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CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, June 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Philippine as a Country

The country boasts of its opulent natural beauty in its many spectacular seashore, tropical climate & rich bio diversity. More than that, the Philippines' unique and complex culture, as exemplified by its people, cuisine & lifestyle attracts many people to visit the country. The Philippines is known for having an abundance of beautiful beaches and delicious fruit. It is a collection of islands located in the South East Asia and is named after the King Philip II of Spain. The Philippines is also home to world renowned natural wonders like an Underground River and Rice terraces, Incredible diving spots, colorful public transportation, unique cuisine, vibrant festivals that showcase its colorful culture and friendly locals regarded as some of the specialties of this country.

The Philippines is an Archipelago found in the South East Asia that is comprised of more than 7000 islands, dotting the Pacific Ocean. With its long coastline, the country is gifted with stretches of Pristine White Sand Beaches, surrounded by crystal clear water. In fact several Philippine Islands and Beaches like Boracay, Palawan, and Siago have been consistently named as the best in the world by major travel publications.

"Marinduque" is called "the heart of the Philippines" as the shape of the provincial Island is similar to that of a human heart. Its location on the arrangement of the Archipelago is also similar to the anatomy of where the Heart is in the human body.

Philippines as an Academic Spot - All you need to know about pursuing needful education in the Philippines:

According to Gallup's Index, the Philippines is ranked amongst the Happiest countries in the world. Pursuing MBBS or any other educational courses in this country is a wise decision. The universities in Philippines offers a world class education in the field of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, business and many more subjects. Philippines has been a sought after destination to pursue medical education since the past few years. Besides its affordable medical universities, bountiful natural resources, acceptance of English language, the country welcomes diversity like the none other. The locals are extremely hospitable towards foreign students and tourists. In general, the Filipinos are warm, cheerful people with a great sense of humor. Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world. English is extensively used everywhere in the world. Pursuing MBBS in the Philippines is a wise decision. Medical education in the Philippines is an easily workable option for various reasons, including similarities like homely and welcoming culture, affordable cost of living & tuition, compatible quality of education, state of the art infrastructure and advanced educational methods.

The current education system in the Philippines requires 4 years of college grades after high school to receive a Bachelor's degree. An Indian student who has studied in India under the 10+2 system needs to complete a BS course before enrolling for an MD program. To be precise enough, an Indian student pursues a BS + MD course of 1.5 to 2 years and 4 years respectively. The system is expected to ease out in the forthcoming years as Philippines is also switching over to the 10+2 system.

The country is becoming one of the finest medical education hubs in the world. Renowned institutes are rapidly growing to attract more international students every year. The universities in the Philippines are having amazing student resource centers, Expat and Alumni communities, students hostel with great meal plans including Vegetarian and Non - Vegetarian meals in the Indian style, thrice a day.

Education Pattern:

India follows the British system of education where in the education pattern of the Philippines is US based. The private colleges here in the Philippines are still less expensive and budget friendly unlike in India. Also there is no capitation fee for admissions which is an added advantage.

Davao City:

Davao is the most populous city in Mindanao and the third largest city in the Philippines known for its bustling economic activities, urban build-up and modern amenities. The city is also nicknamed as the "Durian Capital of Philippines", & "Chocolate Capital of Philippines". The city of Davao is facilitated with an International Airport & Seaport paving an easy path for global accessibility. Mindanao is known as the land of promise because of its rich bio diversity & natural resources. The land beholds an incredible wealth from nature. The city was recognized by the international community in the year 2013, as the 1st 100% smoke free metropolitan city in association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) region Davao City is one of the most important economies in the island, the third most important urban center in the Philippines. By all accounts, Davao city is considered as one of the safest cities in the Philippines, to live in. Commercial establishments, places of worship, hospitals & schools are highly accessible as well.

Why Davao Medical School Foundation? - An Overview:

Davao Medical School Foundation is the first Medical college which was found in the year 1976 in the city of Davao, Philippines. Since then it has attracted intelligent experience a world class education. The DMSF is committed to creating Intellectual Superiority and world top professionals.

Effective Medical Learning @ The Davao Medical School Foundation:

Students pursuing medicine in DMSF have access to
 Cadavers : A dead human body that is used by medicos to learn Anatomy and dissect Cadavers as a part of their education.
 A Virtual Human body (i.e.) a digitalized human body dissection tool for highly accurate real anatomy view.
 World class facilities including smart classrooms.
 Modernized laboratory that has various specialties for carrying out work that demands a thorough understanding practical experience.
 There is a 3D simulation lab as well as an Anatomy lab that comes with the latest equipment to make sure that the students can have hands-on session during the training period.
 A team learning center with a huge computer lab that provides a high speed Wi-Fi - internet facility that is available at all times for the students.
 DMSF also boasts of a vast book house that has a choice selection of thousands of books, e-books, pamphlets, providing an ideal place for students to do their work while broadening their knowledge.
 The hostel in DMSF is huge and spacious, with well furnished and Air conditioned rooms.
 There is also a ground and a food court situated within the hostel campus.

Being a student of MBBS of DMSF gives the student a Privilege to intern at some of the best hospitals in the country that are associated with the college. The amount of practical exposure the students earn especially during their final year of studies helps them immensely in their career.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Davao Medical School Foundation:

1. The student must have completed 12th standard from a recognized board and must have studied Biology at the Intermediate level.
2. Must have scored at least 50% marks in class 12th.
3. Must qualify NEET - UG for an admission in BS+MD.
4. After completing the BS course for 12-18 months, the student will have to appear for the NMAT (National Medical Admission Test) to pursue the MD Program that is for 4.5 Years inclusive of Clerkship.

Wrap up, pack your bags and get started! Ready and up to begin your Journey and we travel along to let you experience the pleasure of your Dream come true here @ the DMSF!

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