Giving that Matters to God: A Fresh Look at Christian Stewardship for You and Your Church

Wendell Van Gunst gives readers a fresh look at Christian Stewardship in his book Giving that Matters to God

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2022 / -- There is no doubt that the responsibility of maintaining and utilizing what God has bestowed upon the world is a major task, especially for Christians who have vowed to such. This is well emphasized in Wendell Van Gunst’s book "Giving that Matters to God: A Fresh Look at Christian Stewardship for You and Your Church."

"Giving that Matters to God: A Fresh Look at Christian Stewardship for You and Your Church," published in 2021 by Xulon Press, is a short but committed guide to defining what true Christian stewardship is in the eyes of God. It ushers its readers into understanding what stewardship truly is as a part of God’s master plan.

What the book hopes is to inspire a deeper understanding of Christian Stewardship, what and how it is as well as knowing God more and learning His expectations. It does this without underestimating the gravity of the responsibility of stewardship. In place, it gives its readers a safe space to be better and realize their blessings.

This book speaks clearly about the issue of personal stewardship but it also devotes as much content on the issue of church stewardship. In addition to that, we often use the phrase, “what would Jesus do?” especially with regard to any decisions about financial matters made by the church.

"Giving that Matters to God" is fitting for those still questioning about which master they really are serving. As Jesus taught in the Bible, there is always a choice to make for every follower of Christ – whether to serve God or money. This book challenges you to become a true steward of Christ and help others to understand what it truly means to be one.

Wendell Van Gunst is known to have always been equally passionate about God and being a family man. He is a retired farmer and business owner who currently lives in New Era, Michigan with his wife, Ruth. Together, they had four daughters, which resulted in three sons-in-law and seventeen grandchildren.

"Giving that Matters to God: A Fresh Look at Christian Stewardship for You and Your Church" is, in fact, a collaboration between Wendell Van Gunst and his second daughter, Betsy Arkema, who shares the same level of passion towards God and the church with him. It is available in Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon.

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