youth gain a quicker understanding but more important when they get into a situation these help them look at it differently and create more options to have better outcomes. He is on a mission to get these tools in the youth’s hands.

Malik is a Principle of Jan Capital Inc. a private equity firm located in Doral, Florida. He and his partner Te’von Coney, another former University of Notre Dame football player started this private equity firm to fill a gap in the market with technology and innovation. They actively seek to partner and expand companies. Their motto is “All athletes are not created equal, neither are all private equity firms.”

About Mad Max Publishing – Mad Max publishing is an independent publishing company that helps authors strategize and execute their creative ideas and make them a reality. Mad Max publishing is a division of The Business Baller Inc.

Malik Zaire
Jan Capital Inc.

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