In the year of the plague: four powerful books emerge from a single pen

The Seven Songs: Tales of Will the Teacher

The Seven Songs: Tales of Will the Teacher

Chris Steed

Chris Steed

Chris Steed contemplates the pandemic experience and what life may be in the new normal that will come afterwards and how that will affect our spiritual journey

UNITED KINGDOM, December 16, 2021 / -- "What Will Spring be Like?: Report on the future: A 2020 vision" a treatise on different forms of value: the need for radical global transformations due to the societal and civilizational fragility made evident during the COVID-19 pandemic that only exacerbated pre-existing issues regarding racial injustice, social and class inequalities, the strain facing global systems from industries to economics, to ecological depletion. With "What Will Spring be Like?" Steed articulates the necessary social investments that will be crucial to protecting the world from future pandemics and upheavals, as well as the "spiritual stockpiling" that help communities become more resilient.

"Letters from a Shuttered Country: A lockdown novel about redemption" conveys Steed's ruminations during the lockdown, unfolding like a contemporary version of Canterbury Tales with each central character penning short stories revealing their past. Readers will be treated to lush descriptions blending philosophical and psychological insights, conveyed through poetry, along with a powerful story of personal redemption and a chance to begin again. How do we do life?

"The Red Stain of Cain" exposes the blasphemy of violence legitimated by faith and religion, , likening Cain's sin to the mass inability to fulfill the obligation to be, in Steed's words, "our brother's and sister's keeper." Steed contemplates how communities and individuals have been othered from each other due to modern life's severing of mutuality and responsibility, causing lines to be drawn along lines of race, class, gender, disability, sexuality and age. He highlights the ensuing power imbalances that lead to oppression and exploitation, implemented through violence and often among those supposedly espousing high regard for the cross. Steed asks, "does Christianity have anything to say to the violence of our times?" He calls for the development of spiritual and theological antibodies that react strongly against such violence as white supremacy, trashing ethnic minorities or abuse amongst those who claim to believe in the atonement. This is a travesty!

"The Seven Songs" explores seven themes of human existence and how they apply to post-pandemic life. Steed asks how people navigate life when the status quo has been upended, after the great toll COVID-19 has taken on humankind, and other profound questions. He writes as a Christian, penning mystical prose to help take readers to show them new perspectives founded in both Ecclesiastes and universal human values. What kind of framework do people have about what is ultimate in our belief systems? How do the big stuff and ultimate themes hang together?

These are powerful works that convey the author’s Christian convictions yet have much wider appeal. A writer and academic, Steed is well-informed, conveying an ethical perspective in a way that will enlighten readers and provoke discussion about the really big questions haunting us.

About the Author Chris has had a wide-ranging career. He has an MSc in social theory, a PhD in theology and a doctorate in social sciences. Chris leads in theology and counselling training at the London School of Theology and is currently writing a book about psychotherapy. Visit his website at

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