Eric Gribble Offers Roadmap to Transforming Australia

Placing Australians on a Fast Elevator to the Future

Placing Australians on a Fast Elevator to the Future

Eric Gribble

Eric Gribble

Book Presents Guide to "Placing Australians on a Fast Elevator to the Future"

NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, December 10, 2021 / -- A believer of individualism, personal responsibility and self-sufficiency, Eric Gribble was inspired by his frustration with what he identifies as the social decline in New Zealand, where social issues were previously unheard of until what Gribble attributes to gradualism in policies that promoted reliance on government. With his book, he proposes an alternative path for "Placing Australians on a Fast Elevator to the Future," and reducing reliance on big government.

In his book, Gribble cites the breakneck pace of technological development, particularly information technology. He holds that this is the key to modernizing government and streamlining what he calls unchanged institutions and underlying concepts that are centuries old and are now archaic in light of current realities. There is a need for flexibility in a fast-changing society and Gribble says that growing government infringes upon areas that it has no place in, while individuals have lost the notion of self-reliance and pride in one's own achievements. By leveraging technology to facilitate decentralization, Gribble proposes an alternative model that encourages people to think outside the box and regain personal autonomy in not only their own lives but also in determining the course of their society and their communities.

"The concept of self-sufficiency and personal responsibility, concepts which were once a part of our culture, has been supplanted by a view that the government has the answers. Well, the government cannot cater for individuals and our individual circumstances, we are all different." Gribble explains. The purview of the government should encompass ensuring security of individuals through a national defense force, law enforcement, independent judiciary and basic social security for those who fall through the cracks, and only these, he maintains.

"We need to get back to well grounded common sense. We need to recognise that large Government is not the solution, it is the problem." Gribble says. "The message of my book is to illustrate that there is a better way. It is to encourage people to look outside what is mainstream thinking. It is also to encourage people to be individuals, to have the courage to step outside the crowd. Only this way can change be brought about."

About the Author
Eric Gribble operated a small capiscum growing business in Tasmania and is active in local New Zealand politics. He has interests in economics, horticulture and astronomy.

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