"Christina’s Heifer" by Ian-James Grey depicts dangers of excessive fame in social media

Ian James Grey

Ian James Grey

Children's Picture Book Shows Pitfalls of Social Media

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, July 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Fame has its perks as well as its perils, as many cautionary celebrity stories have shown. In his children's book, Ian-James Grey shares one that is unlike any other, showing how being fixated on social media and celebrity culture brings unexpected complications to the life of "Christina’s Heifer."

As its title suggests, the tale follows the eponymous cow who becomes a viral online celebrity. Christina's Heifer is a big little cow who does not quite fit in, she idolizes the celebrities she sees on the screen and starts taking it too far by emulating her idols too much. However, all the glitz and the glam that she sees on screen makes her forget who she truly is and she loses touch with her nature as a cow. This ends up causing problems for her and is an allegory for the dangers of celebrity culture. But she gets help from Fred Finch and begins to put her life together. Through her story, young readers will see the perils of envy and learn how to be grateful for being true to one's self without being reliant on the successes of others or pressured by their achievements, particularly famous personalities online.

"I look forward to sharing with you, my readers, this fresh journey of discovering our age old tales and lessons reimagined without nasty, pointed words and through the eyes of our animal kingdom extending the respect for our natural environment." Grey says.

With "Christina’s Heifer," Grey educates young readers about the Seven Deadly Sins, though he prefers to make the lesson more kid friendly by giving the topic the name "Seven Kindly Grins." He gives the topic a humorous spin to make it more engaging to young readers, and portrays positive outcomes when people treat others nicely and properly, thus encouraging good behavior.

About the Author
Ian-James Grey believes that people should love and respect one another as well as the world. He experienced bullying from those who did not care about the consequences of their action or meanness, which inspired Grey to share his story to young readers in order to encourage them to treat each other respectfully.

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