America has a new Superhero and it's a Book Titled 2021 American Ideologies Reimagined by Jameel L. Radford

Book Cover image with a person's face peeking over a clear white background and looking across the United States shown as the American Flag shaped like a map of the U.S. laying flat.  There are 6 images rising from the map with labels: Parenting, Educatio

Front Cover

Image features the new and innovative Detainment Bar Restraint invention, patent pending.  Two illustrations demonstrate applications of use which include: attached to the rear of law enforcement vehicles eliminating the need for arrests on the ground, an

Detainment Bar Invention - Humane way to Detain and Restrain on the ground and in the air

The image is an illustration of the Digicational SmartBook, a new innovative learning console with 4 interactive screens that share some similarities with Tablets, but all 4 screens are connected to provide students from 7th Grade thru College with digita

Digicational SmartBook - Patent Pending, New Innovative Learning Console that replaces classroom and instructional textbooks and allows students to have virtual classes and classmates from around the world. It is the only book students will need from 7t

America’s newest Superhero, the Book titled ‘2021 American Ideologies Reimagined’ has been officially released.

Tomorrow came early, are you ready?”
— Jameel L. Radford
GARFIELD HTS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2021 / -- America has a new Superhero, and it is a Book titled ‘2021 American Ideologies Reimagined’ by Jameel L. Radford or A.I.R. A.I.R was officially released from the great AMAZON and has committed to:
 Counter division, injustice, and subjugation with truth,
 Challenge status quo methodologies/ideologies that yield low returns in humanity,
 Introduce innovative and breakthrough DE&I ideas that unify
 Deliver invention solutions – patents pending that transform law enforcement arrests and detainment procedures eliminating arrests on the ground and knees to neck, chest or back, along with a restraint system applicable for commercial airlines to restrain and detain unruly passengers in-flight called the “Detainment Bar®
 Redesign of the struggling system of education inclusive of methodology, framework, and structure with evolved curriculums and a technologically advanced learning invention that prepare students for the 21st Century and beyond called the “Digicational SmartBook®

‘2021 American Ideologies Reimagined’ is a "how-to" book on improving society and architecting a path to the future. It is a bold journey of examining the American Ideologies of Parenting, Education, Employment, Humanity, Justice, and Government encountering and countering perception with truth to challenge status quo and complacency with innovative and transformational ideas, and recommendations.

America’s newest Superhero, A.I.R., doesn’t waste time going after the issues and goes head-to-head with some of the national challenges that elude elected representatives sent to Washington, dispatching solutions and recommendations to counter apathy, division, conspiracy, procrastination, circular discussions, injustice, entitlements, and privilege.
 Parenting Accountability
 Education Reform
 Humanity (Equity and Moral Decency)
 Gun Control/Accountability
 Immigration Reform
 Employment Diversity & Evolution
 Climate Change
 Government Accountability
 Arrests and Detainment on the ground by Law Enforcement
 Airline In-flight Passenger Safety
 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Readers are invited to embark on a journey of discovery, self-evaluation, beliefs, and perspectives from chapter to chapter comparing proclamation to practice. The journey starts off slow with a close examination of shared beliefs in constructs of human behavior and societal functions with the promise of a quality of life that builds in intensity and thought-provoking cognitive stimulation throughout the book.

America’s newest Superhero provides the government, politicians, public and private sector leaders with ideas, recommendations, and solutions that address several of the problems and challenges facing America today from immigration reform to Diversity, Equity, and inclusion, and also provides inspiration for the American people to have real conversations about the journey toward One Democracy, One Justice, and One Nation.

One of the greatest tools of humanity is communication and the 2021 American Ideologies Reimagined book can be a conversation starter to bring people together from all backgrounds to open their minds and hearts to the realm of new and innovative possibilities to evolve the republic, fortify democracy and reimagine a better tomorrow rife with prosperity, equity, and justice for all. America’s newest Superhero kicked off the conversations with a letter to President Joe Biden sharing the news about the Detainment Bar® pending patent, along with letters to the Auto Manufacturing CEOs of Ford, GM/Chevy, Dodge/Chrysler, and Airline CEOs of United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and American Airlines. In addition, a letter was sent to the CEOs of Microsoft, Google, Apple, and to share the news about the Digicational SmartBook® and opportunities to leapfrog education to the 21st Century and beyond.

Purchase ‘2021 American Ideologies Reimagined’ today and partner up with America’s newest Superhero to reimagine a better tomorrow. Investment in A.I.R. is an investment in the future and prosperity of America especially when no other body, institution, group, or party is willing or able to take on the volume societal issues with the commitment and determination to deliver solutions like A.I.R. History will remember A.I.R. as the invaluable, priceless, beyond calculable or appraisable Superhero of America.
Author: Radford, Jameel Lateef

Illustrator: Radford, Jameel Lateef
Drawings by: Radford, Jameel Lateef
ISBN: 978-0-578-32569-9
Publication Date: Dec 2021
Publisher: Jameel L Radford
Book Format: Paperback
List Price: USD 99.95

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