Jacki Smith’s “The Big Book of Candle Magic” Reaches Amazon Best Seller Status

Jacki Smith with her new best seller, "The Big Book of Candle Magic."

Jacki Smith with her new best seller, "The Big Book of Candle Magic."

FERNDALE, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Business owner, magic practitioner, and author Jacki Smith has officially written another best seller with her latest book, “The Big Book of Candle Magic.” Released on July 1st, her expert guide on the use of candles for magic and intention work made its way to the top of the charts in short order with huge numbers out of the gate and exceeding sales expectations in the weeks that followed.

30 years in the making, “The Big Book of Candle Magic” is the definitive resource for crafting spells and manifesting intentions using various candles and combinations. It’s a comprehensive reference in which Jacki Smith shares her magical secrets with readers, enabling them to become empowered through successful spell casting. The book explains the nature of magic spells and provides examples for a wide variety of purposes including love, money, healing, and protection. Liberally punctuated with tips from "Aunt Jacki," “The Big Book of Candle Magic” leverages Smith’s many years of experience to give readers the most complete candle magic book ever written.

“Becoming a bestseller on Amazon isn’t easy with the changes they’ve made to how books like this are categorized – fiction and nonfiction being lumped together,” said author Jacki Smith. “So, while I knew the book would do well and that it would resonate with a lot of people, I never took for granted that it would be a bestseller. It’s certainly a nice accomplishment but, much more than that, it’s great to know so many people are enjoying something I put so much heart and soul into.”

Reviews have also been overwhelmingly positive with many experts in the field of magic giving it their enthusiastic seal of approval. Well known personalities like Dorothy Morrison, Mat Auryn, and Storm Cestavani have hailed the book as “a gift,” “a comprehensive guide,” and “transformative.”

To learn more about “The Big Book of Candle Magic” visit https://bigbookofcandlemagic.com.

About Jacki Smith

Jacki Smith is the founder of Coventry Creations, an internationally known maker of spiritual products, and co-owner of Candle Wick Shoppe in Ferndale, Michigan. In 1992, Jacki was the first on the national market with her Blessed Herbal Candles, launching the intentional candle industry. She now sells her own brand of candles to hundreds of metaphysical bookshops. Visit coventrycreations.com and follow Jacki on Instagram at @coventrycandles.

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