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SEWARD, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2022 / -- In the challenging times we live in most of us have become highly anxious and stressed. Although it’s natural to go through these emotions, staying stuck in our misery can impact us physically and mentally. If we wish to progress and live in peace, contentment, abundance, and joy, it’s important to stay optimistic and raise our spiritual vibration. When we raise our vibration, we discover the key to a happy and fulfilling life.

Lynda Paquette is a top notch Thought Leader, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Consciousness Coach and author of the book Walking Through Your Walls which she penned as Lynda LAMP. LAMP is an acronym made from the initials of her full name.

“I would like to be more candid about my own story and personal journey because it’s the motive behind my fierce passionate dedication to the work I do. I was born with a unique gift of having a distinct memory of being persuaded by my guides, or angels, to return to earth and assist in an important mission. I consented, particularly because another being agreed to come with me. Today I’m happy to say I found them, and that person is here with me in Alaska as my husband and business partner. As a result of my gift, I look at life differently than my fellow human beings. I am here to help everyone connect to their divine nature and align with their true path and soul mission.”

Through her coaching, Lynda offers us the tools and techniques to achieve a well-adjusted and fulfilling existence. Her pivotal role is to help us live meaningful, conscious lives through self-love. Her presence is very supportive as she helps people on their journey of change, and she has literally been transforming lives all over the world.

According to Lynda, it’s as if we are living in a theater play. The “script” has been written by the Divine. What’s most important for each of us, is to decide who we are actually “being.” If we make our objective living in the moment with a deeper emphasis on mindfulness, consciousness, and awareness we open ourselves up to the richest and deepest experiences possible. Our bodies, the housing of our souls, comes with some preset wiring. We move beyond the limitations of physicality when we open ourselves to this broader understanding. She says time only exists in this 3rd dimension and the Divine thought that created all of it did so for no other reason than for us to have an experience. We come from the light, we are light beings having a human experience. Divinity is the highest frequency there is and we are divinity in physical form. Our purpose is to spread love and be of service to one another in a ‘heaven on earth’ setting.

“Unfortunately, most people have walked out of the theater and forgotten the intention of their existence. We all search for our soul’s purpose when our actual function is to create in the physical realm the experience of heaven on earth.”

Lynda says this realm we live in, on earth, is an extremely dense, compressed, and a heavily weighed down place. Love is unbounded, limitless, and unrestrained and deepens the connection to who we truly are. The density of physical form makes this challenging.

Lynda helps us align with our soul’s wisdom that sustains us on our path to wholeness. She also connects and guides all of us who aspire to help heal our world by bringing us peace through love. We receive new insights and awareness by tapping into our truth and making conscious choices that empower our lives.

In her current hometown of Seward, Alaska Lynda also runs a very relaxing lodging business called Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC located on the waterfront with spectacular views. In a building she calls The Gathering House she holds retreats focused on personal healing and serving humanity at a higher level.

Her highly acclaimed book Walking Through Your Walls, is the first of a three volume series for living consciously in the 21st century. A companion volume to the series, Walking Through Your Chakras is due to be released soon.

Moreover, Lynda is also wholeheartedly engaged in her community and is the founder of an organization called Civic Engagement Inc., educating people in their civic responsibilities. Massive cuts to education over the years has left Americans with an ignorance about how our government works. When the need to educate the local community arose, Lynda answered the call.

Lynda encourages us to raise our vibrational energy because when we choose a higher frequency, (love, gratitude, appreciation) then we embrace the play we are in and our experience will tend to smooth out. But if we function from a place of anger, fear, guilt, shame, or judgment these low frequencies will cloud our vision and in essence it means we’ve put down the script and walked out of the theatre. By raising our vibration, we set an intention to become present and bask in the love of the divine.

“Most of us live with some level of unhealed trauma. Many of us drink to sooth ourselves. I think a lot of people don’t realize that alcohol is a depressant. In essence the alcohol may temporally make you feel better but in the long run it’s not helping one bit. The reality is that when we love ourselves, we heal ourselves. The change and transformation that humanity is seeking starts with us individually. When we love ourselves, we blossom and connect to our higher self. We begin to live lives of gratitude and pure love.”

We appear to be living here in this 3d realm and at our end it looks as if we die. We don’t die, only our bodies cease to function. We don’t die, our souls remain in tact, and we go back into the realm of the Divine and reunite with the sum of the whole.

“My objective is focused on how do we create a world that works for everyone. The answer is ‘we love us, we love all of us.’ Because we are all connected to everything and everyone, by raising our collective consciousness we start to live in peace, harmony, and absolute joy. We could do it virtually overnight ”

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