Author Suzanne Jones's Book 'From the Flood' is a Poignant New Memoir Marking the 50th Anniversary of Hurricane Agnes

From the Flood book cover. Image of white dress soiled with mud. The cover looks to be also soiled with mud, as if the book was salvaged from the flood.

From the Flood: A new memoir from award winning author Suzanne Jones

She shares lessons of resilience for today's 'pandemic parents'

As a person who has worked with children who have survived trauma, I gained more perspective from this wise and beautiful seven-year-old than I learned from many experts in the field.”
— Steve Gross, Chief Playmaker, Life Is Good Kids Foundation

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2022 / -- Trauma recovery specialist and award winning author Suzanne Jones (There Is Nothing To Fix) shines in this first-rate memoir chronicling a life defined by a hurricane 50 years ago. Pre-flood, Jones was a typical 1970s kid — but after Hurricane Agnes roars through Wilkes-Barre, PA, on June 23, 1972, Jones's entire life changed.

Jones, now 57, says she wanted to mark the 50th anniversary of Hurricane Agnes by writing of her childhood experiences through what was then the worst natural disaster in American history. "There are many books and documentaries about this historic flood, but I wanted to write about the impact of a natural disaster on one family that loses everything. It took years for us to piece our lives back together.”

Jones was compelled to pen her story after she realized her experiences of the flood and the following years of displacement were drastically different from her parents'. Jones states, "As a trauma specialist, I can now look back and see that as kids, we had everything we needed to thrive - community, play, and the opportunity to use our experiences in our games of imagination. Ironically, the best years of my childhood were the worst years for my parents."

With sparkling prose and a fine eye for detail, Jones easily pulls readers into her engaging narrative,choosing to share much of her ordeal through a lens of childhood wonder and naiveté, and recounting her experiences with a child's frankness. With descriptions that alternate between laugh out-loud funny and heart-breakingly sad, From the Flood offers lessons of resilience that are as relevant today as they were half a century ago.

"This book feels not only like a gift to my parents, but a lesson to parents everywhere that children
can thrive through traumatic events if we allow them to be kids."

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