Debra Godsee Tells All In "Love's The Only House," "Pretio"

Love’s The Only House

Love’s The Only House

 Debra Godsee

Debra Godsee

Memoirs explore spiritual growth, familial estrangement, romance, battle against cancer

UNITED STATES, September 22, 2022 / -- Author Debra Godsee holds nothing back in her autobiographies that encompass turbulent periods of her life convey to readers the difficulties that life can hurl as well as the herculean effort it takes to carry on. In "Love's The Only House" and "Pretio" she bares her soul ahd depicts the challenges young mothers face as well as the inspiring determination she displays throughout the events covered in her memoirs.

In "Love's The Only House" Godsee depicts the happy memories of her childhood which contrast with the difficulties she faced in her first marriage. She writes about her suspicions of her sons' possible abuse as well as the estrangement of her children. Then she shares events of her second marriage, which was love at first sight, but had the couple struggle to stay together.

In "Pretio," Godsee continues with the autobiographical narrative. She narrates the love and loyalty she and Pretio share as well as his struggle with colon cancer. Godsee depicts the mental breakdowns she experienced due to her first marriage as well as the reunions she had with her previously estranged sons. Rebuilding relations with her children was a gradual process but Godsee shows that it can be done.

"It is my hope that others in my situation would learn from my mistakes while leaning on God, above." Godsee says. "I was inspired to write these books because I realized my learned knowledge of abuse and schizophrenia would help others if I shared it. God opened my eyes to both situations to get up and out of problems and to move on and conquer them. I knew the wisdom and knowledge God gave me must be shared with the world."

About the Author
Debra Godsee has been interviewed by Susan Sherayko in Rebuilding Your Life Radio as well as Kate Delaney on America Tonight. Godsee worked as a veterinary assistant for years and currently delivers food to people in her town. Now she is on a mission to help abused children and adults ass well as people with schizophrenia.

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