Grandpa's Children's Stories

Charles Frazier Neal provides a creative escape that children as well as parents can enjoy and bond over with in his book, Grandpa’s Children’s Stories

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 17, 2022 / -- Since the genesis of the internet and other technological advancements, life has become more fast-paced. Almost everything has become instant, which is not entirely negative but there are just things that should take time, like parenting. One of the most basic parenting responsibilities that has become more and more uncommon these days are parents bonding with their child or children. This is what Charles Frazier Neal desires to focus on in his book, "Grandpa’s Children’s Stories."

Grandpa’s Children’s Stories, published in 2019 by Christian Faith Publishing, Inc., is a collection of imaginative short stories for children. Its vivid and neat illustrations create a creative escape for children and parents to both enjoy and bond over with.

According to its top Amazon reviews, the book is wonderful and great, with quality stories.

Donna, an Amazon customer, writes, “A must read, for children. Very cute book. I recommend it for all parents and children, and don’t forget to find the hidden unicorn!”

Lynn Forlines, another Amazon customer, indirectly agrees and says, “Very cute book. My grandson loved the colorful pictures.”

Mrs. B, among everyone else, vouches, “Had cute stories with life lessons. The children enjoyed being read to. A nice change from the internet.”

While Grandpa’s Children’s Stories triumph in encouraging children to be imaginative, it is also succeeding in its goal to bring back quality time between parents and children. In simpler terms, it has brought back what once was and it continuously does so.

Charles Frazier Neal, given the goal of his book, is not on any social media platform. Fret not though because Grandpa’s Children’s Stories is available on, Barnes and Noble, and other leading distribution platforms.

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