Local Author Is Back In The Classroom Sharing Her Latest Book "Put On a Big Smile"

Put On a Big Smile Class Reading

Put On a Big Smile Class Reading

Put On a Big Smile Kickstarter Invite

Put On a Big Smile Kickstarter Invite

Local author Arielle Turover Cohen previews her latest book with four schools over the last two weeks.

Being back in the classroom - wow, it felt so good!”
— Arielle Turover Cohen
RIVERWOODS, IL, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Students were in smiles as they listened to author Arielle Turnover Cohen read her new children's picture book "Put On a Big Smile" this week at BJE Pre-School. Put On a Big Smile is a children's picture book that encourages others to use the power of their smile to attract phenomenal friendships and create forever friends. "The story helps children increase their emotional intelligence and learn the importance of creating and maintaining meaningful connections with others," said Arielle.

Arielle is on a mission to help children increase their Emotional Intelligence. Put On a Big Smile is inspired by the EI skill of social effectiveness, specifically the dimension of relationship management. Put On a Big Smile is the second book in Arielle's series on Emotional Intelligence. Her first book, "I Am Brave and Unafraid," was published in 2019 after a successful Kickstarter campaign to help raise awareness and cover the cost of being a self-publishing author. Each contribution to the Kickstarter campaign also donated a copy of the book to many local charities in and around Chicago.

Within the last two weeks, Arielle has shared Put On a Big Smile with four different schools, many of which were schools she visited in the past. However, with Covid restrictions and most schools being virtual over the previous year, reading books to classrooms has been a rare occasion. "Being back in the classroom - wow, it felt so good!" said Arielle after her reading at BJE Pre-School this week.

Put On a Big Smile is also on Kickstarter and is close to meeting the project goal. The project is 80% FUNDED, and there are 7 DAYS to Go!

You can join the Kickstarter and be a part of the book project by following Arielle on social media or clicking the links in this article. If the goal is met, publishing is scheduled to start in the Spring.

Arielle Turover Cohen
Put On a Big Smile

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