Author Judy Rentz shares her painful journey in her book Fighting to Survive

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 23, 2022 / -- Pain, technically speaking, is natural. However, when it becomes or is unwavering, there must be something wrong. As for Judy Rentz, her life revolved around persistent pain, and she shares her painful journey in her book "Fighting to Survive."

"Fighting to Survive" is Rentz’s nightmare in pages. It started in 2007 when she would experience severe back and groin pains. So severe that she likened it to childbirth.

Such would eventually lead Rentz and her husband to seek help from medical professionals. And after a massive search, she finally received a diagnosis that it was pudendal neuralgia, a long-term pelvic pain that roots from damage or irritation of a main nerve in the pelvis, which is the pudendal nerve.

According to Rentz, the help she found was all because of the Lord. Through the signs from Him, she was able to encounter some miracles. And this is how she survived—through hope and faith.

The US Review of Books says, “Rentz, a highly organized writer, has composed this frank chronicle with the intention of reaching out to others who may be experiencing her condition or any other that may at times seem hopeless. She candidly depicts her constant efforts when, with children and grandchildren, or singing in church, she must mask her pain with a serene appearance, using extreme mental discipline in the process.”

As a proud country girl, Judy Rentz writes for others. And through such, she hopes that she can motivate others in the same predicament as her.

Get inspired by a true story of braving through literal pain, and purchase "Fighting to Survive." The book is available on Amazon and other online shopping platforms.

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